Best Military Dog Tags

Best Military Dog Tags.

When your dog is out and about, the last thing you wish for is for it to go missing. However, as pet owners, sometimes you should prepare for the worst, which means preparing in case they get lost. Alongside micro chipping your canine, you might wish to get them a military dog tag. This will help strangers easily identify your dog and who they belong to if your dog does ever go missing.

The military dog tag can include engravings on it with its name, owner, and contact number. Similarly, you can also add your city and your dog's medical needs there (if you wish). Dog military tags are an excellent choice to have for your dog. To know more, check out our table of top pics.

What is a military dog tag?

A military dog tag is a metal tag that hangs around a chain with engravings on it. The military-style dog tags are used for soldiers and their dogs. You can commonly find them being used in the army, airforce, and navy.

Sometimes they're used in the war to help identify a dead or injured dog or soldier when they've been in battle. They're also used for dog owners whose dogs go missing. There's essential information on there that helps identify the dog. Military dog tags tend to be made out of stainless steel and are long-lasting. The material they're made out of is often anti-corrosive and sometimes comes in two copies. One is a single tag that is often broken into two, or there are two identical tags kept on the same chain. There are two because it can be taken away from the body to notify, and the duplicate remains on the dog or human.

Different types

Out of all the different types of military dog tags, you can choose the following:

Stainless steel coating: The best military dog tags aren't cheap, and that means they're often ones that are high value. They're not cheap knockoffs and cost quite a bit of money. You would assume that these military dog tags are made of stainless steel by the name, but they're not. They're actually made from a bronze alloy, but it does have a stainless-steel coating. This military dog tag tends to be less expensive than others.

Customized dog tag: You can custom make your dog's military tag using a single click of a button. Some military tags will have a few select things you have to include on the chain. This one allows you to engrave anything you want on it before it gets delivered to your door. This military dog tag is used on both humans and dogs; it tends to be the most common dog tag that exists. It tends to have stainless steel with a black outer edge. This dog tag also allows for personalization, where you can provide up to 5 lines of text. These types of military tags are hard to break.

How to choose?

Before you buy a military dog tag, you will want to make sure you pick it based on the following:


You can't just buy any military dog tag for your canine. You will want to make sure the size is right, and it looks good on your dog. For example, you don't want to have a big tag on a Toy breed nor a tiny tag on a large dog. Similarly, you will want to make sure that the chain is not too tight so it suffocates your dog and is not too loose, so it falls off either. Most importantly, you don't want your dog walking around with something so heavy it weighs it neck down.


Think about the design you choose for your dog. You don't want to get something basic; you will want your dog to look epic. Because of this, you might wish to get them a custom engraving on your military dog tag. Similarly, it would help if you thought about the number of characters the dog tag can hold. This will give you an idea of what you can include and get engraved on your dog tag in advance.


When buying one of these dog tags, you should always read the reviews of other buyers. When you're looking at the reviews, you will want to assess the quality, durability, and effectiveness. Look at a range of reviews of different military dog tags before making an informed decision.

What to consider when choosing a military dog tag?

When looking to get a military dog tag for your canine, you should consider the following:

  • Quality: When you're looking to buy a military dog tag, you will want to choose top-tier items. Quality is crucial as it could show a vast difference between injuring your dog and having your dog feel comfortable indoors and out. You should make sure the quality is important as you will want to use this military dog tag for a long time. Therefore, it should not wear out quickly or through any harsh environments like thunderstorms.
  • Price: When you're looking at military dog tags, don't always go for the cheapest option. If you're looking to buy an affordable dog tag, this could be a bad sign, and you could be getting a knockoff. Generally, when it comes to dog military tags, the more expensive they are, the better as you want something that's durable and lasts for a long time.
  • Material: The material is an essential part of any military dog chain. Ideally, the best material is stainless steel as it can be washed easily and hard to damage. Durability is important, but so is your dog's health. You will want to avoid materials like lead or phthalate-type tags as they will have adverse effects on your dog's health. Finally, you won't want to have a weak material that breaks easily.

Final thoughts

Military dog tags are a tag that used both for humans and dogs during the war. They are unique because they can contain engravings, which help identify your dog if they get lost. Such tags can include their name, blood type, address, contact details, and more. Usually, these tags come in twos and have one taken off if your dog becomes unwell or dies. The best tags are often made out of stainless steel to survive any weather and have a high resistance to damage. When looking to buy a military dog tag, you should always consider the style, design, size, quality, price, and material before buying. Not all of them are the same, and you should spend your time making an informed choice before buying.

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