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African Dog Names

African dog names.

African dog names are popular, particularly since wild dogs are living in Africa and often the names have specific meanings that the person wants to use for their pet. There are several different languages spoken on the continent and the words have different meanings.

Some of the African languages have words that describe traits one would expect in a dog, like bravery, loyalty, and so on. You may be wondering what some examples of African dog names are and what they mean. Read on to learn more about African dog names.

Why People Choose African Dog Names

Africa is a continent rich in diversity and culture and it makes sense that people living in various countries in Africa would choose traditional names that reflect their specific language and traditions. In many cases, African people feel that naming their dogs with particular names is an important part of their culture and so they put a great deal of thought into the process.

You do not need to live in Africa to choose an African dog name. While many people in the Western world simply choose a human name like “Bob” or “Nancy”, there is no reason why one has to be limited. It is quite trendy at the moment to be more creative and think of a name with more meaning and significance.

African dog and men.

Tips for Choosing a Dog Name

It is advisable to choose a name that is meaningful but not too complicated. Generally, it is best to find a name that is only two syllables and that is easy for the dog to recognize. Dogs are also more likely to respond to a two-syllable simple name than a complicated name. The other thing to consider is if your dog is a male or female and what names would suit their temperament best.

The African Wild Dog

The African wild dog goes by several other names as well. These dogs are wild, non-domesticated species that are protected by nature conservation since they are now sadly an endangered species.

In other words, a person is not allowed legally to own a wild dog. The scientific name for the African wild dog is Lycaon pictus. This species is found throughout Africa south of the Sahara desert in most countries.

One of the names for African wild dogs is painted dogs, because of their mottled appearance and various colored markings. Another name these dogs are sometimes called is Cape hunting dogs.

African smiling dog.

South African Dog Names

South Africa, like other African countries, has a rich and diverse history with many different cultures. Popular South African names include the following:

  • Safari: A safari is an adventure into the African bush, so the name suggests adventure.
  • Aza: This word is from the Zulu tribe and language, and it means strong, so one can picture a person using this name for their watchdog to confer the idea of strength.
  • Ceba: This word is from the Xhosa language and it means advisor; this would be a good sensible name for a companion dog with protective tendencies.
  • Issa: This is a Swahili word that has the meaning of savior.
  • Ekon: Another word that means strong. This is from Nigeria originally and is another great name for a watchdog.

Many people in South Africa speak Afrikaans and so there are popular South African wild dog names that are Afrikaans as well as other African languages. Different names can be used for male versus female dogs.

Female African Dog Names

Some examples of names used for female dogs that are from the Afrikaans, Shona, and Swahili languages, are given below:

  • Anja: This means apple.
  • Blom: This word is Afrikaans and means flower.
  • Meisie: This word means girl.
  • Kwini: A word that means queen.
  • Siti: This means lady.

African dog and ball.

African Dog Names for Males

Dog names for males are often Afrikaans or Swahili words as given below:

  • Boetie: This means boy or brother.
  • Generaal: The word means General.
  • Leki: Little brother.
  • Jabari: Meaning brave.
  • Mosi: Meaning firstborn.


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