Best Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels.

From being a great house-training equipment to being a den for your furry, energetic companion, a kennel serves countless important purposes and come in a lot of handy. It is a well-known fact that dogs do not defecate or soil their designated space that they recognize as their own. This is why kennels are one of the top ways to potty train and make dogs more docile. Kennels are that private space made for your pets where they can be in their own company and enjoy themselves without having you play with them constantly. From serving as a beautiful addition to your backyard or garden to keeping your home clean, training your puppy, dealing with excessively energetic dogs, and ensuring the safety of the puppies, kennels have several benefits and usage that can come in handy with a lot of different things related to pet dogs.

Kennel – What You Need to Know

Just like dog houses and crates, there are several kinds of attributes and types that one can find when it comes to kennels. One must be familiar with the basic types of kennels before deciding on one kind. There are different materials to choose from along with several sizes, designs, unique attributes, and safety standards. These factors differ in almost all kennels and give them separate qualities. Let us understand the different types of kennels there are available in the market to ensure that you make a well-informed decision. Also, take some time to check out our top picks for kennels to get some ideas to find a great kennel for your dog baby.

For Large Dog

The very first classification that you will find when it comes to kennels is the size. Kennels are made while keeping space into consideration since kennels are supposed to be very spacious to allow the pet to not only move freely but also play if they like. Large dog kennels take this quality to a whole new level. Many large dog kennels are made with enough space inside to incorporate a dog house. Generally, large dog houses are made with material like wood, metal, and plastic. Stainless steel is the most popular choice for large dog houses even out of the three main options used. The stainless-steel kennels are made using bars or wires and contain a simple design. Large dog kennels are best suited for extra-large dog breeds like Akita, Afghan Hound, Bearded Collie, and Bernese Mountain Dog along with super energetic dogs from breeds like German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, and Doberman.

The largest dog kennels that you will find will be made of stainless steel or have a small part of them made with it. The shape of these kennels can differ from the generic cube (cuboid) shape to unique ones like hexagons. Large dog kennels made with wood or plastic a bit more inclined towards design and style. Options like loft roof, porch dog houses, flat roof dog houses A-line dog houses, side porch dog houses are some of the designs that are available in the wooden large dog kennels. Wooden large dog kennels also come with a combination of metal wirings on to cover the porch part so that the dog has enough space to play but also stay inside in a confined space and do not end up getting lost.

Kennels for Small Dog

Small dog kennels are meant either for dogs from breeds like pugs, Affenpinscher, American Eskimo, Beagle, or Basenji which are small even when full-grown adults or puppies older than 6 months but have not grown to their full-size. Small dog kennels offer greater options when it comes to designs and material used in construction. Along with the common ones like wood, metal, and plastic, small dog kennels are also constructed using fabrics, polyesters, mesh, and foam. There are several variants which are made by picking up and combining two or more material like polyester and mesh, wood and metal, plastic and metal, etc.

Since a kennel is supposed to be a comfy space for the dog, small dog kennels must be made on par with the best possible comfort standards as small kennels are also used for puppies who are just past their adjusting in the environment stage. Small dog kennels made with plastic containing wired doors are also accepted to be taken on most airlines. It is best to keep the size of your dog in mind and consider buying a crate that would be a good fit for your dog when it is fully grown if you plan to use the kennel permanently. Opting for soft-sided kennels are a great choice when gunning for extra comfort. Browse through our list of recommendations for small dog kennels to find out the best one for your puppy.

Kennels for Your Dog.


Ideally meant to be kept outdoors, raised dog kennels are meant to provide an additional level of protection against temperature and climatic factors like snow and rain. Raised dog kennels are given some sort of elevation with the help of stands, ideally made with the same material as of the kennel, which keeps it above the ground. Since raised dog kennels stand on four legs or a simple frame, most of them can be fixed to the ground to maintain balance and introduce more stability. Raised kennels are made mainly with one of the two materials – wood or metal or both. Several designs raised dog kennels to offer. Along with the common single floored design to more complicated ones with double floors and stairs.

While the larger variations of the raised dog kennels do not have many style options, the smaller ones come in serval colors and designs like side stairs that lead to a rooftop, porch in the front of the house, a tower for playing purposes, etc. It is also a common practice to use a different kind of material for the elevation stand for example using wooden stands for metal kennels. Choosing a kennel should depend on the climate of the area, the requirements of your dog, and the size of the garden or your home.

Medium Size

A fix mid-way between small and large dog kennels, medium-sized dog kennels are ideally suited for medium size dog breeds and small dogs which are highly energetic and would love some extra space to jump around since dog kennels are supposed to be a comfortable home for your puppy instead of being uncomfortable confinement. Medium-sized dog kennels can be found in materials like metal, wood, and plastic.

Medium-sized dog kennels can differ a bit in size which means that you can easily find a custom size that fits your dog perfectly. Medium-sized kennels come in a handy design along with the basic box styles that are open roof. It is ideal to be used in spacious homes when the owners want to give separate space to their puppies while keeping the idea of a cage-like kennel out of question. The more spacious medium size dog kennels are ideal for young puppies undergoing potty training as the space inside is enough for them to poop on one side and sleep or play on the other. It is easy to find multiple designs and aesthetic elements in medium-sized dog kennels which include decorated outer appearance, porches, stairs, soft-sided, foamy sides, and loft roof kennels with protective wiring in the front to contain the dog inside. If you are looking for a safe but designer kennel then medium-sized kennels can offer a good range of options. You can also check out our favorites from the category to get some ideas.

Wooden Dog Kennels

Unlike wooden dog houses, wooden dog kennels are generally made in combination with other materials like metals. While wood is used to create the structures of the kennels, metal is used to make wiring or bars to contain the dogs in the kennels. Wooden kennels are one of the most aesthetic kennels available in the market. The styles and designs that you will find in the category of wooden kennels are quite impressive and great in numbers. Available for both indoor and outdoor use, wooden kennels are ideally insulated making them perfect for both winter and summer seasons. Wooden kennels are found in all sizes including small, medium, and large. The larger variants use metal wiring to make the outer protective covering. Many wooden kennels also come with pre-installed heating elements which are made to be used in places with extremely cold weather.


Generally preferred as medium or large dog kennels, wired dog kennels are one of the most practical choices for training and keeping an eye on pet dogs. Wired dog kennels have a distinct characteristic – they can be easily folded flat which makes them extremely convenient to port and stored in a compact place. The ventilation is another strong point of wired kennels as they have plenty of space in the outside walls. The cage-style walls of wired dog kennels also help in creating a very clear view inside the kennel as well which means that it is very easy to keep an eye on your pet at all times.

Good-quality metal wired cages offer exceptional stability and durability against time, abrasion, and wear. Needless to say, it is always made sure that wired kennels are made with the best possible metal choices as they are generally used for large dog breeds which have quite a lot of strength and it requires strong material to keep them contained. Wired dog kennels are also cheaper as compared to other alternatives. Although wired dog kennels can only be used in place with mild weather conditions with lesser chances of rain and snowfall.

Plastic Dog Kennel

A cozy and low-maintenance home for your furry friend, plastic dog kennels are a great choice for both outdoor and indoor use. Regardless of the size they fashion, the plastic dog kennels can be put inside the house as well as outside in the lawn or the backyard. The weatherproof quality of plastic kennels makes it a comfortable home for dogs in all kinds of weather conditions whether hot or cold. The weatherproof quality of plastic kennels also extends to abrasion and tear-resistance which makes them a good fit for both medium and large-size dogs which are quite enthusiastic. Many plastic kennels also come in foldable designs that can be easily moved, stored, and ported.

Dog Kennels Covers.


A strong and sturdy play space for your puppy, metal kennels is the top choice for larger-than-life doggies along with the smaller, over-enthusiastic ones. Metal kennels are the heaviest ones out of all the available material but most of them are collapsible making them easy to move and store. The ventilation of metal kennels keeps the dog breezy and make the kennels a great option for places that are located in relatively hotter areas. Designed to last, metal kennels are made to survive most tests put forth by time. The most common design that you will find in metal dog kennels is either the wired kennel design or the bar design.

Portable Dog Kennels

Portable dog kennels are generally available in either metal or plastic material choices. While the smaller variants in this range of products can be ported as is or even with the dog sitting inside of them, the larger ones are made to be collapsible to assist with the move. Plastic portable dog kennels are even allowed to be carried on airlines so that one can travel with their pets however, the metals ones are not.


A custom dog kennel can be changed and adapted as per the wishes and requirements of the pet parents and the pets. From adding simple touches like a decorative item or an extra window on the side to making major changes like adding a porch in the front or on the side, a special staircase leading to the roof, new inside bedding, customized floors, and outer protective walls, custom dog kennels are sure to fulfill any and every single thing that you may have in mind. You can check out some of our top picks for custom kennels to get some ideas for your unique kennel.

Dog Kennels Covers

Not only do they keep the kennels safe from dust and dirt when not in use, but kennel covers also help in house training dogs. While it may take some time for your dog to settle inside a covered kennel but by time, they learn that a covered kennel means its rest time, and coming off the cover means it is time to play.


Designed to keep your dog comfortable, insulated dog kennels does not let the heat built up inside the dog kennel escape and hence make sure that your little canine is safe and snug even in extremely cold weather. Insulated dog kennels are generally made with wood or plastic as the primary material.

Airline Approved Dog Kennels

Made with plastic, airline-approved kennels allow the pet parents to travel with their dogs easily on an airplane. The bottom or floor of these kennels is made to be perfectly waterproof so that there is no chance of the pets soiling anything on the airplane. Airline approved kennels have at least 2 side partially open for ventilation – ideally made with fabric like the mesh in case of fabric soft-sided kennels or with metal wire grills.


A shared space to be used by people who have more than one pet, multiple dog kennels are separate kennel space adjoined together adjacent to each other. These kennels are ideally used in shelters where there are several dogs to be taken care of. The multiple dog kennels are preferably made with metal like stainless steel or coated iron or with a combination of wood and metal. Browse through our list of top multiple kennels to find out some great options for your buy.

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