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Best Dog Poop Bags

Dog Poop Bags.

Worldly, dogs are famously known to be man’s best friend. They are the most popular and friendly animals globally. You’ll hardly find a homestead without a dog or a puppy. Some homesteads even have more than one. Dogs can be kept for security purposes or just as pets.

As much as we love and adore our dogs, the sight or smell of their waste can be a turn-off. Few people can pick up their poop without making a disgusting facial look. Although some dog trainers try to teach puppies to use potties, few can remember to use them. They are not like kids who eventually grow and learn how to use the toilets. Managing doggies’ poop is a lifetime commitment, which is not a walk-in paradise. In a real sense, the thought of collecting up the dog's poop may make one not have a dog at all.

Unfortunately, some dog owners may ignore the waste and assume that it will varnish or get washed by rain. That is, however, a gross and irresponsible thing to do. Moreover, it is one way of polluting the environment since dog waste can be messy and contain bacteria, worms, or harmful viruses. So, to avoid pollution, dog owners are supposed to collect their dog’s waste immediately after they excrete them. But the good news is that inventors have made managing dog poop easier by using dog poop bags.

What is a Dog Poop Bag?

A doggie poop bag is a bag used to collect a dog's waste. It can either be made of plant starch using EPI technology or plastic. You can set a poop bag somewhere in the compound and train your dog to be going there when the need arises. Similarly, you may tie a backpack on your dog, such that the waste will pop inside on excrete. Most countries have laws whereby every dog owner must have and carry around some poop bags when walking with his or her dog. Failure to comply attracts a certain amount of fines, which vary from one country to another. However, instead of wasting your hard-earned money paying fines, all you need is a dog waste bag. So what do you consider before ordering poop bags for your puppy?

Poop Bags for Dogs.

Different Types

From the considerations mentioned above, there are various types of poop bags for your dog. These include;

  • Dogs Waste Bags with Easy-Tie Handles - These bags have ties that make picking up the waste easier. As you grab and bag the poop, you tie and pull tight the handles to secure the whiff. Similarly, the tie handles enable the dog owners to carry the waste to the bin securely.
  • Leak-Proof Doggie Poop Bags - These are poop bags that are made of water-resistant materials. They don’t leak in case the dog passes urine on the bag. You also need to ensure the bags don’t have any holes.
  • Plastic Doggie Waste Bags - These kinds of poop bags are made of plastic. They are pretty cheap since the manufacturing material is locally available. However, they are not environmentally friendly because they don't decompose quickly. They will take many years to do so, and in the process, they will emit toxic and harmful gases.
  • Compostable Puppy Waste Bags - Containing an EPI additive and made of recycled materials, these dog poop bags break down into water and carbon dioxide within 24 months. In other words, they are bio-degradable and decompose within a short period. Therefore, they are environmentally friendly.
  • Large Dog Poop Bags - Similarly, these are dog poop bags compatible with a standard dispenser. They fit well as they are more extensive.
  • Scented Puppy Poop Bag - These are doggie poop bags with different scents. The scents include; fresh lavender, cucumber, rose, talcum powder, and Brazilian mango scent.
  • Unscented Doggie Waste Bag - Different dog owners can have different tastes when it comes to the scents of the poop bags. If you don't like scented dog poop bags, you can go for those that don't have any perfume.

How to Choose a Doggie Poop Bag

When choosing a poop bag for your dog, there are a few things you need to consider first. These are:

  • Size of your Dog: The bigger the dog, the larger the size of the doggy poop bag. Your dog will need enough space where it will do its business comfortably.
  • Number of Dogs: If you got many dogs, you would need a more extensive and durable poop bag to hold all the waste.
  • Your Environment: If you got an enormous compound, you could dig up a compost pit in your backyard where you can be disposing of the dog waste. The waste might be good nutrients for your garden. Similarly, if you need to preserve the ecosystem, you might consider using bio-degradable doggie waste bags.
  • Prices: You will need to consider how much you are willing to spend on the doggie poop bags. As we said earlier, this is a lifetime commitment. So it would be best if you made a wise decision. Go for the dog poop bags, which are pocket-friendly. You might also consider those packed in larger quantities.

Doggie Poop Bags.

What to Consider When Buying a Poop Bag for Your Dog

Before buying or ordering your dog’s poop bags, here are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Quality - You need to consider the material of the bags. They should be durable, strong, and 100% leak-proof. Besides, they should be thick enough not to let you feel the waste as you pick it up. However, they should be thin enough for easy opening and separation from the roll.
  2. Compost ability - If you require an eco-friendly poop bag, you may need to consider the material used to make it. Bio-degradable and compostable dog poop bags are made of plant starch, which is eco-friendly. The content will break down and decompose within a few months after disposal. However, those made of plastic take many years to compose, which end up emitting dangerous and toxic chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the ecosystem.
  3. Ease of use - You also require dog poop bags that are easy to use. You can choose those with easy-tie handles. The handles will make it easy for you to collect and conceal the smell and sight of the puppy waste.
  4. Cost - Dog's poop collection is a lifetime commitment so long as the dog is part of you. So you will be collecting its poop regularly for many years. Buying the bags can be a costly project in the long run. You need to get dog poop bags which are sold in bulk and at a pocket-friendly price.
  5. Size - Puppy waste bags come in different sizes. There are large bags that are primarily kept in the compound for the disposal of the poop. The small ones are used when you are traveling with your dog or walking at the park.


If you are a dog owner, who is concerned about the hygiene of your surroundings, then dog poop bags should be a necessity in your compound. They will help in collecting dog poop and keeping the environment clean. Some of the things to consider before ordering your dog waste bags are the quality of material used, the cost in the long run, and eco-friendliness. Similarly, you will need to consider the capacity of the dog poop bag, ease of use, scent, among others. You can tie the backpack on your dog when traveling or walking so that the poop can pop in there. Also, get yourself a poop bag carrier that you can tie around your waist for easy carriage and disposal of the waste. Buy your puppy poop bags in the stores near you or order online from reliable suppliers.

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