A Complete Guide to Buy a Cat Scratching Posts

Cat and Scratching Post.

Cats love to scratch things for long. However, looking at your household objects and furniture getting damaged due to the scratches, you might feel like discouraging the habit. But, being a doting cat parent, you would devise a better way than to stop its instinctive behavior. Have you thought of buying an acceptable object like a cat scratching post? These things can keep your pet busy for hours while saving the skin of your household items.

Ever wondered why a cat scratches?

Like all members of its family, tiger or puma, your pet too wants to mark its territory and scratching is the best possible manner to do so. It leaves a visual mark and an odor from the glands in their paws. Besides, your pet can get rid of the dead and old peripheral layer of their claws. While scratching, they also indulge in body stretching and flexing their claws and front legs.

Types of Scratching Posts

Selecting the best cat scratching post can be an expensive and frustrating endeavor. You may buy a number of posts only to see your cat ignoring them. It would rather march up to its favorite scratching post, your couch, to satisfy its instincts. This is when you decide that scratching posts and all are a myth, solely designed to encourage commercial interests and lack actual value.

Unfortunately, most cat parents choose a cat scratcher that they like and not a post that the kitty wants to use. The trick is to come up with a substitute that your cat will love to claw more than your antique dresser.

Check out these categories to make an informed decision.

Indoor and Outdoor

  • Indoor cat scratching post - Indoor cats do not get the opportunity to claw on rocks or trees. Therefore, they need a range of scratching posts of different materials. Condos, vertical, horizontal, angled, cat wall scratcher, cat scratch box, cat scratcher bed are among the several choices open to them.
  • Outdoor cat scratching post - Outdoor cats have a habit of sharpening their front claws by scratching. Wooden fence posts or tree stumps act as useful cat scratch posts in this regard. Also, your indoor pet is not going to stay indoors for the entire time as you cannot stop it from taking a local tour. Hence, arranging for an outdoor post is a must. You can read the reviews to know more about the outdoor scratching posts for cats.


  • Sisal fabric - Cats love to shred what they scratch. A great scratching surface for cats, sisal fabric satisfies like nothing else because of their ability to shred under the claws of your feline pet. Seeing your cat draw down its claws down the fabric of a cat scratch pole and yet have a sound grip gives you happiness only a parent can experience. Your pet’s claws and paws enjoy the resistance and texture offered by the fabric. Sisal ropes are another option, but the ridges between the rope’s layers interrupt the downward movement of the cat.
  • Wooden cat scratching post - Wooden posts are roughly 24 to 36 inches tall and are perfect to let cats recollect their days outside. While natural logs do wonders in providing that tree-like atmosphere, small stumps or firewood can give your purring pet all the pleasure it wants. Our reviews will help you decide if you should get it for your kitty.
  • Cardboard cat scratchers - A heavily corrugated cardboard cat scratcher can please your cat. Your pet loves to create noise when indulging in this healthy habit. Hence, whether you get an angled or flat scratcher, cardboard is a good option.

Carpet scratchers are another option but since your purring kid cannot differentiate between what is an acceptable object and what is not, you better avoid it.

Indoor Cat Scratching Post.

Size of The Cat

  • Small cat scratching post - As soon as your cat turns 8 to 12 weeks old, its scratching days set in. Look for a scratching post suiting its height and a cat tree with varying levels on it. At the same time, make sure that the post is tall enough to allow it a complete stretching. If you have ever felt that your pet is a master of yoga, your thoughts are in line with many other cat parents. So, give your feline kid the chance to fully stretch its body and pull its shoulder as well as back muscles. Check out our top 10 kitten scratch posts.
  • Cat scratching post for large cats - If your cat has grown, a cat tree, exhibiting two or more levels, followed by a simple vertical post is ideal for its stretching purposes. This preference stays for approximately 9 years after which the cats are less keen on displaying agility. Once they are 10 years old or so, cats tend to use a vertical post more than trees. At this age, cats also grow a liking for posts having a carpeted surface. Senior cats want cat scratchers ready at their disposal so that they can continue with their healthy practice of scratching and stretching without much effort. If you want to protect your fabric headboard, make sure that the post is taller than what the cat used as a kitten. Through our reviews, you will learn that a post of a minimum of 31 inches is ideal for adult and senior cats.

The Direction of The Scratcher

Vertical & Horizontal

Besides stretching up and scratching vertical surfaces like door jams and sofa arms, cats also scratch horizontally. Keep an eye on your pet and you will know what horizontal scratching is when it scratches the carpet. Therefore, it is good to include surfaces facing both directions which means that you will have to provide different cat scratch pads and posts.


Keep things interesting for your cat by arranging some angled cat scratching posts in surprising areas. Finding out an angled scratcher in the corner of a closet or under the bed is fun and interesting for your pet. These posts permit your cat to scratch from a different position every time it uses the scratcher.

Made from corrugated cardboard, the scratchy ramp for cats helps in working more muscles. You may notice your cat scratching backward with their rear end towards the top and the front claws at the angle’s bottom. Giving your pet the liberty to scratch in both positions not just entertains it but keeps your kitty healthy, flexible, and agile.

Small Scratching Post.



A multipurpose surface like a condo to do the regular healthy activity and perch on top of it will not only protect your furniture but also give your pet a chance to lounge. The cave-like cozy area will appeal to the hiding nature of the cat.


Outdoor cats like to perch in their trees, which they consider their domains. What about allowing your pet to survey its territory while making the most of the scratching experience? Place the condo near the window so that the cat can take a look at its surroundings both inside and outside. Such a wall-mounted cat scratcher saves a lot of space where your kitty can play around comfortably.

One thing you need to make sure is that your cat has plenty to keep it interested and occupied for hours. Having multiple types of cat scratching surfaces in your home allows your kitty to engage in its natural behavior without any inhibition. The difference in angles, designs, and materials of scratching post for cats work different muscles, imparting complimentary workout. The mental and physical stimulation they get from scratching nurtures muscles, nails, and overall health. It also deep-cleans between nails.

With an assortment of scratch posts for cats around, your furball can participate in a full range of styles and positions. Depending on their needs and mood, they can scratch a wide number of things. The emotional and physical benefits your kitty derives from having several scratching surfaces can unquestionably make it happy.

Get a post for your kitty and make way for its scratching.