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Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

Memory Foam Dog Beds.

Have you ever slept on a memory foam bed? If so, you will know how comfortable a memory foam bed is; you practically sink into the bed and have a soothing sleep. Just like the sensation memory foam gives us humans, it's most likely your canine will feel the same. Having a memory foam dog bed can provide many benefits to your dog, one of the most important ones being a comfortable night's sleep.

Moreover, it can also help if your dog is elderly, especially if they require additional support on their joints. Memory foam can help do this, allow them to feel at ease, and prevent their joints from deteriorating further. They're also great if your dog suffers from specific joint pains like hip dysplasia, arthritis, and much more. They do this by memorizing your dog's sleeping position, making it an easier transition for your dog to get a goodnight's sleep in the bed. Alongside comfort, memory foam dog beds also play a significant role in your dog's temperature. If you live in a hot climate, memory foam can stop your dog from overheating, and it can also help your dog retain heat in the winter seasons. To know more about the best memory foam dog beds, check out our top picks here.

What is a Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Dog in soft bed.

A memory foam dog bed is similar to a mattress and consists of specific materials different from a standard bed as they are supposed to contour your dog's body and mold to their shape. The material is also known as viscoelastic foam, and alongside human beds, it was used by Nasa back in the 1960s. Its original purpose was to counteract the pressure astronauts were subject to when leaving the earth's atmosphere. Memory foam is critical for dogs to have a comfortable night's sleep. We say this because dogs can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, depending on what breed of dog you own. Similarly, they can stop your dog from facing problems with their joints by sleeping on hard surfaces. They're also resistant to dust mites which is ideal for your pet friend as it helps limit or trigger any allergies of theirs. Plus, most memory foam mattresses are temperature controlled, which means your dog won't get hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

Different Types

If you're looking for a memory foam dog bed, you will be spoilt for choice on the market. The most common types of memory foam dog beds are:

  • Travel memory foam dog bed: This type of memory foam dog bed is portable, and it allows you to take your dog bed on the road with you. These memory foam travel dog beds come with three sides most of the time to provide comfort and headrest for your dog. They also come with a cover that goes over the memory foam and can be easily washed in a machine. These types of memory foam beds can easily be rolled or folded to allow you to pack away with you wherever you go.
  • Platform memory foam dog bed: A platform memory foam dog bed is a bed raised to help provide orthopedic relief for your dog. The raised platform often contains no stuffing and also prevents your dog from chewing it and destroying the bed. There are various sizes for these types of memory foam mattresses that accommodate different breeds of dogs.
  • Waterproof memory foam dog bed: If you're looking to get a memory foam dog bed for your canine, you will want one that's not only comfortable but also durable too. Memory foam dog beds include a waterproof cover that allows you to easily wash them if any stains occur or if your dog has any mishaps; it can protect the memory foam.
  • Egg crate memory foam dog bed: This type of memory foam dog bed is rectangular and more breathable than other memory foam beds, especially in the summertime. The way the memory foam is cut allows more airflow to circulate naturally to prevent the bed from getting too hot. This memory foam bed tends to be a lot more affordable than other types of memory foam mattresses.
  • Shredded memory foam dog bed: This type of dog bed has shredded memory foam. The foam is shredded because it helps your dog if they like to burrow when sleeping. It's also dense to help support your dog's joints and allow your dog to move around comfortably.

How to Choose a Memory Foam Dog Bed

If you're looking to buy a memory foam dog bed, it's important you choose based on the following before buying:


If you're looking to buy a memory foam dog bed, always choose based on your dog's size. You can measure your dog's size to get the right surface area for your bed. To do this, measure the tip of its nose when sleeping to its rump, then the crown of its head to its pads. Also, consider the location where you plan to put the bed; you might want a size based on your living room or one to fit your car.


It's important to look at your dog's sleeping position and select a bed that best suits their sleeping style. For instance, does your dog like to curl up into a ball when sleeping? If so, you will want a memory foam dog bed that is round. On the contrary, if your dog likes to poke its legs out while sleeping, then it's probably best you get a rectangular bed for your dog to sleep in. Similarly, if your dog likes to rest their head, you might want to get a pillow design, or if they like to feel enclosed, you may wish to opt for a wraparound style.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bed?

When choosing a memory foam dog bed, you should consider the following:

  1. Durability: Memory foam dog beds offer your dog a lot of comforts, but it's equally vital that you check they're durable alongside comfortable. You might want to look for memory foam dog beds that can be placed in your washing machine, ideally having a washable cover.
  2. Reviews: Not every memory foam dog bed is the same; always check the reviews first before buying. If you filter the reviews by latest instead of most popular, it will give you a good idea of what other dog owners are saying. Take some time to read through both the positive and negative ones before making the decision. Similarly, it would help if you looked at reviews that have photos on them also.


Memory foam dog beds are a great type of bed to have for your dog. They can offer comfort and help relieve pain from their joints and conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Alongside this, they can also regulate your dog's body temperature and contribute to a long night's sleep. When buying a memory foam dog bed, always check the reviews, size of your dog, durability, and style before buying.

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