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What are the Best Vegetables for Cats?

Vegetables For Cats.

Cats are carnivores — that is they eat meat (primarily). But that doesn’t mean they too can’t take from the benefit of every child’s friend- vegetables. Though they are not to be a cat’s main dish all the time, some veggies are safe for your cat and can make her a healthier and happier kitten.

In this article, we’ll reveal to you what vegetables are safe for cats as well as toxic ones. But remember that while feeding your little furry friend, add some slices of fish after. So, let’s not waste any more time — what are the best vegetables for cats?

Cat And Healthy Vegetables.

4 Best Healthy Vegetables for Cats and Its Benefits

Here are the four vegetables among others that are safe for your cat to eat. We have also provided some ideas on how you can prepare and serve them to your little one.


Who doesn’t know a carrot? It is orange-colored, hard-surfaced, long, and pointed as well as a bunny’s favorite snack. It is also a vegetable safe for cats. It contains a good amount of vitamin (A) and minerals too. The vitamin, for example, helps a cat stay in good health and no one wants a sick cat.

How to prepare: Carrots can be eaten raw or boiled. Some prefer to serve it to their cat raw because they believe that they can keep most of the nutrients this way. But this method can also be risky because it can easily choke a cat if it is not cut into tiny pieces. A better option is to boil the carrot to make it softer and easy to digest by your cat. And don’t let anyone fool you. The carrot would still reserve its sweet taste.


Who likes spinach? Your furball sure does. Spinach is another one of the many healthy vegetables for cats. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals (as with carrots). It also has anti-inflammatory effects which your cat needs. However, be warned. It should only be served in small amounts. Too much spinach can lead to the urinary tract in cats. And we are not talking mild ones.

Cat Eats Vegetables.

How to prepare: Add Spinach to other meals by using it as a garnish. You can also mix it with your cat’s favorite canned food and see how she likes it. Another idea is to boil it with fish or meat and serve it as a treat or a snack.


Is your cat having a tough time passing out poop? Try adding broccoli to the menu. This tasty vegetable is a great source of roughage and it can help your cat with better bowel movement. It is also good for your cat’s digestive system. Broccoli also has antioxidants which is a good plus.

How to prepare: Similar to spinach, you can use broccoli as a garnish for other meals. You can also serve this delicious vegetable alone boiled or with other raw vegetables for cats.

Green Beans and Peas

Green beans are good sources of fiber that can help your cat’s digestive system. It can also help your cat with weight loss control. Fresh or frozen green beans and peas are better options because the canned alternative has a little too much salt and sodium that can make this a toxic vegetable for your cat.

Cat And Serving Of Vegetables.

How to prepare: Add the beans and peas to other cat meals (preferably cooked with the meal or boiled separately). You can also serve it alone with delicious seasonings to attract your kitten to the scene. Green beans and peas can be treated as a main dish or as a snack but remember that this should not become a daily ritual.

What Vegetables Are Not Good for Cats?

The vegetables that are unsafe for cat consumption include onions, garlic, tomatoes, chives, leeks, and avocados. Whether given in small doses or large amounts, cooked or served raw, these vegetables can harm your cat seriously. They are to be avoided totally.


We hope you have been able to learn a thing or two about which vegetables are safe and which aren’t for your cat. If you like what we have here, please do well to check through our reviews on the best pet products to keep your cat happy and healthy. We are sure that you will see what will suit your taste and of course, your budget.

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