Custom Dog Tags

ID Tag for Dog.

Living with a dog provides you with mental peace and physical strength. These fur animals are adorable, loyal, and emotional. It is widely known that dogs are human’s best friends as they return the same amount of love they receive. Their cute faces and extreme attachment with the owner fills life with joy and excitement. Either you want to go on a long early morning walk or play any outdoor game; your pet dog will always be with you. Caring for a dog cannot be a cakewalk; they need regular attention and utmost care to stay happy and healthy. A dog relies on you for many years of life and that is why you must take care of different things including their food, health, and grooming requirements. One of the important things that most pet owners do not worry about is the identity of their pet.

Since every dog loves to spend more time outdoors, it is more important for owners to be mindful of their dog’s ID tags and other identification needs. This prevents your dog to be lost in a new place. Rescue groups and people can reach pet owners with the help of identification tags. According to a study, only one of the three pet owners put pet ID tags on their friendly companions.

Why Pet ID Tags are Important to Use?

  • There is a chance that your pet might get lost at any point in life. One research says that around 90% of the lost pets never return to their owners without an ID. Dog ID tags ensure that your furry friend does not get lost. These tags make it easy for people to contact the owner directly and get your dog home safe.
  • At any point in life, natural disasters, as well as man-made problems including house fires or car accidents, can take place without warning. These disasters can result in the loss of your dog even if your dog is indoors only. It is good to be prepared ahead of time to tackle these conditions. Pet owners can put a pet ID tag on their dog to save them after these disasters.
  • If your dogs have ID tags, they are more likely to receive help. People usually hesitate to help dogs without an identification tag so their chances of being rescued become less.

Getting an ID tag for your dog can become a matter of life and death in an instant. Finding customized tags for your pet is easy, quick, and inexpensive. We will put some light on different types of identification tags for dogs.


Metal tags are the easiest ID tags for your dog. They can be engraved to depict different information including the name of the pet, name of the owner, registration number if there is any. These metallic tags are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes including bones, hydrants, hearts, and circles. Some of the metal ID tags also come with bling on them like rhinestones. If you want to find something unique for your dog then choosing from the metal ID tags can be a challenging task. The durability of these pet tags depends on the metal used for their construction. Stainless steel dog tags are the sturdy options to look for your dog as compared to aluminum tags. Because of the small sizes, these tags do not provide much room to imprint all the desired information.

The jangling sound of the metal tags can help the owners to track their pet from a distant location. The noise of metal created by these tags assures owners that their pet is out of danger. If you do not like this sound, using a pet tag silencer can be the best option to use along with these metallic tags. They are easy to fit on different kinds of collars or the leash. You can customize these tags with different designs. Explore our picks of metallic pet tags for your dog.

Stainless Steel Dog Tag.

Slide-On Dog Tag

A popular type of dog tag, slide-on dog tags are custom enabled tags available in different colors and designs. It can easily slide through the collar of your pet and keeps the tag flat. Unlike metallic tags, the slide-on tags do not make noise. If the pet owner does not like loose tags making noise as they hang from the dog's collar, the slide on the tag is an ideal option. They are suitable to be used on dogs that like to engage in heavy physical activities where tags may get dragged or broken including running through the woods, splashing in the lake. These are also a good option for competition dogs who do not need to be distracted. They would not be caught on bushes or wires, ensuring the safety of your pet. One of the challenges with these pet tags is that they cannot be applied to all types of collars. Only fixed or some other collars can be used to apply this tag.

Rivet tags are somewhat similar to the slide-on tags in design. While slide tags are attached to the holes of the collar, the rivet tags are attached with rivets. Both of the slide-on tags and rivet tags can be customized in different ways. Check out our top pics to choose a slide-on tag for your pet.


With the continuous advent of new technology, the ID tags for a pet have become digital. Just like anything else, the identification of a dog has also gone digital. These digital dog tags are available in a wide range of shapes, designs, and sizes. Some of them are worn on the dog’s collar just like a metallic tag but they can include much more information. All the information about the dog can be accessed by reading the QR code printed on the tag. If your pet gets lost at a new place then people can easily reach you by scanning the code via their smartphones without any hassle. It can be used to store multiple information including names, contact numbers, the medical information of the pet, and anything else related to the dog. They can also be used to register your pet with the government authorities.

While purchasing the digital dog tags, it is of the highest importance to update the details of the dog correctly. Unlike metal tags, the pet owner would not have to compromise with the design and style of the tag. There are multiple design options available that make it the most effective as well as stylish identification tags for your cute pup. Some of the brands offer additional services in which they inform shelters and vets when your pet is reported lost.

Custom Fashionable Dog Tag.

Custom Tube Tags

For pet owners who want to include a lot of information about their pets, the tube ID tags are a good option. Designed as a small tube, these tags can be opened to place information inside them. The details of the dog and owner are usually written on a piece of paper that is rolled or folded to be inserted inside the tube. It is an ideal option for pets who have some sort of medical problems including skin allergies. Since there is no limitation to the amount of information that can add, it is also used when you are traveling with your pet. If your dog is involved in various activities, these custom tube tags can detach from the collar. Despite the tube is locked tightly, there is a chance that the piece of paper containing information may get wet if your pet jumps into a lake.

Custom Fashionable ID Tags

If you are looking for a unique tag for your dog, you do not need to settle for commonly available dog tags with hearts and bones. You can customize the dog tags in different styles, shapes, designs, colors, and materials. To look out of the ordinary, you can explore the hand-stamped ID tags for your pet. You can also look for unusually shaped tags that can contain information on all the sides. Check out our reviews to find the best custom ID tag for your loyal dog.

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