Best Cat Nail Caps

Cat Nail Caps.

Cats are lovely creatures and a pleasure to be around. However, one thing that's not nice is being scratched or clawed by them. Cat’s claws can grow quickly and quite sharp, and if they're not groomed regularly, they could cause a nasty surprise to your household guests. You never know a simple belly rub could turn into a few quick bleeding cuts. Plus, if you have other animals in your home, sharp cat's claws can be a bit of a dangerous situation to come by. Moreover, if you have fancy furniture in your home, their claws could easily scratch it and cause damage. The last thing you'll want is to pay for new furniture or medical bills as a result of cat scratches.

To avoid this, you can invest in cat nail caps. These helps keep your cat's nails natural and prevent your furniture from being scratched as well as anyone else who lives or visits your home. To know more about the best cat claw caps, check out our top 10 picks.

What are cat nail caps?

These are covers specially designed to go over your cat's claws and curve their natural claw shape. They come in a range of sizes and colors. Most of the colors they come in are neon to help you distinguish the caps from their skin. Often these nail caps are stick on and are designed to help restrict the damage cats can make with their claws. Most of which are effective and last between 4-6 weeks. Cat nail caps do not cause any harm or bother your cat. If they're glued or stuck correctly, it should not stop their nails from growing naturally. Plus, your catch will be able to stretch their nails and retract them while using the nail caps. If you give your cat nail caps, it's less likely they will scratch your furniture and damage anything else in your home. The great thing about cat claw caps is that you don't need a groomer to apply them; you can do this yourself!

Different types

Cat nail caps sound simple, right? Well, they are, but there's a variety of them available to buy. The different types of cat nail caps you can get are:

  • Soft cat nail caps: These are cat nail caps that are soft touch and easy to put on. Soft nail caps are best for cats who haven't worn them before; it's a great introduction to get them used to the feeling of them. They tend to be made out of durable vinyl or silica gelt that's not toxic. Soft caps are often adhesive, and you just stick them onto the nail. These caps tend to be clear and have no color on them, not causing a bold statement or drawing unwanted attention to your cat.
  • Rubber cat nail caps: These cat nail caps are really soft and easy to apply to your cat's nails. Rubber cat nail caps tend to be a lot more durable and last up to 2 months.
  • Touch cat nail caps: Most of the time, cat nail caps are natural and cause little disturbance to your cat. However, if your cat has a habit of chewing, then you might want to opt for a tougher cat nail cap. These cat nails tend to weigh more than others, on average around 2.4 ounces.
  • Stylish cat nail caps: While the ultimate purpose of cat nail caps is to stop them from clawing, you can make them look incredibly stylish doing so. Depending on the brand, you can get kitty claps that have glitter, come in bright colors and different patterns too.

How to choose nail caps?

To choose the right cat nail cap for your feline, you will have to think about the following:


When giving your cat nail caps, it's important you know which ones have been made for the age of your cat. As a general guideline, you should not give cat nail caps to a kitten, and they can only start wearing them once they're older than 12 weeks.


Size is an important factor in choosing the best cat nail cap. It's essential you choose the one that fits their claws, and to help you with this, always read the label. To give you an idea, kittens should have extra small caps, and cats who weigh below 8 pounds should have extra small caps also. Whereas cats that weigh anything between 8-14 pounds should have a medium cap. Anything above this tends to be a large or extra-large cap. Generally, most manufacturers will provide information about the sizes of their products on the label. However, most of the time, these sizes you will find are fairly standard.


The price can always be a huge factor when choosing cat nail caps. On average, they cost between $2-$25 for standard cat nail caps. However, depending on the packages, they could cost more or less. Generally, the highest quality cat nail caps go above the $10 range.


On average, cat nail caps can last for 4-8 weeks. If you choose to use cat nail caps, these are something that you will go through regularly. Therefore you might wish to purchase cat nail caps that come in a batch and are more value for money. You can get packs that have 20 caps in and some that have up to 200, so choose wisely.


Color is a personal preference when it comes to cat nail caps. You can get many cats nail caps that are neon and stand out to help you identify their claws easily. There are some that offer multiple colors and others that are natural that match your cat's fur. You should choose cat nail caps based on how much attention you want your cat to have. Bright caps have their advantages; they can help identify when a cap has fallen off, whereas natural-looking ones draw less attention from other people out there.

What to consider when buying cat nail caps?

Before you go out and buy cat nail caps, you should consider the following:

  • Safety: One of the main reasons for your cat to wear nail claps is for them to stop clawing others and keep them safe. But what about keeping your cat safe? Yes, there are some materials that you may wish to consider that are nontoxic. Cats can develop a habit of chewing nail caps, and the last thing you will want to ingest any poisonous materials.
  • Durability: Cat nail caps are designed to stop your cat from scratching. Therefore, you don't want your cat nail cap to come off at the first scratch. To give you an insight, you should always read the manufacturer's packaging and reviews to see which ones stay on longer.
  • Thickness: If your main reason for getting cat nail caps is to stop your cat clawing your furniture, you will want to have a thick cap. The thicker caps are often highly effective for restricting damage to expensive items and are made out of tougher materials like silicone.


Cat nail caps are a great solution if you have a canine in your home who loves to scratch. After all, scratching can be dangerous if you have guests or other animals there. While they may not have bad intentions, your kitty might easily draw blood, and they may need medical attention. Alongside this, their nails could damage your furniture and valuable items. Cat nail caps come in a range of colors and patterns, which can help your cat stand out from the rest. When buying cat nail caps, you will always want to consider your cat's weight to help choose the right size. Similarly, reviewing the thickness and durability should also be a deciding factor.

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