Best Automatic Cat Feeders

Automatic Cat Feeders.

Feeding your cat at the right time is one of the most important things of all when it comes to keeping a pet. The timing, the portions, the kind of food, the frequency, and whatnot, there are so many things that a pet parent would need to keep a track of. While it is a pretty regular thing to do for most people but it can become a real hassle when you are a working person and need to follow a schedule of your own. The new feeding schedule of your cat can screw up with your own routine and that can create a lot of problems especially when you work to earn a living and live alone.

This exact problem is why automatic feeders exit. They do not feed the cats on time as set by you but also keep track of water consumption and portions. Needless to say, an automatic feeder can actually be very helpful for everyone regardless of their schedule and preferences. There are several advantages of getting an automatic feeder that you can benefit from. So, there is basically no downside to getting an automatic feeder for your cat. Let us explore some of these benefits in detail:

Advantages of Automatic Cat Feeders

Out of several known advantages of automatic feeders, the following are the top ones. From the freedom of making your own schedule to keeping a rigid one for the cat, there is nothing that you can not do with an automatic feeder. Let’s find out the top benefits of an automatic feeder for cats:

  • Weight Management: One of the best things about automatic feeders is that they can help you with the weight management of obese kittens and cats. Giving timely meals to your cat is the top thing that one must do in order to get obese kittens in shape. From setting the amount of food that the feeder will dispense to the frequency of the meals, an automatic feeder will help you set anything that you will like for your cat. Another benefit of providing meals from an automatic feeder is that you will not have to deal with the frequent tantrums of your cats which means that there will be no extra treats and untimely meals for the cats who need a little bit of weight management.
  • A Set Routine: Most pet parents face a lot of trouble in setting up a proper routine when it comes to feeding, especially first-time parents. The love parents have for their pets is somewhat too big to contain and say no to their round eyes which often comes in the way of setting up a routine for their cats. A cat feeder will make your pets understand that it is the feeder that will give them food and not you which will allow them to not rely on you. This helps set a routine since the dispenser only gives out food when it is time and not before.
  • Freedom of Setting-up Plans: If you have a permanent feeder, you will have the freedom to make your own plans without feeling guilty about leaving your cat unattended nor will you feel worried about leaving them alone in the home without someone to keep them company. Not only you can make whatever plans that you want to make but also keep on with the emergency plans if any ever come up since you will know that your cat will be fed.
  • Portion and Timing Control: This is probably the best thing about automatic cat feeders – they will help you in controlling portions and timing of the meals to whatever quantity and frequency that you would like or need. The only thing that you need to do is fill the feeder on time so that your cat has its meals on time.
Elevated Cat Feeder.


Just like any other cat accessory, there are many things and variants that you need to consider before you would consider buying one kind of automatic cat feeder. Each one of them come with their own advantages and shall be used depending on the requirements that you have at hand. Following are the main kinds of automatic feeders that you can find in the market:

Microchip Cat Feeder

Ideal for homes with multiple pets, a microchip cat feeder opens up only for designated pets only and not for every single one of them. So, if you have multiple pets with you at your home and you are worried about one eating the food of the other, the microchip feeder will make sure that it opens up and dispenses food only when the cat that it is meant for is there to get the food.

The microchip installed in the feeder is connected with the identification microchip that is implanted in the cat. It is the best way to ensure that your cat always eats its prescription food without fail. We have a few recommendations for you to choose a few good ones for your little kitty.

Puzzle or Interactive Cat Feeder

Puzzle feeders for cats the best way to train fast eaters so that they start eating slow. Puzzle feeders manipulate the food dispenser via a few puzzles and activities that need to be solved so the dispenser can dispense food accordingly. The puzzles and the activities make your cats do a little bit of workout, delay the eating time and speed, keep the cats engaged for a while and also provide a fun pastime.

Along with helping the cats eat slow, the puzzle feeders for cats also provide much-needed brain stimulation and entertainment to the cats. Scarfs and barfing problems of the cats are also put at ease with slow puzzle feeders.

For Multiple Cats

Automatic cat feeders made to feed multiple cats contain one base unit i.e. the dispenser and multiple outlets to feed more than one cat. Automatic feeders made for multiple cats are only effective when all your cats can have the same mealtime and almost the same portion sizes. The automation system can be set according to your desires and needs and the schedule of your cats.

For Wet Food

There are few things that are different about an automatic feeder made for wet cat food – the shape and a few functionalities. Automatic feeders for wet food are made into the shape of a disk which further has more compartments – each one covered with a separate lid so that the contents do not spill. The timer makes the preset lid opens and pours out the food.

The preset timer only lets one compartment open which prevents the rest of the food from spilling over. Another challenge that wet food may face when it comes to storage in automatic feeders is the shelf life. Since wet food needs to be stored in cool places, the feeders made for wet food comes with ice packs which ensure that the food stays fresh and does not spoil. The timer period and many other features differ from brand to brand. You can check out our top recommendations in order to find some feeders that suit you the best.

Dry Food Automatic Cat Feeder.

Automatic Outdoor Cat Feeder

The main difference between indoor and outdoor automatic cat feeders is the material they are made with. While indoor feeders can be made with a slightly less durable material which is not water or weatherproof, the outdoor automatic cat feeder are made with highly sturdy material that can resist all kinds of harsh weather and other factors that comes with the placement.

The general functions are all the same with these feeders such as timer functions, feeding capacity, frequency, dishwasher safety, etc. Many variants are also voice command compatible depending on the brands that you go for. You can take some suggestions from our list as well.

For Dry Food

The most feeders that you will find out there in the market will be dry food feeders. Dry food automatic cat feeders are the most common kind of cat feeders that you will find out there. Depending on what you want as features in the feeder, you can easily find a variant that suits your needs be it a slow feeder, an interactive feeder, an automatic feeder with voice command, or a multiple cat feeder.

Elevated Cat Feeders

Much like elevated feeding bowls, the automatic elevated cat feeders offer a simple solution for cats with joint problems. The feeders promoted good hygiene and support to cats for easy drinking and eating.

Raccoon Proof

Another kind of outdoor cat feeder, a raccoon-proof cat feeder essentially prevents raccoons from stealing food from the feeders when they are placed outside. These feeders come with a protective metal or plastic sheet that prevents the raccoons from grabbing the feeder and eating the food. The rest of the functions are the same as basic feeder functions.

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