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Can Cats Eat Pizza?

Can cats eat pizza.

Pizza is one of the most popular food options for people around the world. It is one of the delicious on-the-go meals and a favorite go-to meal for humans.

From both you and your cat's view, pizza does look delicious, especially when filled with creamy cheese and a lot of meat. And as a cat parents, we know that you are no stranger to ripping a little piece off your pizza slice for your furry baby to relish. But, have you ever stopped to ask, is pizza bad for cats? Or do cats eat pizza? Whether you have or not doesn't matter because we have done the work to ensure that these million-dollar questions are answered in this article.

Your cat's health is of utmost importance, and to keep your feline friend healthy and ailment-free, then the pizza bits have to stop. Keep reading to get more details in the ensuing paragraphs.

Did You Know Cats Could Get Diabetes?

Just like humans, excessive weight gain in cats can result in all kinds of health complications, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Diabetes is quite notorious, albeit one disease many cat parents are ignorant of.

Several things could cause diabetes in cats, and obesity is one of the major ones. Obesity in turn is caused by excess weight gain. So, while pizza is not exactly bad, most of the ingredients it contains don't do your cat any favors.

As we all know, pizza is made of vegetables, cheese, crust, sauce, and seasoned meats, which are mostly pepperoni and sausages. These two in particular have a high content of fat, grease, and salt used for seasoning.

Generally, high sodium and fat intake can be very triggering for cats, and lead to some of these underlying diseases. So if you are still wondering, is pizza bad for cats? The answer is yes.

Can cats eat homemade pizza.

Is Pizza Safe For Cats?

Just as spices and additives aren't compatible with your cat's health, so is yeast. Active yeast is a significant ingredient in the dough used in making pizza crust.

Yeast is poisonous to cats and can lead to bloating. Yeast ferments and releases ethanol into your cat's bloodstream, causing alcohol poisoning. The symptoms of this poisoning include nausea, diarrhea, drooling, and elevated heart rate.

Yeast isn't alone when it comes to making pizza unsafe for your cats. Another culprit is cheese, which coincidentally is a cat's favorite. However, they are bad for your cats.

Cheese has a high concentration of lactose, and cats are lactose intolerant. Even milk, which is supposedly their favorite treat, is not suitable for your cat when looked into deeply.

In general, the main components of all pizzas: yeast, flavoring, sauce, and cheese, are all unsafe for your cat. So when in doubt and wondering, “is pizza safe for cat?” remember that it is your cat's worst enemy.

Can cats eat giant pizza.

Other Foods That Cause Obesity in Cats

Asides from pizza, there are other food options that threaten your cat's health. Check out some examples:

  • Meat with high-fat content (dark meat chicken, fat cuts of pork).
  • Full fat dairy food (butter, whole milk).
  • Baked pastries (cake, snacks).

So, is pizza bad for your cats? Yes, but so are these other options, and you won't be doing your cat any favors if you cut off pizza but leave these other meal options.


Can cats eat pizza? No! All ingredients contained, from calorie-filled cheese to the yeast crust, salty pepperoni and garlic-filled sauce, or in other cases, hot sauce, are toxic to your cat's immune system, which is why pizza is a meal best left to humans and not our fragile, furry creatures.

So If you feel like giving your cat a treat while enjoying your pizza, pick something that doesn't threaten their health in any way. A small piece of chicken or fish will keep them happy and in good health.

Avoiding human food for your cat will give your furry friend the best chance of enjoying a long and healthy life with you.

We hope this article was helpful to you and that you now know that pizza is not a meal fit for your cat. Do not pass by our best pet products reviews, as there you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

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