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Cat Pregnancy

Pregnant Cat.

An intact female cat experiences heat many times a year that means it is prone to get pregnant at any given time. If the queen cat mates during heat, it will most likely get pregnant. The cat's gestation period usually lasts between 63 to 65 days. You will notice different extreme behaviors from tenderness to aggressiveness. Those signs may seem strange if it is your cat's first pregnancy but, they are normal pregnant cat behaviors and should be expected.

How do you know if your cat is pregnant? How long does a cat's pregnancy last? How do you prepare your cat for birth? This quick read will teach you everything you need to know about a cat's pregnancy in less than 5 minutes. Read through!

Pregnant cat standing.

Cat Pregnancy Symptoms

Examine your cat for the following signs to confirm if your cat is pregnant or not;

Morning sickness: Just like humans, not all cats experience morning sickness. Nevertheless, it is a sign of early pregnancy in cats. Keep an eye on her to see if your cat vomits in the morning or exhibits any signs of sickness. Then call your veterinarian to check her once you see positive behaviors.

  • Darkened nipples: There is a difference between a cat's nipples before and during pregnancy. When pregnancy sets in, the cat's nipples pink up. That is, it becomes a darker shade and grows larger.
  • Preparing a nest: When a cat conceives, it goes around nesting; looking for a quiet and comfortable place to settle in. That means your cat is preparing a place to deliver her kitties.
  • Increased or reduced appetite: After conceiving, a cat tends to experience a reduction in its appetite for a short period. As time goes on, the appetite increases as the kittens start to develop in her.

Cat Pregnancy Stages: Week by Week

Altogether, a cat's pregnancy length is about 9 weeks. Here's a breakdown of the eight to nine weeks of a cat's pregnancy week by week;

  • Week 1 to 4: This is the early stage of your cat's pregnancy. You may notice signs like morning sickness, darker nipples, appetite change, extreme tenderness or aggressiveness, and nesting.
  • Week 5 to 8: Even if you didn't notice the earlier changes in your cat before this period, you will see them now. The cat's body goes through significant changes like an increase in size and weight, Increased appetite, and swollen belly. You will want to watch your cat's diet now because her nutrients need to become double the normal deal during this time. You can also visit your Vet for a scan to check the kitten's condition from time to time.
  • Week 9: You should expect delivery anytime from now. Although your cat may have made an effort to look for a nest, you should also find a more suitable place for the delivery. Find a quiet place and prepare a crate there. Then cover it with a blanket or a towel to make your cat comfortable for the birthing. If this is your cat's first delivery, monitor her until she's done and provides subtle assists. You may have to cut the umbilical cord and tear the membrane around the kitten in case the mother cat doesn't do it.

After delivery, check around for complication signs like if your cat doesn't stop bleeding after 10 to 12 minutes. Then contact your vet to check if the cat and her kittens are in good shape. For a first-timer, you can invite a vet for the session to make sure things go well.

Other cat delivery complication signs are:

  • Eclampsia.
  • Inability to deliver after 10 to 15 minutes of labor.
  • Placenta retention.
  • Extremely high temperature (over 40°C).

If you notice any of the above signs before, during, or after your cat's delivery, call your veterinarian to prevent further complications.

Pregnant cat and kitties.


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How long is a cat's pregnancy?

The normal duration of a cat's pregnancy usually falls between 63 to 65 days. There are times when some go beyond 65 with a few extra days.

Situations like that are rare but normal too. If your cat is pregnant and you know the breeding date, expect delivery anytime from the 60th to the 67th day after.

How long does cat pregnancy last?

A cat's pregnancy can last for up to 67 days. Most queen cats deliver 60 to 65 days after their breeding date. However, some go beyond 65 days and give birth a few days after. If you are not sure about your cat's breeding date, you can go for a scan to ascertain the dates.

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