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At MyPetGuru, we’re passionate about delivering honest and effective information to make your life as a pet owner more manageable and practical.

We do this by conducting thorough research on the latest pet products, services, and accessories before presenting them to you. MyPetGuru was founded in 2021, and we already have 100 reviews and counting, which has helped many pet owners across the globe.

Our website is expansive and covers tips, tricks, and techniques from our specialists to help look after your cat or canine. We say specialists because all our writers are experts and are pet owners themselves with years of writing experience in the pet industry.

With our help, you will be able major symptoms, treatment, and more concerning your pet.

Our Mission

The whole team behind My Pet Guru strives to constantly create authentic, reliable, and informative reviews on pet products. We endeavor to ensure that all reviews are thorough, containing health tips, guidelines, and links to verified resources. Plus, we only upload reviews that we would read ourselves and use to help better our experiences as pet owners.

We ensure we are diverse in our choices when reviewing each item to allow you as a pet owner to have options and make an informed and balanced opinion based on each product and accessory.

Through hard work, careful comparisons, and passionate research, we aim to become the go to website that pet lovers can come to. Likewise, we work to serve the intention of pet owners to leave with more knowledge and informed choices upon exiting our website. MyPetguru is welcome to everyone and we endeavour to create a special place where every user can ask, share and get experience for pet’s care.

Sometimes as pet owners, you can be limited with the problem of appropriate care, which is why our team of experts is here to explain all the key features of the pet's care. If you have any issues, feel free to contact us. We will be ready to help you.

Our Team

What sets us apart is that our team is ethical and experienced in writing pet reviews. Unlike some industries, we only take on experts already writing for the pet supplies niche and have animals of their own. The reason we do this is so they can keep you and your pet at the forefront of their mind when conducting research and writing up the reviews.

Plus, most of our writers have four-legged friends of their own, so they too know the essence of high quality and well-structured reviews. Their accurate writing approach includes topics like health conditions, play, and food in their reviews. Moreover, because they have background knowledge, their reviews are to the point and explained well.

Their process involves breaking down each article with an explanation of the topic, providing examples and general tips. Once the article is complete, it gets reviewed by our editor, who inspects it thoroughly for authenticity, relevance, and accuracy of the information.

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Amy Shojai
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When they’re not writing reviews, our experts are constantly researching information to evolve alongside the industry. In particular, they look at the latest trends in pet toys, accessories, and food before any review needs to be made. They also go the extra mile and outside of their writing they serve as active members of volunteer organizations and provide medical and mental support for pets who were victims of physical and mental abuse.

Our advantages

At MyPetGuru, we pride quality over quantity in every review we conduct. We love to break down our reviews into subsections to provide accurate and detailed information on each topic we present to you. We understand that some visitors like to have visual representations of each factor; therefore, we ensure all reviews contain images relevant to the food, product, or accessory we’re presenting to you.

We understand as a pet owner, knowledge is power, and we would hate for you to go away reading our review and putting your pet in danger. It’s for this reason; our team also goes the extra mile by providing safety guidelines for your pet. Such guidelines can cover side effects, medication interactions, warnings, and general safety precautions.

Plus, we care about providing you with balanced information, which is why our reviews also contain frequently asked questions (FAQS). All FAQS contain information from other pet owners about the review topic to allow you to see their common concerns and answer their questions.

Our reviews are not biased or push you towards certain affiliates. We provide you with options to consider and tips on how to choose products. We do this to provide you with a physical checklist to conduct when shopping to make your experience easier and more promising as a pet owner. We also provide different ratings according to certain factors to help you make the right decision before buying.

Moreover, we develop, design, and write with you, the user, in our minds. We ensure that our website structure is logical and easy to navigate by having convenient categories in place. For example, we provide categories based on dogs, cats, food, products, popularity, and even a column with the latest updates. That’s not to mention the number of subsections we feature.

Plus, we know as pet owners how difficult it can be at times to know the names of products you’re looking for. Especially if you have an idea of what they look like but can’t put a name to them, this will help you! Plus, to save you time, we include descriptions on our posts too.