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Best Large Dog Beds

Large Dog Beds.

Most dog owners will attest to the fact that their dog can and will sleep anywhere. This is no surprise when you consider the fact that most adult dogs sleep at least half the time (twelve hours every day) and puppies sleep around twenty hours every day; they like to be near the humans and other animals of the house, so they may follow us around and nap in whatever room suits them at the time. Although our dogs don’t mind sleeping on the floor or the ground outside, we shouldn’t let this be the only place they sleep. Even dogs who are allowed on furniture and sleep on the foot of their owners’ beds should have their own spots. This is why every dog owner should have at least one dog bed per dog.

When they have their beds, dogs can be comfortable in a place that they know is their own, so that they don’t need to be cuddling with us to feel secure. This is especially important for bigger dogs; they may think they’re lap dogs, but they don’t fit as many places as smaller dogs do. Getting a large dog bed for them will allow them to stretch out and relax in a comfortable position, without taking up your whole bed or the floor of an entire room. Take a look at our list of the top ten large dog beds to find some furniture for your large dog that they’re guaranteed to love.

What is a large dog bed?

Large dog beds are a little different from human beds, and small dog beds. Unlike human beds, they typically sit on the floor or are elevated just a few inches, so that the dog can easily get into them. With no frame or box spring to worry about, all of the focus of a dog bed is on comfort. They come in a variety of shapes, made from different materials and stuffed with different fillings. Many dog beds are designed to give the dog something to lean against or burrow into, like they would when sleeping with a pack. Large dog beds aren’t just bigger versions of small dog beds, either. Because large dogs are heavier, their beds have to be sturdier in order to support their weight and not collapse or get deformed over time. This means that some of the styles and materials used in popular small dog beds won’t work for larger dogs. That said, you can still get large dog beds in different densities and materials, to support dogs with different needs while still accounting for their size.

Different Types

There’s a shocking amount of variety when it comes to dog beds -- a lot more than we have with human beds, especially in terms of shape and appearance. Here are some of the popular types of large dog bed:

  • Mattress - This is a style that’s become more popular as dog owners, especially young dog owners, have started treating pets more like humans. Some companies that make human mattresses also make special dog beds, with some of the same components as a human mattress but carefully designed to be appropriate for a dog. Many people like this idea, because if they feel comfortable sleeping on a mattress made by a company, then they trust that their dog will feel comfortable on one of their mattresses also.
  • Couch bed - This is a great option for homes where pets can’t go on the sofa, as it looks and feels very similar to a real couch. It is just the right size for a dog, and lower to the floor than a real sofa, but the dog can feel like it’s napping on the couch just like the humans do.
  • Donut bed - These are circular beds with a stuffed outer ring and a circular pillow on the inside. They are often very puffy and squishy, so that the dog can sink into it and feel surrounded by the bed. Donut beds made with faux fur are often called “calming” versions of the bed, as they are specifically trying to mimic the feel of sleeping next to other dogs.
  • “Tent” or “cave” - Both of these names refer to pretty much the same style of bed. They are usually soft round beds with a sort of “hood” - sometimes supported with a hard structure, sometimes soft like a blanket - that is attached around one side of the bed. Dogs can crawl in between the layers of the bed and sleep in their own little “burrow”, which is especially useful if your dog tries to burrow places they shouldn’t (like under the couch or bed, or in your bedding).

How to Choose a Large Dog Bed

You should choose the style of your dog’s bed based on what seems to make them comfortable. Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has a story about buying the most expensive dog bed on the market for their new dog, only to discover that they didn’t like that kind of bed. Observe how your dog likes to sleep - if they try to get under blankets if they want to get on the sofa, if they always ask to cuddle with you — and use that information to guide your choice. Calming beds like the donut-shaped ones can help train your dog not to be so glued to your side, and a dog with their own tent bed won’t have a need to crawl under your own blankets and disrupt your bedding.

And of course, you can also consider the interior design of your house when choosing things like color and pattern for your dog’s bed; dog’s don’t see as many colors as we do, anyway, so they aren’t going to be upset by whatever you pick!

What to Consider When Buying a Large Bed

It may seem like a smaller purchase, but you should put just as much thought into your dog’s bed as you do into your own. There are a few things that are important to consider when buying a large dog bed:

  • Health - Some dogs, especially older dogs and dogs with joint problems, have trouble getting comfortable or sleeping on certain surfaces. Look for a specialized orthopedic bed, or ask for recommendations from your vet, to accommodate your dog’s health issues.
  • Space - The amount of space you have in your home and the location of the bed will affect what you’re able to buy. Flatter beds like donuts and mattresses may not take up as much space as tents, couches, and other elevated beds, so think about how the bed will affect the room it’s in.
  • Climate - Certain dog beds are designed to keep dogs warm, while others are minimalist and let them stay cool. Depending on the typical climate where you live and your dog’s breed (cold-weather breed vs warm-weather breed), you may want to think about the temperature they’ll be sleeping in and how the bed will affect it. If you live in a warmer climate with a Husky, for example, a cave bed might trap too much heat for them to be comfortable.


A good large dog bed is one of the most important possessions your dog will ever have. The right style of bed can keep them comfortable, reduce their anxiety, and even improve symptoms in painful joints. You can use our list of the best large dog beds to find one that will be perfect for your pup.

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