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Scariest Dog Breeds

Pit Bull Dog Breed.

Dogs, A.K.A man's best friends are very friendly and loyal creatures to their owners. They get trained to protect and guard people, livestock, and properties. Many of the dogs used as guards are big, muscular, and mean-looking since their primary duty is to keep intruders away.

Having a dog as a pet is one of the greatest assets you can have. Apart from being loyal companions, dogs are mood lifters and contribute a new different vibe. However, if trained to be harsh, any dog can be aggressive and dangerous to even its owners. Some are naturally scarier and have higher tendencies of causing harm to people.

Here in this article, we have highlighted 6 of the scariest dog breeds ever. The funny thing is, your sweet, lap-warming dog may make the list too. Read on to find out.

Top 6 Scariest Looking Dog Breeds In 2024

Great Dane dog breed.

Below are 6 of the top dangerous looking dog breeds ever:

  1. American bulldog: Stocky, muscular, energetic, and fast-You would recognize an American bulldog when you see one. Like other bull breeds, American bulldogs have droopy jowls and squashed noses. Although they can be sweet and interestingly playful, American bulldogs tend to go rogue. Therefore, American bulldogs require training to instill some obedience and social ethics in them as puppies. One good thing about them is that they are always alert and wary of intruders. An American bulldog by your side means protection at all costs. However, to prevent them from causing harm to your loved ones, you need to help them socialize consistently. That helps them become less aggressive towards just anyone.
  2. Great Dane: With their imposing height, strength, and weight, it is no wonder why great Danes are called the "Apollo of dogs." Despite their intimidating features, Danes are noble, sweet, and friendly to people and other animals when trained properly. They are admirable guards for homes due to their high alertness and super dog attributes. An intruder would have to choose between life and nearly death just by looking at your Dane before crossing the lawn. The way to get the best out of great Danes is by training them as puppies. An adult Dane takes more time to teach as it may be hard to control them. One fun fact about Danes is their eagerness to please people. They love attention and get jealous easily when you get busy without them.
  3. Akita: The list of big dogs cannot be complete without Akitas. Their intimidating height, natural leadership traits, and fearlessness may easily cause you to cower before them. However, a well-trained Akita is an asset to households. They are overly friendly, noble, protective, and naturally courageous. Akitas do not back down from any challenge and are inarguably loyal. Like most hunting dogs, an Akita is observant and wary of strangers. To help them become respectful, you have to train Akitas accordingly. Spending time and socializing with Akitas will go a long way in curbing aggressiveness and rebellious behaviors.
  4. Rottweilers: Rotts are not big dogs but, they made the list because of their scary attitude. One minute, a rottweiler is seated calmly and observing your move, the next 60 seconds, it is gnawing at your leg. They are suspicious of new faces being natural guard dogs. Rotties are known for their reputation as police dogs due to their trainability and intelligence. When introduced as part of a household, rottweilers love people and can be highly protective of them. However, you do not want to leave a root without company for a long time, they tend to become aggressive and destructive.
  5. Siberian Huskies: Although Huskies are midsized, some people find them intimidating due to their usual calmness at times. Their same eyes that attracted them to you today may be a red flag tomorrow. That is because when huskies are angry, they are ruthless. Nevertheless, a well-trained Siberian husky is intelligent, friendly, and playful. However, it will only obey you on a condition. Siberian husky owners have to prove themselves worthy leaders to earn obedience out of their dogs. Other than that, huskies are great companions and accommodating to humans, other pets, and most especially Children.
  6. Pit bulls: Over the years, American pit bull terriers AKA pit bulls have been tagged as hostile. That is due to their dangerous known history. In a bid to produce stronger breeds fit for dogfighting, American bulls were crossed with terriers. The result is a dog endowed with the agility of an American bulldog and the speed of a terrier. Despite their dangerous history, pit bulls are naturally affectionate towards humans. You will be shocked at their kindness towards children most especially if Pitbulls are trained and socialized consistently. They make excellent companions provided they are raised to be one. One thing you would want to do is keep your pit bull on leash in public as they are very aggressive towards other dogs.

American bulldog dog breed.

Are The Scariest-Looking Dog Breeds Always the Most Aggressive?

How a dog acts depends on the way it is trained. That is why it is not advisable to judge a dog by its look. That small, sweet-looking dog may even be more of a threat than a big angry looking dog. These days, you'll find a Boerboel that is tagged as one of the most dangerous dogs playing happily with a child. It all depends on how your dog was and is being raised.

Understand that some dogs don't do so well as backyard dogs, they require company from time to time. Even if you cannot spend much time with such a dog, get another pet to keep its company. If you cannot afford another pet, there are numerous toys to buy for your dogs.


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