Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Outdoor Cat Enclosure.

Cats are always as lovely as pets, no matter how much tantrums they throw. They are known for their unpredictable moves which can often turn out to be naughty. However, if the cat gels well with you in their first meeting then they can be great companions. This is why some people believe in the famous saying ‘you do not choose a cat; a cat chooses you’.

While kittens look cute and easy to raise, it is difficult to confine them to homes. Especially in the structures which lack any access to outside views. Some cats tend to get quite fidgety when they are stuck in a closed space, while others become shy or lazy. This is why it is important to provide them some outdoor access to ensure they remain happy. Although you can take your felines out for a walk, it is not safe for them to roam outdoors. Traffic, air pollution, and other such factors can harm your felines. Hence, they need a safe environment, which is open enough, to roam freely. Outdoor cat enclosures connected to the house can be the best solution to provide a safe space for your four-legged friend. These outdoor enclosures are designed specifically for cats considering their naughty behavior.

A Safe Space for Cats

Outdoor cat enclosures are extra spaces attached to households. They are created for cats to protect them from outdoor dangers such as run-in from other animals. Outdoor enclosures do not just provide enriched surroundings to the cats but they also assure you of the safety of your feline. There are various types of outdoor enclosures for cats such as portable enclosures, wooden cat patios, or catios among others. They differ in shapes and sizes, which are important factors to be considered for your little one. Let us explore all about them and find out the best outdoor cat enclosure for your feline.

Pet Playpen for Your Cat

Pet playpen are sizable cat enclosures fit to place your furry friends. The playpen is large enough to provide a breathable space and better outdoor access to your pets. Usually, there are eight panels in the playpen to make the movable area big for cats. There are mesh windows attached to most of the panels so that your cat can enjoy the outside views without feeling caged. Pet cats do not have anything that would keep them busy but some cats are quite restless. Through windows, they get engaged in activities like birdwatching which makes them happy. This is ideal for lazy felines also who like to eat and sleep all day. This outdoor enclosure for cats has many zippers attached to it. Some playpens provide the option to lock the zippers to ensure that the cat is unable to open or tear it. These zipper-based enclosures minimize the chance of escape, making playpen a safe and secure option for an outdoor enclosure.

Playpens are among the best outdoor cat enclosures for their multiple benefits. Playpens can be kept inside the house too if your cat is notorious and keeps spoiling curtains and interiors through its sharp paws. They are light in weight and portable so much so that you can use a playpen for traveling outstations too. You can conveniently carry your feline to the park and other public spaces. You can remove the floor mat using the zipper so that your furry feline can enjoy the grass beneath its paws. Cats love to roam amidst greenery but cat parents always stay tensed for their safety. Playpen solves this problem by letting your cats have their space which is also protected.

You can easily place or remove your cats through the mesh window on top of the playpen which can be removed via a zipper. You can use this top window for refiling the food basket or removing the litter tray without opening the door of the playpen. This is an affordable outdoor cat enclosure best suited for new-born and small-sized cats. You can keep two small cats inside it with accessories like a litter box, toys, cat bed, and food & water bowls. The playpen is spacious enough to accommodate all the things.

Pet playpen is a perfect option if you like to travel frequently with your pets. They are foldable and can fit easily in a backpack. You can check out here the top-rated Pet playpen for cats.

Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure.

Outdoor Wooden Catio Cage

Wooden outdoor enclosures for cats are permanent fixtures. They are like separate cat rooms attached to your house. They are known as cat patios, also called catios, most-suited if you have cats of various sizes. After a point, cats start to scratch the walls and curtains of the house. Shifting them to cat patios is a secure and feasible option for both, your house and the pet. Available in multiple designs and sizes, catios can be fixed anywhere from a window to a garden and even a deck. From simple-looking, small catios to large-sized and luxurious ones; catios can be an attractive gift for your feline family. They should be fixed in an ideal location where your pet can receive proper sunlight and air.

These outdoor enclosures for cats have sturdy wooden frames with escape-proof galvanized wire to provide entire access to outdoor views while ensuring their full safety. A polycarbonate or wire mesh roof adds to the sturdiness of the entire structure. There is a small door through which cats can enter the patio. It is inserted wherever your patio is placed- in a window, wall, or door. They are perfect for large-sized cats who require a spacious environment. These enclosed spaces can also be used to raise a small cat family. Wooden catios can be customized according to the needs of your four-legged friends. They have multiple cedar shelves for your cats to rest and play. Generally, felines are playful mammals as they cannot stay put in one place for long. Letting them roam outside not just harms them but they too pose a threat to other animals. There are various diseases that felines can spread in wildlife, if not handled carefully. Hence, wooden patios are the best outdoor cat enclosures that you can gift to your little furballs.

Your cats can enjoy themselves inside the patio throughout the year. They can be decorated with toys such as little chimes to engage your cats. You can place a litter box, scratch-boards, food & water bowls, and other things that your furry friend needs. The floor of the patio can be decorated with grass mats, decking wood, or paving stones and tiles. The wooden structure can be painted to complement your house. Cats are best raised amidst greenery. Large cat patios have sufficient space to keep small plants and alternatively, they can be decorated with flower vines. Large catios are wide enough to accommodate human seating too so that you can play, sit or read with your cats for hours. Catios are safe to leave your cats if you are going for a tour. All the essentials can be left in the catio ensuring your furry friends stay comfortably without you.

Compound Cat Enclosures.

Compound-like Outdoor Enclosures

Compound-like Outdoor Cat Enclosure is best suited if you are a frequent traveler who keeps cats close. This outdoor enclosure is usually like a playpen-style, transparent tent for cats. The compound-like enclosure is similar to a camping tent used for traveling. Usually, compound enclosures are mesh-only to provide your cats with a 360-degree view of the surroundings keeping them energized and playful.

It is a large cat enclosure designed to make sure that your feline has enough space to breathe and walk inside it. Some compound enclosures are attached with a tunnel-like cloth structure. Cats are mostly restless and need space to run around. This extra tunnel space is for your four-legged friend to run. This outdoor enclosure is perfectly suited for cats if they are traveling to beaches and mountains with you. They can have sun-baths and enjoy the surroundings without the fear of being run over by other animals. You can also enjoy your vacation in a stress-free manner, knowing that your furball is safe and playing around freely.

Compact and foldable compound cat enclosures can be easily packed in a backpack. Setting them up is quite simple and you can learn it by reading the instructions on the package. The entry of the attached tunnel has zippers for easy access. Compound cat enclosures have sufficient space to keep a litter box, toys, bed, and other accessories that felines need. Some compounds are large enough for a human to enter so that you can stay near and cuddle your little one. These outdoor cat enclosures are made of durable and waterproof material. Mountains are a common travel destination and there is always a possibility of down-pouring. Hence, these enclosures are best suited for your cats for such locales. You can check top recommendations for compound-like outdoor cat enclosures here.

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