Best Dog Whistle

Best Dog Whistles.

Apart from showering unconditional love, there is no doubt that dogs provide us a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction too. Dogs help us getting out of anxiety, depression, add to our social life by being the perfect companion too. Life is definitely better with dogs. While there are infinite things that can be listed as for why dogs can be our best friends, there is one aspect that sometimes needs the much-required spotlight and that is training your dog. Yes, dog obedience training from a very early age can help your dog follow certain rules and build a strong foundation too. The much-appreciated tool to be used when training your dog is a whistle. A dog whistle for intense training, recalling and barking can prove extremely beneficial in long run.

What is a Dog Whistle?

Dog Whistles are the training tool with a particular sound at a high frequency that only dogs can hear and not humans. It is designed in a way that it specifically emits only the sound in the ultrasonic range, where the humans can only hear the β€œhuss”, but dogs can clearly hear the full-blown whistle.

Obedience training for dogs is often carried out using a dog whistle. You can teach good and bad behavior, and make your pet obey commands by simply using the whistle. This proves to be extremely useful as your dog can get confused with so many sounds and commands coming from the surroundings, but a whistle can create that consistency of sound and command that is relatively easy to follow and thus, becomes much easier to follow a single dedicated sound from the owner. But definitely, training also depends on the amount of time you invest in your dog, the breed of the dog, and also the kind of training you are opting for. The dog training whistles are also available in different materials inclusive of nickel-plated brass body, plastic body, stainless steel, ABS plastic, or chrome-plated brass.

Dog Whistle for Training.

Special for Basic Training

If you have recently thought of getting your dog trained, then opt for the dog whistle that is ideal for beginner dog whistle users and basic training. Control the bad habits, and teach them to sit, stop, come, stay, eat, wave, with much ease using a whistle, and not just this, also teach them the commands that are specifically for them to understand. Consistent training sessions help to evoke sensibility and responsiveness in the dogs.

Traditional Dog Whistles

Many professional hunters and dog trainers swear by the traditional dog training whistles and consider this as the most convenient and extremely comfortable way of letting your dog obey your commands quickly. Training a dog has never been so easy. Traditionally designed dog whistles or can be considered as the most reliable and popular communication system for the dogs to listen to their owners, for over the centuries.

Whistles with a Pea

These are the dog whistles with lower-tone and have a wooden bead placed exactly inside it and has enough space to bounce around, thus, creating a drastically different and trilling multitone clear sound, which is sure to trigger your dog and helps to call from a distance. This can be heard by humans as well. These are often called the standard dog whistles or the sonic whistles. These whistles are not functional in cold weather as the pea inside the whistle tends to freeze with the saliva and that can be annoying too.

Without a Pea

Since everyone does not like the whistles with pea, there exist whistles without pea too. These are the extremely high-pitched whistles that are designed in a way that emits a loud sound at a frequency that is only audible to dogs. Unlike the whistles with pea, here the frequency is the game-changer. Pea-less whistles work impressively well even in the cold weather, or even during windy conditions. The noiseless training with the use of hand gestures along with the positive reinforcement by giving them treats can help in training the dog quickly. Professional dog trainers often opt for such methods that also helps to keep the dogs calm and composed.

Silent Dog Whistle - Ultrasonic

Inaudible to the human ears is what exactly a silent dog whistle is. It is often known as the ultrasonic dog whistle too and the reason behind is the frequency at which it works is audible to few animals including dog and humans cannot hear the sound produced by the whistle. The range of the whistle can vary it can be audible up to 300 or 400 yards. Not only for hunting, but a silent whistle is equally helpful in non-hunting training. The adjustable frequency option helps you to find the correct frequency level at which your dog responds.

Silent Dog Whistle.

To Stop Barking

You must be aware of the fact that dogs tend to bark when they meet new people or even if they suspect something unusual, there is a pattern when they bark and dog owners can understand this pattern very well. Every time a dog barks, there is some sort of indication, but when this habit becomes more of attention-seeking, or sometimes the dog barks due to anxiety, which is called anxiety or compulsive barking, in that case, a dog whistle would be a rescuer. You can simply use a dog whistle to calm down your dog, by adjusting to different frequencies. But before completely relying on any of the whistles, you need to find out how your dog is reacting to the whistle sound, in some cases, the piercing sound can make them bark even more and can be annoying for them too. So, be a little cautious while selecting the best dog whistle for training.

Electronic Dog Whistle

Dogs are sensitive to the frequencies that human ears cannot detect and thus, a dog whistle proves to be extremely helpful in training the dogs and making them learn and follow the commands easily. An electronic dog whistle is another addition to the existing range of dog whistles that can help call back the aggressive dogs or unleashed dogs and stop them from doing unwanted things like eating unsafe food, digging, or fighting. An electronic dog whistle is a device that produces a certain output voltage to generate the sound wave, easily heard by the dogs. But it is recommended not to use the same device when near small babies as they too are sensitive to such frequencies.

Special for Hunting

These are easy to blow and extremely loud whistles. For centuries, a whistle has been a part of the training programs and especially to train the dogs. During the shepherding in ancient agricultural times, complex whistle commands and training were given to the dogs as a part of specialized training for hunting and herding. Since dogs have a greater acoustic range in comparison to humans, whistles are being used for centuries as the best and traditional form of communication with dogs, where many commands are required. Whistles with long-range are ideal for training dogs for herding and hunting. In the forest or the massive fields, you would be able to call your dog with a high-range dog training whistle.

Dual Tone Whistles

Here is another option that you can try for sure and that is training your dog using a dual-tone whistle. What’s the benefit? A dual-tone whistle is a 2-in-1 whistle that is primarily designed with two ends, to be used as a whistle with pea and whistle without pea, interchangeably. The one end with a pea can easily be heard by the humans and the dogs too, while the other end without a pea works on the mechanism of different frequency levels, which are heard only by the dogs and not humans. Thus, a dual-tome whistle can be used in different training zones, or to command your dog when heading out in a crowded place too.

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