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Can Cats Eat Bread?

Cat lies in the bed for the cat in the form of bread.

You are probably reading this right now because you are scared, and you feel guilty for feeding your cat a chunk of bread. Perhaps, you are wondering, is bread safe for cats? The answer is yes and no. Bread is safe for cats when eaten in small quantities and occasionally.

Is Bread Nutritious for Cats?

Cats are obligate carnivores that require more proteins and fat than carbohydrates in their diet. Therefore, cats do not necessarily need bread added to their diet because bread is rich in complex carbohydrates, one of the known causes of obesity in cats. However, it is essential to note that obesity in cats may lead to health risks such as arthritis, diabetes, and sometimes early death. Now that we know that bread is not nutritious for cats, you might be thinking, is bread bad for cats? You might want to calm down at this point, especially if you feed your cat bread and you are about to have a panic attack. Cats can eat bread. It is not harmful and has little to no side effects. However, if you feed your cat bread, please do not feed it large amounts or chunks of bread.

A bread roll might be ok for the average human, but that is an extremely large amount of bread for a cat to consume in a day. Cats require just a little piece of bread, and kittens require a smaller amount of bread than adult cats. It is also important to note that cats should not eat bread often but occasionally.

Cat looking at bread.

Cats Can Not Eat All Types of Bread

One thing you should never do is to feed your cat bread (no matter the quantity) without searching for any special or added ingredients. So, if you are still wondering, can cats eat bread? the answer is yes, but not all types of bread. No matter how little the quantity of bread you feed your cat, always read labels and ingredients first. The best bread to feed your cat is regular plain bread. It is the best because it does not contain ingredients that are either poisonous to cats or ingredients which may lead to allergy reactions. Plain bread is not toxic to cats.

So, the next time you want to feed your cat bread, you should check for the following ingredients:


Is bread bad for cats? Yes, whether it is a little piece or a large chunk of bread, never feed your cat bread that has onions in it. Onions are toxic to cats, leading to serious health problems like stomach upset and anemia (when taken in large quantities) in cats. Ensure you contact your vet the next time you catch your cat eating bread that contains onions.


Like onions, garlic is very harmful, and you should never think of feeding your cat bread containing garlic. Garlic is toxic to cats as it also causes stomach upset and anemia. So, next time you buy a loaf of bread, ensure it is safe for your cat before feeding your cat bread. And next time your cat eats garlic bread, ensure you call your vet as soon as possible.

Garlic bread.


At this point, you might be wondering, 'no garlic and onions, great. Now, can cats eat bread?' Unfortunately, the answer is still no. If the bread contains raisins, it is dangerous to feed your cat such bread. Bread consisting of raisins is bad for your cat due to kidney failure. If you ever catch your cat eating raisin bread, you better call your vet immediately.

Now you know that cats cannot eat all types of bread, it is also important to note that not all toppings are healthy, while some are toxic. Some toppings might be unsafe or harmful for your cat;

Chocolate spread

It is very difficult to resist the irresistible taste of chocolate spread. Funny enough, some cats also love chocolate spread, but it is not safe to feed your cat bread with chocolate topping as it results in health problems like hyperactivity, tremors, and sometimes premature death in cats.


As enticing as this citrus delicacy may be to us, you are doing your cat a favor by not feeding it marmalade. It is a good thing most cats do not like the smell of citrus-related food, as feeding your cat marmalade causes diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains.

Grape Jelly

Though nutritious for humans, this sweet topping is not safe for cats as it causes kidney failure in cats.

Cheese and Butter

Cheese and butter are not toxic to cats but can lead to obesity when taken in large amounts. Also, some cats are lactose intolerant and do not require cheese and butter.

Cat and bread with cheese and butter.

Peanut Butter

This mouth-watering topping is neither harmful nor toxic to cats but can result in severe health problems due to its high-fat content.

Cats Can Not Eat Bread Dough

Perhaps, you are a baker, prefer homemade bread, and you might be tempted to give your cat some bread dough. Please do not feed your cat bread dough or unbaked bread; it is very dangerous. Also, if kids are present while you are baking, ensure they do not feed your cat bread dough.

So, can cats eat bread? Yes, they can eat certain types of bread, but they most certainly cannot eat unbaked bread. If your cat eats bread dough, the bread will continue rising in the cat's body, leading to abdominal bloating. Also, the alcohol produced as a by-product when yeast ferments can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream leading to alcoholic poisoning in cats. Feeding your cat bread dough could cause serious health problems such as seizures, respiratory problems and disrupt blood flow.


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