Best Flea Treatments for Cats

Flea Treatments for Cats.

Before we dive into the best flea treatments for cats in the market today, it is important to know if your cat is suffering from a flea infestation. The following are some of the ways you can tell your cat has fleas. The first sign your cat has fleas is scratching, your cat will be constantly scratching itself because of the fleas’ bites and an allergy dermatitis definitely, notice fleas on the cat’s body.

But to confirm if your cat has fleas you would want to use a flea comb, and this will eliminate close to 80% of the fleas. To completely get rid of the flea infestation I would highly recommend the following flea treatment for cats.

Best flea collar for cats

You might be wondering, do flea collars work? Yes, they do! There are a variety of cat flea treatments that utilizes a collar to give your pet total protection from fleas and other pests. This collar work by slowly releasing the active ingredients used for killing the fleas when they come in contact with the cat’s skin or fur. Most flea collars are designed to kill and repel fleas while others go the extra mile of clearing the entire flea life cycle, that is, the flea eggs, flea larvae and adult fleas. Here are some of the benefits of using flea collar treatments for your little furry friend.

The advantage of having flea collars as your pests’ treatment is that your cat gets 8 months of protection from fleas. The materials used are mostly waterproof so the treatment is still effective even under harsh weather conditions such as rains or even when you are washing your cat. Most collars tend to be made with shiny reflective materials which act as a plus in case of having a wandering cat, it is easier to track them down.

The flea treatment collar can be worn with other collars. Most collars are easier to put on your cat that has a safety buckle that ensures that the collar doesn’t fall off. This ensures that you cat has 24 hours from fleas and other pests such as ticks without your constant attention. Collars are a great option, for both large cats and kittens since they are hustle free to use but highly effective as any other method used for flea elimination.

Flea spray

Flea sprays are a flexible type of flea treatments, mainly because they can be used not only on the cat itself, but also used to kill fleas hidden in carpets, rugs, upholstery, pet beddings, and even floor cracks making it a total home defense from pests especially fleas. Most of the flea sprays in the market can easily kill adult fleas and flea eggs and larvae, hence ensuring the total exemption of the fleas from your home.

Look at the following several features of cat sprays and see if it fits your needs. Most fleas’ sprays are formulated with cats in mind and kill fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs by contact without harsh treatment. They kill fleas and control re-infestation for 30 days and can be used on cats over 6 months.

Sprays provide 360-degree coverage while helping to reduce the stress to your cat during treatment. Most sprays are made up of essential oils that help to effectively kill up to 99% of fleas, ticks, larvae, and eggs when applied to cats that are 12 weeks or older. Sprays are the best treatments for routine use if used as directed and can easily be refilled at an affordable price.

Flea allergy dermatitis

Allergies in cats happen when the cat’s immune system gets hypersensitive to allergens (foreign substances), as it tries to remove them from the cat’s body. Flea allergic dermatitis (FAD) cats are those that even a single bite of flea makes them have an overreaction in that the itching might lead to chewing, scratching, and licking the affected part constantly.

This often leads to hair loss, open sores, and scabs that pave the way to a secondary bacterial infection. To know if your cat suffers from FAD, a clinical test can be done or you can also do a home examination by checking for the following symptoms; your cat will appear uneasy and restless, it will be constantly grooming itself either by licks, chewing etc. You might also be able to notice stains on the fur from the constant licking and there might be hair loss in some of the areas of your cat’s body i.e. back, hind legs, back of the head and sometimes on the head.

Treating a FAD cat, you might consider a skin treatment cream/spray that helps moisturize your cat’s sensitive skin and due to its non-greasy and non-stick nature, it is easily absorbed in the skin. Most of the hypoallergenic skin treatment creams are made with all-natural ingredients that are not only safe for cats but also promotes excellent skin and coat condition while controlling odor and reducing dermal irritation.

The flea treatment cream gives a lasting deodorizing effect while improving dermal hydration, thus soothing the irritated skin, at the same time reinforcing natural defenses against bacteria, yeast, fungi, and external parasites. They are made with 100% natural-based ingredients that have no known side effects and are extremely safe for puppies, nursing, and pregnant cats. Animals with FAD, need extra care when it comes to their skin and pests, this can help alleviate that problem.


More often than not, flea drop treatments are liquid treatments that are applied directly to your pet’s skin. Flea drop work by depositing active ingredients in the sebaceous glands that lubricates your cat’s coat with oil. After applying the flea drop, the treatment is quickly translocated across the skin of the pet, making the pests weak and die off in case they feed on the treatment on our pet’s blood.

Flea drops work through contact so fleas don’t have to bite your cat to die, they are also so effective in killing fleas in multiple life stages; flea eggs, larvae, and adults breaking the flea life cycle. They are easy to apply and start working within 12 hours protecting your cat for up to 30 days. Flea drop provides waterproof, fast-acting, and long-lasting flea treatment for your cat, and is also one of the safest flea treatment s in the market for kittens.

Most drops are easy to apply, you just make the drop in the shoulder blades of the cat and the diffusion takes place from there through the lymphatic system. Flea drops are waterproof and fragrance-free flea medication that remains effective and provides protection even if your pet gets wet. Drops are an effective and sure way of dealing with breaking the flea cycle and offer long-lasting protection. Flea drop treatment is vet recommended worldwide.

Pills for cats

Flea pills are also known as chewable are also a great option when it comes to flea treatment. The advantage of using this cat flea treatment is it’s very effective and starts working almost immediately after the pill is digested by your cat. Apart from the protection, it gives to your cat, it also strengthens your cat’s immunity. Always remember that your cat’s furry and warm coat and nourishing blood supply make a most conducive breeding spot for fleas.

Not to worry, flea pills are yet a great flea barrier to protect fleas from settling in. Most pills are all-natural vitamin complex that is made to FDA human standards and specifically formulated for cats creating a natural and safe barrier from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. No pesticide is used in this method but repels fleas naturally with no toxic chemicals or residue that are both safe for the mother and her litter.

Additional benefits are that the vitamin complex promotes healthier skin, reduces shedding, shinier coat, and better joints. Your cat is also well protected from all flea life cycles i.e. flea eggs, larvae, and adult and flea borne disease. In case your pet is re-infected it is safe to give another dose as often as possible.

Flea treatment for kitten

Kittens are very delightful and cute, however, they are very delicate when it comes to their health. Most of the flea infestation in kittens are brought up with their mother cat, and can often lead to anemia if left untreated. Kitten below four months do not necessarily need to use chemical flea treatments, one can easily use a flea comb to remove the pests from the kitten’s fur.

Otherwise, to avoid re-infestation make sure all the beddings and surroundings have been thoroughly cleaned and the mother cat has been treated too. Due to their delicate nature, the most natural remedies work best so that their immunity is not tampered with. 100% natural and active herbal ingredients and essential oils will add an extra layer of security around your four-legged friend and prevent itchy bites from fleas and tick.

Also, you might find that a patented micro-injection technology will keep your kitten safe for over 6 months. The safest flea treatment might be waterproof and rainproof natural flea collars for kittens that have a light and soothing essential oil scent that will help keep fleas at bay at the same time promoting a feeling of relaxation as it prevents diseases.


Fleas being pests are survivors due to their resilience to stay alive changing their tactics to adapt. At times you might require more than one method of flea treatment to completely get rid of the fleas, their eggs, and larvae. Flea powder comes in handy in not only deal with the pests but also helps kill those hiding out in places such as carpets, bedding, etc.

As with the other flea treatments, flea powder comes in with benefits that might be outstanding for you. Some of the features and benefits of using flea powder as your choice in flea treatment are that it effectively eliminates a flea infestation on not only your pet but also your home. It always leaves your home freshened and deodorized with a pleasant citrus scent. Besides all this, it breaks the flea life cycle that is the flea eggs, flea larvae, and adult fleas for a period of up to 365 days. It is completely safe for both cats and people.

Final thoughts

In the end, the choice is yours to make it selecting the best flea treatment that suits your needs more. As seen above, from flea collars to flea pills and flea powder, I can dare say that most treatments work to eliminating not only the adult fleas but also the flea eggs and larvae. I hope in reading through this article you can make an informed decision in the exact type of flea treatment that will be of best services to you and your cute furry companion.

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