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Can Dogs Eat Sushi?

Can dogs eat sushi.

Sushi is a food that we humans love, but have you ever wondered is sushi good for dogs? Or is sushi bad for dogs? You might be tempted to share a bit with your pet, especially if they’re watching you eat. Unfortunately, it’s not always this simple and you’ll need to check the ingredients before you offer your pup a roll!

It’s always advised that you research what’s in your California roll before placing it in the dog bowl. Still wondering “Can dogs eat raw fish sushi?” or “Can dogs eat sushi rice?”, keep on reading to explore which yummy sushi foods are canine safe.

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What Is Sushi?

Before we jump into can dogs eat sushi, we’ll quickly clarify which foods we’re focusing on. Though sushi has modern interpretations, we’re focusing on the dishes based on raw fish, seaweed, rice, and vegetable ingredients. These handcrafted rolls taste amazing to us, but they’re not always perfect for your pup.

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Can Dogs Have Sushi?

This is a difficult question to answer in short as it depends on what’s in the sushi dish. Dogs can eat certain common sushi ingredients, but others may leave them ill. Ingredients they can consume include:

  • White and brown rice. Vets even suggest boiled rice to help settle an upset stomach or stomach ache.
  • Seaweed. Dogs can eat the seaweed used in sushi. However, they can’t eat the type of seaweed that’s found naturally on beaches!
  • Shellfish meat. Dogs can eat shellfish meat, but don’t let them eat the shell.
  • Fish. It’s true, dogs can eat some fish - but we would suggest avoiding raw varieties. Instead only give your dog cooked tuna, salmon, cod, or white fish.
  • Vegetables, including carrots and cucumbers.

What Ingredients Should Dogs Avoid?

When it comes to sushi, there are certain foods that dogs should steer clear of. Dogs may love the taste of certain foods, but they can cause stomach issues and health problems.

Sushi ingredients dogs should avoid are:

  • Avocados. This popular ingredient contains persin, a substance that isn’t good for dogs. Persin can cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, fluid around the heart, and nasal congestion too.
  • Tempura. This is one of the most popular sushi sides, as we humans love fried food. Sadly, dogs can’t experience this joy as they can’t consume fried food. If any of your sushi has tempura ingredients, don’t place it in the dog bowl.
  • Spicy sauces. Any added spice, such as spicy mayo or wasabi, is likely to upset a dog’s stomach - so steer clear of this.
  • Raw fish. Though some dogs can eat raw sushi fish, we would suggest avoiding it.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish?

A common question we get is can dogs eat raw fish? Similar to the answer to can dogs eat sushi, this depends on your dog’s health and the type of fish they’re eating. Raw fish sometimes contains parasites and if your dog is ill or has a lower immune system this can cause problems for them. Raw fish can also affect dogs that are dealing with worms, so sometimes it’s best to avoid the fish if you’re unsure of its quality.

Does Sushi Have Health Benefits?

Since sushi is a popular healthy meal for humans, you might wonder is sushi good for dogs too? Well, the answer is yes! The sushi foods that dogs can consume offer them numerous health benefits. For example, rice offers dogs a boost in fiber and their stomachs digest it well. It’s also used to help with any digestive issues, so consider offering your pup some white or brown rice when you get sushi.

Another beneficial food is well-cooked fish. This contains omega-3 which leaves them with a healthier coat and a pretty shine. Shrimp is also great for dogs, as it offers vitamin B12, B3, and additional phosphorus.


If you’ve been asking can dogs eat sushi, we hope this article has helped you work out whether you should share your food or not. Make sure to always check the ingredients of your sushi, and always choose cooked fish over raw fish too.

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