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Best Electronic Dog Door

Best Electronic Dog Door.

You've heard of cat flaps, but what about electronic dog doors? Electronic dog doors can help your dog maneuver in and outside the house when they need to. This is a brilliant mechanism to have in your home if you're outside or busy and your dog needs to use the bathroom. It can save you lots of time and effort from cleaning up after your dog. Even if you're inside your home, you don't have to watch over your dog to let them do their business; it will allow you to go about your own more easily.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding electronic pet doors, as many owners complain that stray animals like raccoons, squirrels, and much more can enter your home. But, that's not the case with electronic dog doors, as most are sensitive to your dog's microchip, only opening for them. To know more about the best electronic dog doors, check out our table of top pics.

What is an electronic dog door?

An electronic dog door is a petite covering in your pet's home, allowing them to enter and exit as they please. These doors are electronic and commonly referred to as smart dog doors. They're unique as they use a variety of methods to open and close them. Electronic dog doors contain radio frequency identification and often sync with your dog's microchip or magnetic collar to open. Both of these are seen as keys to unlock your dog's door. Because of this, it prevents wild animals or any dirt from entering your home.

Dog and smart electronic door.

Most electronic dog doors are operated by a battery or plugged into the wall. Electronic dog doors can save you a lot of energy by opening your door for your dog to use the bathroom. Plus, it gives them the freedom to use the bathroom and exercise when you're not there. These dog doors are also beneficial if you own elderly dogs, as they may not have the strength or stamina to open the door on their own.

Different types

If you're looking to buy an electronic dog door for your canine, you will find the following types available online and in stores:

  • Electronic collar operated: There are electronic dog doors that work by attaching a smart key to your dog's collar. It then uses radio frequencies to allow your dog to unlock it or lock it when near the door. Most of these electronic dog doors have a range of 2 feet; however, some distances can be adjusted. Most of these tend to be battery powered and have a short lifespan, requiring them to be changed every 6 months. They also come in three modes, locked, automatic, and unlocked mode.
  • Sliding electric dog door: Many electronic dog doors tend to have flaps. A sliding electric dog door does not have flaps; instead, the door slides upwards to allow your dog in and out of your home. This type of dog door is collar operated with a key attached to its collar to enable them to access your home when needed. Most sliding electric dog doors have a range up to 3 feet and are not battery operated. Their main form of operation tends to be hardwired or plugged into a wall. These doors tend to have a heavy steel lock to make sure no other dog or animal can access them from the inside. They also have a security plate made out of steel to secure it when left for long periods. These electronic dog doors tend to be more costly in comparison to other models out there, averaging a price of $1,800+.
  • Microchip electric dog door: These types of electric dog doors rely on microchips to help open your door. Most of these doors recognize up to 32 different types of microchips that are programmable. If you're interested in this type of electric dog door, it's always best to speak to your veterinarian first to check that your dog's microchip is compatible. Most microchip electric dog doors tend to be battery operated and need to be replaced every 6 months.

When the batteries are low, it will blink a red light to indicate they're nearly running out. Most of these electronic dog doors come with 5 different timing options, which are:

  • Version one: Allows your dog to enter and exit when it chooses.
  • Version two: Allows your dog to enter your house but not exit.
  • Version three: Only allows your dog to exit but not enter.
  • Version four: This is fully locked, operates off a curfew timer, and only allows your dog to operate during certain periods.

These electronic dog doors are more affordable than others on the market, costing between $150-$200.

How to choose an electronic dog door

Electronic dog doors are highly beneficial to have; however, before buying, you should think about choosing based on the following:


Don't just go out and buy an electronic dog door without knowing your dog's size first. Plus, if you have several dogs, you should always go off your largest dog's size to give you an idea.

To help give you a better idea of your dog's size, you should measure from one shoulder to the other to provide you with an idea of the width of the door. Then from the ground to the shoulders to help give you an idea of your dog's height.

Power source

Electronic dog doors have different power sources, which are either battery based or via wall plug-ins. You need to think about if you can manage to change batteries every so often. Similarly, if you live in an area prone to power cuts, you might want to go for a battery-based dog door.


Ideally, you will want your electronic dog door to last over time and have durable materials. If you want ones that can handle different types of weather, you may wish to opt for a stainless-steel door instead of a plastic one. Similarly, if you want ones that don't let much cold or heat into your home, you will want to purchase an electronic dog door with an air-tight container.

What to consider when buying a door?

When looking to buy an electronic door, you should consider the following:

  • Noise: Some electronic dog doors can be incredibly noisy and cause a lot of disturbance. You might want to choose a dog door with a liner that causes less sound to be produced. This will help save you sleep, especially in the morning or late at night when your dog needs to go outside.
  • Access control: Another essential feature to consider is their opening and closing method. Some doors work off microchips, others collars, and others remote controls. Likewise, some have different features that allow locking and unlocking based on a timer or automatic. Take some time to decide what access control might be beneficial and then buy accordingly.


Electronic dog doors can save you a lot of time and energy as a dog owner. They can allow your dog to go out, do their exercise and bathroom breaks without being supervised. Most doors operate off their microchip or electronic collars and tend to have a distance of 2-3 feet. Always check reviews, noise control, and your dog's size before buying.

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