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Puppy Food.

Raising a pet is no vacation and while many people may disagree, pet parents, are equally dedicated to their pets as much as parents are to their babies and the amount of emotional, physical, and sentimental efforts that it takes to raise a child. While your pet is always going to give a little bit of a hard time when it comes to eating proper meals, taking medicines, and not making you allow them to binge on treats with their puppy eyes, but the hardest of it all is going to the time when your puppy lands into your arms for the first time. The hard work that you will have to put into finding the right kind and quantity of food for your gorgeous little friend will be tiring but well worth it.

Puppies are the cutest little creatures that one can have around and definitely a joy to have in life but they also come with a lot of responsibilities, the biggest of which is feeding. While the initial few weeks after the arrival of your new puppy will have him eating nothing but cerelac and other easy to digest foods for newborns, they soon come off to the age when they can start eating solid and semi-solid puppy foods. It is common knowledge that puppies grow at an incredibly fast pace, something that no pet owner would like to admit to or think about a lot. That however means that you will have to find a food that is perfect to help with the holistic development of the puppy.

Types of Puppy Foods

As evident, there are several different kinds of puppy foods that you can choose from for your little guy. Even though the food that you choose will ultimately depend on the preferences of your pooch, you still need to know all that there is to know about the different kinds of puppy food that there are out in the online or offline market. Following is a well-defined list of all the different kinds of foods that are available for your baby. Also, check out this personalized list of our favorite puppy foods that your puppy is sure to adore.


It may take a few hits and trials to know that your puppy is intolerable to grains like wheat, soy, and barley that are often used in the generic dog food that we find in the markets. However, if and when it happens, the best option to go for is the grain-free puppy food. This category of puppy food exempts all kinds of grains from the list of ingredients and replaces them with ingredients like chicken, salmon, mutton, and other meat and meat byproducts.

High in proteins and other building elements for the body, grain-free food is perfect for those pups who find it difficult to digest normal puppy food that contains grains or develop any sign of possible allergic reactions like itchy skin, rashes, patches, nausea, loose stool, etc. Although ensure that you check it with your vet before switching to the grain-free variants of the puppy food so that you have a better idea of the quantity and the frequency of the dosage that you can administer.

There are several brands that will attract your attention in the world of grain-free puppy food so ensure that you invest some time in reading about the nutrition value and ingredients used in the products. You can also get a head start with our top recommendation for the best grain-free puppy food.

Canned Puppy Food

The easiest road to take, canned or wet puppy food comes with a promise of longer shelf life, mess-free feeding sessions, and a happy, hydrated puppy. Young puppies are often reluctant to drink water as much as they actually need to, which is similar to the behavior that many pet cats display. While adult dogs gain a better sense of being hydrated throughout the day, it becomes a necessity to urge the puppies to drink water most of the time. Canned food solves this problem with its 75% water content.

Canned foods contain quite a lot of protein content as well. However, make sure that the variant that you have chosen contains mostly digestible protein so the meals are not wasted. The excessive water content of the food also means that your puppy will have to eat more than usual in order to get all the necessary nutrients and in the right amount too. Although, it doesn’t mean that puppies are in danger of gaining weight and becoming obese since canned foods are exceptionally low on carbs. So, if your pup gets excited at the sight of food and is not a picky eater, then canned foods can be a great way to solve the feeding dilemma and will be worth the investment that they are. Needless to say, canned, wet puppy food can be administered along with dry food to keep a healthy balanced diet for your puppy since both come with their separate set of benefits.


The most common kind of pet food available in the market, dry food for dogs is a very cost-effective and nutritious solution to provide your puppy with a wholesome diet in an easy, mess-free way. The simple yet admirable traits of dry food make it so popular among pet parents for example it can be stored without worrying about refrigeration, lasts for a very long time so shelf life is never a concern, and the crunchy hard food even helps in keeping your puppy’s teeth strong and healthy as chewing crunchy foods and treats helps in reducing tartar and plaque in dogs.

However, dry dog food costs a lot less than other forms of dog foods but it is important to make sure that you have bought a variant that contains nothing but high-quality ingredients. There are variants that may contain some artificial flavoring and cheaper ingredients to further lower the final price of the product. So, ensure that you have thoroughly examined the composition of the food before you make the final decision. Our list of top dry food for dogs can also help you with a few ideas so make sure that you check it out.

Soft Puppy Food

Meant for puppies that are about 4 weeks old, soft puppy food is the starter food for the puppies when their body starts requiring more calories than what mother’s milk can provide. While several pet parents choose to take up dry food and soak it until it becomes soft and spongy, there are few other options one can try to formulate a pretty specific diet for their baby pooch.

The soft foods only work for a rather small window when the puppy is ready to have semi-solid foods but cannot be allowed to have dry food. Soft, also known as semi-moist dog food, is also a great option for when your dog is old and cannot really chew the regular dry food that it eats. The shelf life of the soft dog food is slightly higher than canned and wet dog food and they are a lot more flavorful than the general dry dog food.

The best thing about moist food is that it can be carried along when traveling, unlike canned wet foods which can be messy. Semi-moist or soft puppy food combines the best of both wet and dry dog food and presents the pet parents with a healthy culmination of both.

Sensitive Stomach

It is common to find your puppy with problems like loose stool and nausea when you first bring it home and start it on a new diet. Puppy food for sensitive stomachs helps with this particular problem. Packed with a little extra fiber, easily digestible proteins, lower fat content, an extra dose of all the essential vitamins and minerals, sensitive stomach foods for puppies are made to have everything that an upset stomach can digest easily.

Sensitive tummies are generally triggered by a diet that has a lot of fat content instead of the one that is high in protein or carbs. So, a simple and straight formula to make sure that your puppy recovers well from the sensitive tummy discomfort is by feeding it puppy food that is high in protein, has a healthy amount of carbs, and contains enough vitamins and minerals to make sure that any kind of nutrition deficiency is not caused.

It is best to first consult your vet and find out what exactly your pet seems to have a problem with in terms of digestion and based on the results, you can set out to do some research and find out some good options for the furry baby. Being a bit skeptical when choosing food for a puppy with a sensitive tummy goes a long way as it is more about treating an ailment than being about just the everyday essentials. We have our own recommendations that may help you with your research a lot so, be sure that you check that out.

High Protein Puppy Food

The growth spurt of puppies is something that requires a substantial amount of protein in the diet. High protein dog foods are relatively useful for dogs, no matter how old they are. While it helps with the growth when administered to puppies, it helps in maintaining a healthy diet for adults, helps manage weight with obese dogs, and helps maintain the ideal body condition for senior dogs. However, high protein puppy foods are to be administered with care only after you have confirmed it with your vet. Protein requires a high level of physical activity to get broken down or any other activity that would consume energy.

Also, ensure that your puppy gets enough water so that it can digest and clear out the toxins after eating a high protein diet. The best bet is to mix the high-protein diet with the regular dry or wet dog food so that the proportions are kept equal and your puppy gets just the right amount of protein that it needs along with other nutrients.

Limited Ingredient

Not confining to a single territory, limited ingredient puppy food is something that can cover all the unique needs of every puppy out there. There could be a puppy who is allergic to wheat while there can be another puppy who does not sit well with soy or barley. Depending on the requirements of the puppies, limited ingredient puppy food is made with variating but very selected ingredients.

The purpose of the food from this category is to expose the puppy to as few alien ingredients as possible so that they do not develop allergic symptoms since most food allergies are a concern of the immune system and may pop up at any time. The most common ingredients that you would find in a limited ingredient puppy food include chicken, mutton, salmon, duck, and another similar high-quality source of protein. Naturally, flavors differ with each variant and brand which means that you will have plenty of options to choose from. Not to mention, the nutrition level in limited ingredient puppy food is always at its most optimum.

Natural Puppy Food

Just like any other food which is labeled ‘organic’, natural or organic puppy food is something that has been derived from nothing but animals, plants, and mined sources. Of course, there should be no additives, preservatives, or other processing aids that are generally used in the commercial food processing industries. But this doe not mean that the puppy food can not go through any processing methods like purification, heat processing, fermentation, hydrolysis, etc.

Since natural puppy food is almost completely free from any kind of chemical additives, it turns out to be a very healthy diet option for young puppies who may or may not react badly to these chemicals that are used to treat dog food when processing. However, just like the organic and all-natural food, we are familiar with, natural and organic puppy food is also a bit costlier than other variants.

So, ensure that you weigh-in all the options before setting your sight on a single one. You can also check out our top recommendations to get a head start.


A perfect choice for puppies who need an extra dose of just the right nutrients, the holistic puppy food is the one you should go with if you want your puppy to eat food that is ideally balanced when it comes to nutrients. It is best suited for puppies who are neither on the verge of being overweight or prone to have malnutrition. Naturally, holistic food for the puppy is made using natural ingredients and minimum use of chemicals used in processing.

Holistic puppy food is essentially the food that would take care of the whole body by providing nutrients that are important for the complete development of a young body hence making it an ideal choice for growing puppies. Although, ensure that all the ingredients used in the mash are authentic and high quality else the purpose of holistic food will be void.

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