Buying Clothes for Your Dog – A Comprehensive Guide

Clothes for Dogs.

Purchasing clothes for your dog can be so much fun and also there’s nothing cuter than your canine decked in cute dog clothes. The experience can be as exciting as shopping for yourself. However, when it comes to buying clothes for your furry friend, it is not just fashion that you have to consider. Your top priorities must be comfort and safety. With a broad range of clothes available today for your pooch, chances are that you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed. So, we’ve put together a guide for you so that buying dog clothes become easier and enjoyable.

Why Make Your Dog Wear Clothes?

Fashion is definitely the number one reason to dress up your furry friend. But, there are also other reasons why you might want to create a wardrobe for your canine. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Climate – Snow, rain or extreme temperature can be uncomfortable for your dog. Dog outfits are a must if you want your pooch to feel comfortable.
  • Protect people from fur allergies – A lot of people have allergies to loose dog hair and dander. You can reduce the amount of fur flying around your home by making your pooch wear comfortable, stylish clothes.
  • Insects – You would want to protect your dog from being bitten by fleas, ticks or insects. Also, keep your pooch protected from sting from bees or wasps. With proper clothing, your dog will stay protected against such insect bites.

Sizing and Dimension of Clothes

Dog apparel must not limit or restrict the movement of your dog. Your dog should be able to indulge in the same activities as he or she likes with or without clothes. So, ensure that the fitting is proper. The problem here is that different breeds are of various weights and sizes. Luckily, you have dog brands catering to the needs of dogs of all breeds.

Before you buy dog clothes, you have to measure your dog properly. Just like humans, their measurements vary. Even within breeds, you’ll find a lot of variations in terms of size.

For instance, dog clothes for small breeds like Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua that may weigh only a few pounds will have the same back and neck sizes.

A standard toy poodle might have a chest of 12 inches, back of 7 inches and neck of 5.5 inches. But, that doesn’t mean that your dog’s dimensions are the same.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to measure the exact dimensions of your dog:

  • Take the measurement of the top-line for your dog. This is going to be the length of your pooch. For this, you have to take the measurement from the base of your dog’s neck to where his or her tail starts.
  • Next step is to measure the under-chest area of your pooch. For this, you have to start measuring from the top of your pooch’s chest and bring the measuring tape between his/her front legs and stop at the end of the rib cage.
  • Now, it’s time to take the chest measurement so that the straps fit perfectly. Take the tape and measure just behind the front legs of your pooch and go up around your dog’s rib cage. The measurement of the girth will also be useful when you are picking out a harness for your dog.
  • Then, measure the width of your furry friend’s neck. Just take the measuring tape and put it around the neck of your dog. Make sure not to pull it too tight. Also, leave it a bit loose so that you can fit in 2 fingers comfortably.
  • For measuring your dog’s head, you can place the measuring tape in front of your pooch’s ears and bring it down toward the jaws. Make sure that the tape meets behind the ears of your dog.

If you need more help, you can read the dog clothes reviews that we have and determine the best ways to measure your dog.

Coats for Your Dog.

Dog Clothes – Choosing the Right Fabric

It doesn’t matter what form or type of designer dog clothes you are making your pooch wear, your dog still needs to run, walk and play. The material you choose should never become a hindrance to your dog’s mobility. Here are some of the popular and most common materials:

  • Spandex;
  • Cotton;
  • Wool;
  • Synthetic fabric;
  • Mixture of cotton and wool;
  • Mesh.

Cotton and spandex are the most preferred materials when it comes to clothes for dogs as they’re breathable and also stretchy. Mesh is also breathable. However, cotton might not be liked by all dogs. You need to check if your dog is allergic to wool.

Types of Clothes for Your Dog

Just like human clothes, there’s a lot of varieties when it comes to cute dog clothes. Some of them are:

  • Dog t-shirts – T-shirts for dogs are extremely comfortable and they can protect your house from excessive shedding of hair. These can be worn by both female and male dogs. They come in a range of colors, designs, patterns and styles.
  • Dog dresses – This is a comfortable choice of indoor clothes for your female dog to wear. However, you can also take her for a walk outdoors wearing a cute dress.
  • Dog cooling vests – These are specifically designed to help dogs cool down when the temperatures are soaring during summer. These vests prevent dogs from overheating.
  • Warm sweaters for dogs – You can make your dog wear a sweater in winter and also in autumn. Depending on the material that you choose, it can be lightweight and give enough breathing area to your dog.
  • Winter jackets or coats for your dog – These are for winters when the temperature is very cold. Coats and jackets will provide your pooch with the necessary warmth that he or she needs to feel comfortable and cozy.
  • Rain jackets or coats for your dog – During the rainy season, you can get your furry friend rain coats and jackets so that his or her fur is dry. This is going to protect your pooch from catching a cold and also keep his or her fur clean.
  • Anxiety vests – These are specifically designed so that your dog can feel calm when he or she is feeling anxious. These are compression vests and available in various colors and sizes.
  • Hoodies for dogs – If you want your dog to look extremely stylish, you need to get hoodies. These are very fashionable and available in a wide range of colors and patterns. You can even find matching hoodies for your dog so that everyone at the dog park looks at the both of you.
  • Special occasion clothes for dogs – Dog fashion is at par with human fashion. You will find clothes for your dog for every occasion. There are dog Halloween costumes, chucky dog costume and even Christmas clothes for dogs. You can have an entire wardrobe for your furry friend for every special celebration.

Apart from these, you will find bandanas for your dog, cute dog socks and also proper suits for your dog. You can place custom orders with brands to design tuxedos for your furry friends. You will even find loungewear and sleepwear collections that are dedicated to dogs. Whether you have a puppy or a full-grown dog, make sure to check our reviews and list of all the different types of dog clothes that you can find your pooch. We have also extensively reviewed different dog clothes brands so that you know what you are shopping.

The Cutest Dog Clothes.

How to Properly Wash Clothes?

It is important to maintain the hygiene of your dog. So, you must frequently wash the clothes of your dog and make sure that he or she is not wearing them for too long. It is recommended that you wash dog clothes once a week and always rotate the clothing.

For washing dog clothes, you have to do the following:

  • Vacuum all the dog hair from the clothes or remove dog hair. You can even use hair removing laundry detergent for this.
  • Check the care and wash label on the clothes of your dog. The manufacturer will know best how to wash the clothes. Make sure to properly follow the instructions.
  • Differentiate the clothes on the basis of the ones that can be machine washed and the ones that need to be hand washed.
  • The drying method also depends on the instructions given by the manufacture of the dog clothing.

From regular dog clothes to couture dog clothes, your pooch has so many options that it is impossible for you not to get his or her style quotient up. Creating a wardrobe for your little fur baby is only a purchase away.

Now that you are equipped with all the information that you need, start buying clothes for your dogs. Make sure to measure him or her properly so that you find the right clothes. Once the wardrobe is set up for your pooch, you can help him become a fashionista for the neighborhood or even an Instagram model.