Best Dog Coats

Best Dog Coats.

Dog coats are extremely useful to have for your dog if you live in a cold winter climate. They can serve a range of benefits for your dog and make them look stylish while doing so. Sometimes dogs can easily be discouraged if they see snow outdoors or feel the slightly cold trickle breeze down their neck. If you place a dog coat on your canine, it may serve as an additional method of encouragement to get out walking in the cold weather. Alongside this, dogs need dog coats for when they get older. Age is a big factor, and they become less susceptible to the cold, and it can quickly get to their joints, causing them pain. If they're cold easily, they may become lazy and feel discouraged from moving about to keep warm. Dog coats also help canines recover from illness a lot easier, and they can help them cope with the chill or cold weather. But it's not just the cold weather dog coats can help dogs with; there are many different reasons they're great. To know more about the best dog coats, check out our table of top picks here.

What is a dog coat?

A dog coat is a piece of clothing that wraps over your dog to keep them warm or protect them from other types of weather. You can get dog coats in a range of materials, sizes, and designs that all serve a range of different purposes.

Different types

If you're looking to purchase a dog coat for your pet, you should know that they come in different types, which are:

  • Dog raincoat: Weather should be no excuse to stop you from walking your dog, especially if it's raining. To help protect your dog from the rain, you can get a waterproof raincoat to keep them as dry as possible. These coats tend to be foldable and made out of waterproof polyester fabric. It's important to know not every dog needs a raincoat; however, if you own a short hair breed, this will be beneficial as the coat will help keep them dry as they don't have an underlayer.
  • Cooling coat: You would think that the main reason you put a coat on your dog is to keep them warm. But some coats work the other way and cool them down. Alongside coats, you can also get cooling collars and vests. This coat helps protect your dog from heat exhaustion and keeps them cool in the summer season. They cool your dog by evaporating water from its body. Typically, these coaling coats tend to be soaked in water first and then applied to your dog.
  • Windbreaker: This is a dog coat made out of a thin nylon fabric designed to protect your dog against the wind and light rain. It has a waterproof outer layer and also keeps your dog cool underneath while wearing it.
  • Fleece dog coat: This is a type of dog coat that has a fluffy polyester fabric inside. Fleece dog coats help keep your canine insulated in seasons like fall and allow them to feel snug while wearing them.
  • Dog parka coat: You can get a winter coat similar to yours for your dog; it's called a dog parka coat. These coats are designed to have a fluffy hood on the back and keep them warm. In comparison to other dog coats, the parka coat is put on dogs for stylish purposes.
  • Insect protection coat: These are coats that also look like blankets wrapped around your dog. The primary purpose of this is to catch or prevent insects like mosquitos, ticks, fleas, or anything else from attacking your dog. Its main goal is to protect your dog and therefore does not look that stylish compared to other coats.
  • Dog snowsuit: Dog snowsuits are great if you want to walk your dog in the snow and keep them insulated. Dog snowsuits are often best for short-haired breeds.
  • Reflective jacket: If you like to walk your dog late at night or in the early hours of the morning before daylight, then it would be good to get a reflective jacket. These high visibility jackets don't affect your dog walking, but they help other passersby and vehicles see your dog late at night.
  • Sun protection coat: Certain dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, Bulldogs, Whippets, and more are prone to getting sunburnt. While you can put sunscreen around their ears and certain parts, it's not always guaranteed to protect them from the sun. Some coats are made to block UV rays and limit the amount of sun exposure your dog has. Plus, it makes them look like a superhero also.
  • Dog hoodie: If you wish for your dog to look stylish, you can get them a hoodie that gives them a sporty look.
  • Blanket dog coat: This type of dog coat lays on your dog's back and droops on the side; the purpose is to cover them all and keep them warm. Compared to other jackets, it does not wrap around the stomach but drapes over the other sides.

How to choose a coat?

When looking to get a coat for your dog, you should always choose based on the following:


Size is an important factor when looking to get a coat for your dog. You should measure your dog before buying a coat for them. To do this, you can measure the circumference of their neck and chest. Then get a tape measure and measure from their collar down to their tail. Moreover, a well fitted dog coat will cover your dog's neck and belly. The coat should not be tight and should be comfortable. You can check this by making sure your dog has the freedom to move its armpits and neck when walking.


The type of dog coat your dog has will help you decide what weight of coat to pick. For example, if your dog has a thick or double coat, you might want a lighter weighted coat. On the contrary, if your dog does not have much fur and is lightweight, you might want to opt for a coat with polyfill inside to add protection and warmth.


Sometimes not all dog coats are what they look like online. If you're choosing to buy your dog a coat, check out the reviews and, if possible, look at photos other customers have posted.

What to consider when buying a dog coat?

When looking to buy your dog a coat, you should consider the following:

  • If it's washable: If you buy your dog a coat, they will wear it indoors and outdoors. This can make it prone to additional hair, dirt, water, and bacteria to cling onto. To maintain the coat and keep your dog healthy, you might want to get a waterproof coat or one that can be washed easily.
  • Material: The material of your dog coat can play a huge impact on how comfortable your dog feels. The best material for your dog's coat depends on the climate you have. Similarly, you will need to check if it does not trigger your dog to itch or cause any allergies.

Final thoughts

Dog coats are beneficial for all dogs to keep them warm, cool, dry, and stylish. There's a range of different coats you can buy, but only get them if you know your dog's size. Alongside this, it's essential to clarify the purpose you want the dog coat as this will help determine the right type of coat for them. Remember also to consider their undercoat and pick an appropriate weight for the coat to go on top.

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