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Can Cats Eat Beans?

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Questions like, “Can cats eat beans?” and “Are beans bad for cats?” have become common among cat owners. The simple answer is yes, cats can eat beans, although this depends on the type of beans and cat.

Beans aren't a protein supply for cats, as they're for human beings. Some beans like baked beans give the average cat's stomach a hard time. They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, pancreatitis, digestion problems, and excess gas for your cat.

Keep reading to get the facts on feeding beans to your cat.

Is Beans Safe For Cats?

Beans are safe for your cat, provided that they are eaten in small quantities. Because cats are obligate carnivores, their digestive tracts can't process plant material properly like in humans.

Although beans are full of protein, they aren't the type of protein your cat mainly needs. And so, they provide your cat with only a few nutrients. However, if you must feed your cat beans, ensure that it's freshly cooked and soft. Never feed cats raw beans or seasoned beans of any kind, as they could cause digestive issues for them.

While human vegetarians can substitute protein sources like lentils and beans for animal meat, it isn't possible for felines. Nevertheless, beans don't exactly pose a hazard for cats provided they're eaten plain, cooked, and occasionally.

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Is Beans Bad For Cats?

Beans aren't bad or dangerous for cats. They don't have toxic elements but can harm your cat in the long run. They are only safe so long as they don't feature heavily in your cat's diet.

Meanwhile, it has become a common concern as to whether or not kidney beans might be toxic to cats. Fortunately, kidney beans are safe for your feline friends. However, they must also be cooked and served in small quantities.

Other suitable beans for cats include black beans, butter beans, chickpeas, green beans — which is one of the healthier bean choices for cats — kidney beans and lentils.

Must avoid bean types include red beans, re-fried beans, canned beans, baked beans, and fava beans. This is because they can cause digestive problems for your cat even if eaten in little quantities.

Effects of Beans on Cats

Is beans safe for your cats? Yes, depending on the type and quantity. This then begs the question, “how exactly does beans affect cats?” Well, beans can cause allergic reactions in cats, so if you're feeding your cat beans for the first time, take care to observe. Common reactions include difficulty in breathing, reduced consciousness, and eczema.

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Avoid implementing coffee beans and cocoa beans into your cat's diet in any form. Coffee beans could cause uncontrollable arousal, and shortness of breath, while Cocoa beans contain theobromine which could cause tremors, seizures, and ultimately death.

Also, when beans are given frequently to cats, it might result in several health-related problems including:

  • excess gas,
  • digestive distress,
  • irritable Bowel Syndrome,
  • stomach pain, and
  • intestinal discomfort.

To be very certain, consult with your veterinarian, especially when your cat has a medical condition that can worsen by taking beans.

Final thoughts

Can cats eat beans? Yes. However, the beans must be properly cooked, and without any seasoning. The beans must also be served in little quantities as too much can result in digestive issues for your cat. Safe bean types include black beans, pinto beans, and kidney beans. Also avoid beans with any sort of seasoning e.g., red beans, re-fried beans, canned beans, and fava beans, as a buildup of sodium can result in heart problems for your furry playmate. Coffee beans and cocoa beans should also be avoided. We hope you found this article helpful. Do not pass by our best pet products reviews, as there you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.


Can cats eat raw beans?

Your cats shouldn't eat raw or uncooked beans. Raw beans could carry E. coli which causes health concerns.

Can cats eat Canned beans?

Avoid giving your cats any canned beans as the salt water contained within might be harmful to them. Even if the canned beans are washed or rinsed and the water is thrown away, they still pose a threat because the beans will remain seasoned. Cats don't require a lot of salt in their diets, as its continuous storage can result in heart problems later.

What type of beans can cats eat?

Your cats can eat most beans that aren't raw, re-fried, or canned. In particular, Pinto beans are a safe option to give your cat. Though they're less flavorful than other kinds of beans, they have the needed protein for your cats.

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