Best Dog Water Fountains

Dog Water Fountains.

If you are a dog parent, you know that the best feeling is when your canine jumps over you in excitement. Dogs are lovable creatures. As much as they like attention, dogs shower love abundantly on their owners. As a pet parent, you would understand that dogs need care. Whether it is their fur, eating habits, or potty training, everything has to be looked after. Similarly, it is essential for dogs to be hydrated throughout the day, so that their fur and skin stay healthy. Also, when the temperature outside gets too high, staying properly hydrated becomes of utmost importance to dogs to regulate their body temperature. You may have tried various things with your pet to develop the habit of regular water drinking but it often goes in vain. This is because dogs dislike drinking water that sits around for hours in earthen bowls or utensils. Like humans, dogs too prefer clean and refreshing drinking water.

Dog water fountains provide running, dirt-free drinking water to your pets. They improve your dog’s drinking habits, ensuring that your cute buddies have a healthy resource for drinking water. Let us find out the best dog water fountain for your pooch.

Basic Dog Drinking Fountain

A basic dog drinking fountain is suitable if you have dogs of various sizes. It has a large water capacity suitable for pets of multiple sizes. Large water capacity provides multiple benefits such as it reduces the need for refilling. Along with a built-in reservoir, usually, these dog drinking fountains come with the facility of replaceable carbon water filters. This system eliminates any bad tastes or odors, providing your four-legged friend with clean drinking water. You can replace the carbon filter every two weeks or as and when you feel like.

Each dog has a different drinking capacity. How much a dog drinks water depends upon the factors such as the size and body temperature of the dog and the weather outdoor. You can set the flow of the dog fountain according to your pet’s preferences by adjusting the stream. Puppies get scared with sharp water flowing noise and avoid going near to its source. The basic dog fountain does not create much noise when the water flows. This is the most-suited dog water fountain if you are a working dog parent. You do not have to constantly refill it or be tense about your pet going thirsty. You can check out the top 10 basic dog water fountains here.

Dog Drinking Fountain.

Stainless Steel

Steel dog water fountains are a great resource of water for a single pet. Steel fountain stores sufficient water to quench the thirst of your four-legged friend. Their design includes a sloping dome from the waterfalls. Pets are enticed to drink water with this kind of setup which includes fresh falling water. Stainless steel dog water fountains are designed in such a way that when your pooch drinks water, the movement of the dish minimizes. The efficient circulation of the fluid takes place so that the water looks and stays fresh. Some dogs have a fear for the voice of falling water. These water fountains create minimum noise ensuring that the pet feels secure while using it. A movable center spout is fitted to provide the ease of adjusting the water flow. Dogs can be quite naughty and give the owners a hard time breaking their essentials. Dog water fountain made using stainless steel is a sturdy option for a restless pet. Steel fabrication is easy to clean, whether you clean it manually or using a dishwasher. This is a great drinking water resource for the dogs of working owners, who have to stay away from their beloved canine for hours. Many steel fountains come with unique features like replaceable charcoal filters to enhance the antimicrobial properties of stainless steel. You can look for the top 6 most recommended stainless steel dog water fountains here.

Multi-tier Dog Water Fountain

Multi-tier dog water fountains are fitted with two-bowl levels. It is considered one of the best dog water fountains as it provides double space for your pets to drink water. Senior pets often encounter back problems like arthritis, facing difficulty lowering their neck to drink water. The upper bowl is elevated providing senior pets with maximum ease to drink water. While the younger pets can use the lower dish to drink water. A multi-tier dog water fountain is best-suited if you have multiple dogs. It can get tensive for dog parents to see senior pets in pain, this dog fountain resolves that and at the same time serves as a drinking bowl for smaller pets too. Multi-tier dog fountains are fitted with replaceable carbon filters so that dogs can have clean water devoid of all unpleasant smells, dirt, and debris. You do not have to frequently refill it as the fountain has boosted the capacity to carry water.

Dogs do not water that is kept in bowls for days. A multi-tier dog water fountain has a free-falling stream which induces your dog to drink water. A multi-tier fountain is usually attached with a low-voltage submersible pump which reduces the noise of falling water, ensuring that small dogs do not get scared while drinking water. This dog water fountain is an affordable alternative to fancy dog water fountains. They are BPA-free and convenient to clean. Dog water fountains are designed with different materials such as ceramic, plastic, and others. Plastic dog water fountains manufactured using high-quality, BPA free plastic are considered the best. They leave all the toxins out ensuring that your pet consumes neat water. Check top rated multi-tier dog water fountains here.

Outdoor Water Sprinkler

Open spaces bring out the best in your dogs. They love to play around in outdoor spaces such as parks and fields. During their playtime, they can get tired and look for sources of fresh drinking water. No one as a caring pet-parent would want their furry friend to drink unclean water. This is where an outdoor dog water sprinkler or fountain comes in to resolve the problem. A designer paw imprint is stuck to its top which, when pressed, produces a fresh stream of water. Whenever thirsty, your canine can step on this imprint and have sparkling clean water.

A major benefit of outdoor dog water sprinklers is that your dogs get quickly acquainted with them, improving their habits of drinking water. Outdoor sprinklers can be used inside the house as well, making refreshing water available for your pets wherever they want it. They can be easily installed following the instructions on the package. These sprinklers are attached with a hose that can be connected to a garden faucet or hose so that you can install it in your preferred location without needing any batteries or connections. Alternatively, free adapters and connectors are also provided with sprinklers for maximum ease. These dog drinking fountains are designed using heavy steel and copper valves that stop any leakage from happening. Some brands add some unique features like adjustable control valves which can be used to fix the water flow as per your preference and your pet’s requirement. Some sprinklers are fitted with bottom rubber made pads to minimize the movement of the gadget while your dog uses it.

Ceramic Dog Water Fountain.

Dog Water Fountain for Traveling

Exploring new places with a four-legged friend is the dream of every dog parent. Carrying your pets while traveling means you have to carry along all their essentials including a dog water fountain. The fountains used for traveling are light in weight so that they can be packed in a backpack. These water fountains are perfect if you are traveling to hilly terrains where carrying stuff is difficult. Moreover, you have a pet to take care of. Their shape is inspired by a water bottle fitted with easy water release buttons. Basic dog water fountains have to be set up especially for dogs to drink water. In the case of a dog water fountain used for traveling, you can take care of your furry friend’s drinking needs on the go.

With Waterer

Frequently filling the water fountains for your pets can be tiring. You have to specifically remind yourself and make out time for the refilling. Dog water fountains fitted with waterer have a gravity flow technology that dispenses the water slowly. This ensures that your pet has undisturbed access to pure, clean, and refreshing water. Offering a continuous supply of water, this fountain helps your dog in improving drinking habits. This is best suited for large-sized dogs who require a bulk quantity of water throughout the day.

Dishwasher-safe Dog Water Fountains

As the name hints, dishwasher-safe dog water fountains can be cleaned using its top-shelf. It may get difficult at times to take care of a pet, no matter how much you love them. Dogs require constant attention from the parent. In this case, it can get hefty for you to manage the work, looking after the pet, and cleaning its essentials. Dishwasher-safe dog water fountains reduce this stress so that you can focus on other attention-worthy things.

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