Emma Milne

Emma Milne.

My name is Emma Milne; I'm a doctor of veterinary medicine and a senior partner at a small veterinarian practice in downtown Vancouver. I'm also on the board of the Canadian Veterinarian Association and have dedicated the past 25 years of my life to helping animals. Co-workers describe me as someone empathetic towards other people's needs.

I love to explore many of Vancouver's serene dog parks with my husband, two kids, and our German Shepherd, Bella in my free time. I also enjoy going camping and long hikes in nature.

My interest in helping animals first began as a child. My dad was also a veterinarian, and he would bring me into his clinic when I was young to meet other animals. The more animals I came across, the more intrigued I became by their personality, behavior, and body systems. This interest kept on growing and made me constantly ask questions to get the answers to provide advice to others around me. Hence, why I decided to become a vet.

Professional Practice, Experience and Interests

I got my degree in veterinarian science from the University of California. Eventually, after getting them, I migrated back to Vancouver to be around my friends and family. I even landed a role at my dad's practice.

Throughout my time there, I managed to make the clinic even more popular, but it wasn't due to my services in the practice. I'd devoted my vacations to volunteering at Toronto Wildlife Center, a non-profit which helps provide treatment to orphaned and sick animals.

My popularity soared due to my research on animal welfare. Most of my research focused on animal testing, abandoned pets, and behavioral enrichment.

My research mainly looks at animal neglect and unethical practices involving animals and how animals respond to them. I aim to undergo more research with the goal of being published in more medical journals to raise awareness of why animal abuse is wrong.


Today, I help run my father's old veterinary practice and hold community lectures to showcase my research and raise awareness about animal abuse. My ultimate goal is to contribute enough, so animal rights get recognized on a similar level to humans.