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Why Is My Cat Biting Me?

Why Is My Cat Biting Me.

There are frequent reports about cats biting toes and feet. It may seem strange and scary to you that your cat does that if you have never owned one before now. However, biting is a familiar behavior of every cat. Most times, the bites are not out of aggression. You may be stroking your cat and all of a sudden it aims to bite your fingers. The bite may not be aimed to harm you as it is just one of their ways of having fun. Nevertheless, if such behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, you can take measures to stop your cat from doing it.

Learn from this article why a cat would bite unprovoked and how to curb your cat from biting you.

Why Do Cats Attack All of a Sudden?

A cat does not bite without a reason. It might be trying to communicate something or playing tag with you. We can conclude that a cat's bite may be harmful or harmless depending on the situation. Below are the two reasons that may explain your cat biting behavior:

  • Play biting: Whether a cat is raised with a pack by its mother or alone, it will exhibit predatory behaviors. That is because, by instinct, cats watch their prey, sneak, and attack when it is unsuspecting. If you have watched the documentary on wild cats, you will often see them playing tag. One cat sneaks on another unsuspecting one and attacks playfully. That is why you would see home cats, especially lone ones, try to get into the act even with inanimate objects. When you stroke a cat, it watches your hand movement for a while, then suddenly catches it and bites playfully. This sort of bite is not harmful. The cat is simply playing with you.
  • Aggressive biting: This is different from a cat play biting. Unlike the former situation where a cat is relaxed and playing, there are hints that your cat is ready to cause damage. You will notice other signs aside from the biting like spitting, hissing, and arched stance. That happens mostly when a cat feels threatened and wants to protect itself or something else. For example, seeing another cat within its territory may spike such aggressive behavior in your cat. A pregnant cat can also be very aggressive during its gestation period. Aggressive behaviors in a cat are usually prompted by something or someone.

Why is Your Cat Biting You.

How To Stop a Cat from Biting?

We have four methods that you can use to control when your cat bites. They are very simple methods that will work if you are willing to try them out. Check them out below.
  • Get your cat a playmate: Biting is often common among lone cats. They have no playmates so when you come out once in a while to play, they try to substitute your moving fingers or toes for one. However, when your cat is in the company of another cat, the toll on your hand reduces. That is because it has a playmate now to play tag with.
  • Reward your cat: Train your cat to stop biting by rewarding it when it doesn't bite. You can also correct your cat when it bites you and give it a treat every time it obeys your command.
  • Buy cat toys: When you provide toys that your cat can play with, it loses enough interest in your feet and fingers. There are many interactive cat toys and cat-biting toys available to shop. Get enough for your cat and reduce the likelihood of your cat biting you.
  • Avoid things that provoke your cat: Your cat may react by biting when it is provoked. Prevent such behavior from your cat by avoiding situations that will Inspire aggressiveness.


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Why is my cat biting me?

Your cat is either playing or warning you. You can easily recognize whichever case it is by studying your cat when the bite happens. If the bite is accompanied by hissing, spitting, and a defensive stance, your cat is being aggressive. When your cat is relaxed and nibbling lazily on your fingers, it is playing with you.

How to stop a cat from biting

Biting their owner is a common trait among lone cats. If you have just one cat, get another one to play with it. If you don't want to get another cat, buy toys that your cat can play with. Another thing you can do is chide your cat when it bites. Any time your cat stops biting, praise, pat, and reward it with a treat.

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