Best Cat Tags

Cat Tags.

If you think about it, what would the biggest fear be when it comes to raising a pet, specifically a cat? Would it be the fact that they are not as attached to the owners as other pets like dogs are? Or the fact that you will have to invest a lot of time and money in making sure that they have the right kind of food, accommodations, and medical attention?

In our opinion, it is the constant fear of losing your pet in some way, especially when your pet is a rowdy cat who likes to go on adventures and explore the surroundings. Cats are inherently curious creatures (just think about the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’) and they like to explore new things and experiences which makes wandering away from the house a pretty common deal for them.

In such a scenario, it is very viable that your cat may wander off somewhere and never comes back. Maybe because it forgot the way or got too indulged in something that is found along the way. Either way, it is going to be a very stressful experience to find your cat. To give cat owners some peace of mind and making keeping track of your cat and getting it back home in case it gets lost easily, cat tags were invented. These very small and seemingly insignificant cat accessories are very important indeed and for more than one reason.

Benefits of Cat Tags

As mentioned above, there are several benefits of making your cat wear a tag along with its collar even if they seem to be irritated by it at first. It may take some time for a few of them to get used to it but once they do, the efforts will be well worth it. We have made a potential list of some of the top benefits that everyone should know about or consider when buying a cat tag.

  • An Assured Safety Ticket: Once your cat has a tag on its collar, you can rest assured even it happened to wander off somewhere and doesn’t return on its own. As long as the tag is seen by anyone who happens to find the cat, they can easily contact you to set up a meeting to get the kitty back to its home. In simpler terms, a cat tag will eliminate all the painful details and formalities that you would have gone through to get your cat back if it weren’t wearing a tag that helps identify it.
  • Style Statement: Apart from being a very important accessory to ensure the safety of your cats, cat tags also makeup very decent and sometimes over-the-top fashion accessories for little felines of yours. From excessively blingy ones to classy and elegant ones, cat tags are generally available in many styles, textures, and colors that are perfect to add a little bit of style to the mix.
  • Fine Alternative of Microchipping: A very popular technique in these modern times, microchipping is a procedure that is performed when you adopt or buy a cat from a registered pet shop. It inserts a small chip inside the cat which can be used to keep a track of them at all times. But this procedure is not performed on cats that have been adopted as strays. This makes cat tags a great replacement for microchipping. It is also a suitable option for owners who do not want their pet cat to go through the microchipping procedure.
  • Great Source of Information: Cat tags are not limited to carrying the name of the cat and the details of the owners. They can also be used to relay specific information like “do not let the cat out” or “indoor cat please do not let out”, etc.


Just like every other accessory for pets, cat tags are also made in several choices and variants. Much like every other accessory, you can easily choose depending on your needs and choices as well as what suits your cat the best. The following are the main kinds of cat tags that you will easily find in the market.

Cat ID Tags

The most common kind of cat tags is the ID cat tags also known as cat name tags. These tags are essentially used to get the name of the cat engraved on them along with a little information about the owner’s contact details to act as an aid in case the cat gets lost. Some ID tags also come with a microchip in them that lets you keep track of the cat from the gadget it is connected to. All in all these cat tags are just basic information cat tags that perform the function of being a safety precaution as well as being a fashion accessory at times and are one of the most common ones that owners prefer.


Made with fine quality silicone, these cat tags are designed to be some of the most durable and one of the safest cat tags in the lot. Unlike other materials, silicone tags do not make noise upon clashing with other materials hanging around the neck of the cat and hence prove to be a peaceful solution for owners who cannot stand the noise of constant clinking in the house. Silicone is also hypoallergenic which makes it a perfect pick for every cat which seems to have soft and sensitive skin and reacts badly to most materials.

Metal Cat Tags

A little sturdier than silicone cat tags metal cat tags are again one of the most common ones to be preferred by cat parents. Metal cat tags are mostly used to showcase engraved names of the cats along with a few other additional information, depending on the size of the tags. The most popular and preferred metal for these tags is stainless steel due to its lightweight quality and corrosion-resistant body. The metal is hypoallergenic which makes it perfect to be used as cat tags without any apprehensions.


These cat tags are often made on special order only and can contain anything that the owner wants and the designer agrees to design. The limitations are very less when it comes to personalized cat tags. Material can differ from silicone to metal and plastic as well. Designs can include anything from a quote, name, contact, and other info to special pictures, caricatures, and more. These cat tags make a great gift for cats as well as their owners.

Slide-On Cat Tags

As evident by the name, these tags can simply be slide on the collars and removed as and when required. Some of these sliding tags are also made with a design that can be used to extend the collar size by attaching them as a link so, they serve a dual purpose for the kitties. Bottom line, these tags are fairly easy to use, mostly made with metals, and are often available in a rectangular shape. The size and shape of these tags allow you to add more info or longer texts on them which makes them perfect for detailed addresses and quote cat tags.

For Indoor Cats

Unlike the personalized cat tags or cat ID tags, these tags come with a pre-engraved message on them which basically means to tell people that the cat wearing them is an indoor cat and is not to be let out in any circumstances. These tags are ideal to be used when you are leaving your cat in the care of a friend, neighbor, or a sitter when going out of town for a few days. The material used for these tags can vary with no limitations.


A cost-effective solution for cat tag requirements, these tags come as an attached unit with the collars themselves. These tags cannot be removed from the collars but come with an option of customization at the time of buying. You can easily add the basic information that you want on the tag and make sure that your cat has the right tag on them. It is a great choice for people who think that their cats do not like wearing collars and tags but require a temporary one as a precaution when stepping out or letting the cat out.

Luxury Cat Tags

Made with precious metals and gemstones, these cat tags the ultimate example of cat tags that are used for decorative ad style purposes. There is no shortage of variants when it comes to luxury cat tags and most of them are customizable too as per the wishes of the owners.

With GPS Tracker

Installed with a tracking chip these cat tags are the perfect alternative to the microchip insertion procedure for cats. These tags use the same kind of GPS chip that is used in the procedure and can also hold information. Vets nowadays have a universal chip reader that can be used to read these chips and find the owners immediately.

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