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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Dog with chickens.

Many dog owners love to feed their feline friends raw foods because they are in their natural state hence are more nutritious. But on the quest to feed your dog more nutrients, other things could be introduced. This article will answer the question: can dogs eat raw chicken? We would also give answers to if chicken bones are good or bad for dogs. If you are set to learn these and more, keep reading.

Is Raw Chicken Bad for Dogs?

Raw chicken might seem like a natural and highly nutritious food for dogs, and maybe that is because it is. Raw chicken can benefit your dog in more ways than one. Not only does raw chicken serve your dog 100% natural and unprocessed meat (which they love), it is also healthier than feeding them cooked meat. But at the same time, you should be prepared for the risks involved.

Get this — it’s not that raw chicken isn’t good for dogs, it is. But it can pose some dangerous health issues if it is not well cleaned, served well, or if it is fed in large amounts. So, at the end of the day, the answer to the question: can dogs have raw chicken? We’ll say No. It’s best to stay clear of raw chicken if it’s possible, to prevent your dog from getting sick or worse.

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Dangers Of Feeding Your Dog Raw Chicken?

Here are some of the risks involved with feeding raw chicken to your dog:

  1. Food Poisoning from Salmonella sp.: This is a major risk involved with feeding your dog raw chicken. Salmonella sp. is the most common cause of food poisoning in both humans and animals. Salmonella sp. is a bacteria that cannot be seen with naked eyes. It is usually present in the intestine and feces of animals. It is also present in foods that are unclean, undercooked, or not cooked at all. Consuming this bacteria can cause real problems for humans, not to talk of pets. Some of these problems include e vomiting, lethargy, fever, diarrhea, or lack of appetite. If your dog has the following symptoms after being fed raw chicken, then he has been infected with Salmonella sp. Moreover, the symptoms could be worse if your dog has a poor immune system or suffers from dysbiosis of the gut.
  2. Problem with chicken bones: We see a lot of questions like are raw chicken bones good for dogs? Though it is a general ideology that dogs love bone. However, chicken bones do more harm than good. Bones can puncture any of a dog’s internal organs, obstruct the intestinal tract, break teeth, block the throat or get stuck in the mouth and cause mouth ache. Whether cooked or not, the result of chicken bone is the same. But although it is easier to remove bone from cooked chicken, if we are asked are raw chicken bones good for dogs? We’ll say hell no!

But some might also ask that: what if my dog loves raw chicken? If your dog loves raw chicken so much, you don’t have to cut it out of his meal completely. Serving him small quantities once in a while has some benefits involved.

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Benefits Of Raw Chicken for Dogs

Raw chicken contains some needed nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12, and so on. It also contains 80% protein which is a big part of every dog’s meal. Raw chicken is also one of the cheapest meats you can get your dog if you are working on a budget. However, don’t be tempted to make a raw chicken major part of your dog’s meal. It doesn’t have the full nutrient enough to keep your dog healthy. Not only will he suffer from malnutrition, but his bones, immune system, and energy would also be weak and low.


Can dogs eat raw chicken? Based on the article we have, no. However, we’ll say yes only if you take preventive measures against the risks involved and you fed your dog in small quantities once in a while. We hope this article has proven useful for you. If you wish to spread your knowledge on more pet care, don’t pass by our best pet product reviews. We have something for everybody and you are sure to find one thing that’ll suit your needs and your budget.

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