Cat Costumes

Cat Costumes.

Dressing up is one of the coolest parts of the day for the average human being, it's even rumored that some people spend hours simply trying to pick out an outfit for a function. However, it's not only humans that are into playing dress-up, as some of our favorite pets are just as eager to dress up as you and me. It's not usual these days to see dogs, cats, and even bunnies dressed to kill, as they are now giving the most fashionable models a run for their hard-earned money.

Here, we will be looking at our feline buddies, checking out some of their most famous costumes, and we'll probably check if we can rock them just as well. So without further ado, let's get to selecting the finest cat costumes for our feline buddies!

The Coolest Outfits

Cats are more fashionable than you think, and we're pretty sure that they would be naturals on the runway, so here are some of the coolest costumes for cats. They are comfy, fly, and simply adorable, so far as you can pull it off!

The Lion Mane

This isn't exactly a cat costume, because lions are technically cats, though we don't advise you to purchase a lion now or in the future. The cat lion costume is a favorite for obvious reasons. First off, it makes a cat look distinguished, fierce, and in some strange way simply adorable. The Lion Mane is also one of the most affordable around, as all you need is a flowy wig, and you're good to go with this bright idea! This outfit is one of the few you'll see on this list that can't be purchased in just about any pet store that you can imagine, and it's no wonder why it's such a favorite for the cats rocking it, smash who doesn't want to be a part of a select few? The Lion Mane outfit works better with bigger cats, as that's one of the best ways to get laughs, and shrieks of horror from unsuspecting toddlers!

The Pizza Suit

A cult favorite, and one of the funniest outfits on our list, the Pizza Suit is here to stay, even if your kitty isn't exactly best pleased with being dressed as a snack. This outfit can be purchased from any pet store, it can also be copped online. The Pizza Suit works better with a little cat that's still in its infant stage, plus it is way cooler than the cat pumpkin costume, as that's a cat's peak cuteness era, everything seems to work in their favor at that point. It is surely one of the funniest cat costumes.

Cat Sailor Costume.

Clock Work

There's a hint of mischief about this outfit, and we can tell that cats are just as enthusiastic about the Clock Work outfit, as humans are. If not, why are they always strutting around with their noses up anytime they grace an occasion while rocking the signature look? Clock Work outfits can be rocked by just about any cat, as it's a universal outfit that can go with just about any kind of cat footwear or even mere paws. However, when dressing your cat up in the clock work outfit, ensure that your mischievous toddlers don't think that the cat's tail is a clock string, as this could lead to some "purry consequences".

Butler Kitty

Cats might look playful, and they might seem quite a handful, but there's nothing more adorable than seeing your kitty in a tuxedo, having dinner with your dotting daughter. It's only natural that the cat dresses the part, and that's the rule of the Michelin Star restaurant that your toddler and kitty are visiting for the night. This outfit originated from a very popular American sitcom from the 80s, and it has stuck around since then. Butler Kitty is available in retail stores, online stores, and it's even easier to find at lawn sales, it's pretty clear that there's nothing off the menu for our cute furry buddies! It is one of the best cat costumes.

Puss in Boots

We might just have saved the best for the last, and that's not undermining the other costumes stated above, but that's just how regal the "Puss in Boots" is, it changed the pet dress-up game forever. Puss in Boots is a favorite for people from the Midwest, however, its popularity has reached more urban parts of the world, as it was only going to be a matter of time before the internet blew it up. Puss in Boots isn't easy to cop, as most times you need to purchase all the components separately while spending even more hours piecing together the outfit, well, at least it's worth the effort. Cats with a nonchalant demeanor are naturals in the Puss in Boots, as that's more than less their default setting.

Halloween Hats for Cats.

Feline Inspector

The Feline Inspector is a hit for fans of crime series, detective flicks, and just about anything that involves solving a complex puzzle. The best thing about this puzzle is that cats have that inspector demeanor about them, thanks to their whiskers that make for good mustaches, and their stealth mode of walking.

The Feline Inspector outfit doesn't require much plotting, as all you need to pull this off is a miniature sized police uniform, a cute but tiny police hat, and you could also add some kitty rims if you can find them. The Feline Inspector outfit can be gotten in local stores, cat workshops, and a couple of places that may, well only one way to find out!

Captain Kitty

This outfit radically blurs the lines between make-believe and reality, as it's pretty remarkable that cats have nine lives to save the world, and there are still no spares. The Captain Kitty outfit isn't that popular yet, and that's why it's pretty hard to find your own unicorn cat costume, meaning that a lot of Kitty enthusiasts are forced to make use of what they have. This outfit looks super nice on cats with a rebellious streak, as they'll give the outfit that disheveled look that feels like a default setting at this stage already. Captain Kitty is also pretty easy to master, as the apparatus for the job isn't that hard to come across, all you need is a cape, some feline makeup, a prop, and you're good to go!

Final Thoughts

Cats can be adorable when they want to, we aren't talking about when they are up to no good, and finding ways to ruin your treasured furniture. One of the best ways to keep your cat's mind from wandering is to dress it up with one of the best cat costumes. Cats are very distinguished pets when you play your cards right, one of the ways you can play your cards right is to dress your furry buddies like the King or Queen it feels he or she is.

There's nothing to lose but a lot to gain is ensuring that your kitty is always dressed to wow because you never can tell the fashion agent lurking around looking for the next big puss. There are so many outfits that can be rocked, but we just showed you the best of the best. Good luck in making your cat look simply adorable in one of them! We hope you learned a thing or two about dressing your cat in the finest of attires, and if nothing there tickles your fancy, don't worry, there's a lot where that came from!

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