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Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Can dogs eat ice.

Dogs can drink water, but what happens if they consume ice cubes? Is ice bad for dogs? Or is this an urban myth? We’ve investigated this topic so you don’t have to!

Dogs can safely eat ice cubes, so if you’ve just noticed your dog eating ice don’t worry - they’ll be totally fine. Ice water for dogs can help them cool down and digest their food too. So, if you’ve been wondering “Do dogs like ice?”, keep reading to explore more about this unique subject. Are ice cubes bad for dogs? Keep scrolling to learn more.

Ice Cubes and Hot Weather

The question “Can Dogs Eat Ice?” often gets asked a lot as the weather heats up in the summer. Many pup owners use ice cubes as a way to keep their pet cool in the hot weather. This is a great way to keep your dog cool, especially in the instance of a heat wave. Whether you opt for ice cubes or a bowl of ice water, any dog will be grateful for some heat relief.

When it gets warmer, you might notice dogs panting more. This is because they only sweat through their paws, as the rest of their body is covered by fur. Panting and drinking allow them a chance to lower their body temperature. This is why ice water for dogs is ideal to help them cool off.

If your dog is particularly hot or the outside temperature is much warmer than usual, make an effort to cool them down slowly. Too many ice cubes or ice water can make their body temperature drop too quickly and they’ll end up in shock.

As an owner, it’s important to recognize the signs of overheating so you can get medical attention for your dog. Heatstroke is common for humans and dogs, as well as dehydration, so keep supplying your pup with plenty of water on hot days.

Can dogs eat ice water.

Dog Hydration

Alongside cooling down, ice can help to hydrate your dog too. This is also important in hot weather, as dogs must maintain a certain level of fluid in the heat. Experts suggest that your dog should be adequately hydrated by drinking steadily throughout the day - so ice water for dogs might be a solution to your problems.

Other methods to keep your dog steadily drinking water include:

  • Use different bowls to see which they prefer drinking from.
  • Add slight flavorings to the water. For example, some owners add a small spoon of beef broth for taste.
  • Leave multiple water bowls around the house for easy access.
  • Switch to wet food in the hot months.

So, if you’ve been wondering “Do dogs like ice?” the answer is yes, they do! Just remember to moderate how many you give them.

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Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

Are you in need of other solutions to keep your dog cool in the summer? Avoid heat illnesses with some of these trusted tips.

  • Go for walks in the evening. If you need to walk your dog, avoid the peak temperatures at midday. Instead choose a cooler evening walk or an early morning walk.
  • Don’t take your dog in a hot car. Though a car ride may seem innocent, your dog might overheat due to the warmer car temperature. Take walks where possible instead.
  • Time for a trim. If your dog has a particularly thick coat, consider taking them to the groomer for a haircut. This makes them cooler and more comfortable, ready for the hot weather.
  • Try frozen treats. Just like cube and ice water for dogs, frozen dog foods are great for pets. Avoid any harmful foods and try to purchase “dog-friendly” treats to be safe. You can also freeze your pups favorite toys too.
  • Stay healthy. The better your dog’s health is, the more they’ll be able to deal with the heat. If your dog is older, try to keep them shaded.


Have you been wondering are ice cubes bad for dogs? We hope this article has helped you learn more about ice cubes and ice water for dogs so you can help your pup cool down on a hot day. Interested in learning more? Check out our other content to make sure you know all the best tips and tricks for looking after your pet!

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