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Shelve for Your Cat.

Cats love to climb everything they get around them. A kitty tree will give them an appropriate perching point. You can either purchase shelve for your cat or make it yourself. Cat shelves that are tall to fulfill your kitty’s longing for greater elevations are typically costly. You might need a cheaper shelf however and still want your cat to enjoy an excellent perching spot. Best plus affordable cat shelves will do a great job in this case.

Cat shelves are simple to make. Cats can ruin furniture and rip up carpets while jumping and scratching. By offering them a bird's view of their environment, the best cat shelves will focus their responsiveness in the right way.

Due to the variety of cat shelves in the market today, you might be confused about which one to go for. It might be in terms of costs, materials, and sizes. Worry no more because, in this article, you'll find everything you need to know to find the best shelf for your cat.

Why You Need a Shelve for Your Cat

Shelves for cat are the most recent advancements in the cat world today. Cat shelves come in a range of shapes and sizes for your cat to perch and play on. Besides this, here are other reasons you need a cat shelf:

  • It’s an exercising place: Cat wall shelves are the best choice if you don't have bigger room in your home. Cat shelves are often installed on a free space on the walls. You won't have to reprimand your cat if he moves up and down so he won't walk into objects and knock them over. Because of how these cat wall shelves are built, your cat will be able to indulge in all forms of gymnastics without fear. A happy and safe cat does some exercises.
  • Acts as an aerial Viewpoint: Unlike cat trees, cat shelves can be hung as high as you want on the wall. Cats like to perch as high as they can to get a clear view of their surroundings. Your cat might prefer the wall shelves you built for them over all the expensive giant cat trees and condos on the market.
  • They safeguard your furniture: Scratching poles can easily be attached to cat shelves while they're being installed. The bars will provide a perfect place for your cat to polish their talons, preventing them from doing so on your sofa.
  • Fulfills your Cat's Sense of Curiosity: Cats love trying new stuff. Outdoor cats can fulfil their inquisitiveness by tree climbing trees while indoor kitties have fewer choices. Allowing them to wander freely can damage or knock items over, which will not be suitable for both of you. That's why you'll need cat shelves for walls. These shelves will assist in sustaining that degree of interest. These shelves will provide your cat with a private space to play and relax without upsetting you or your family.
  • House decoration: Cat wall shelves can serve as interior decoration as well as offering advantages to your kitty. They have a variety of shelf styles to choose from, where you'll get that which adds to the elegance of your home.
Perfect Cat Shelves.

Factors to Consider When Buying

  • Strength: Stability is one of those significant features a cat shelf should have. Kitties love to climb up to high places since they feel safer there. Therefore, for safety purpose of your pet, the cat shelf needs to be stable. You check stability in terms of balance, design, material and style of the cat shelf. Still, ensure you don't put the cat shelves up too far when putting them up. This will help in preventing your kitty from hurting if he misses the shelf while jumping. Besides, leave ample space between the top shelf and the ceiling.
  • Design: There are several different cat shelves today, in a range of materials, colors, and sizes. You can easily select the shelf that best meets your preferences and requirements. You must, however, remember a few other factors. Does your cat's weight, for instance, fit on the shelf? The shelves are made from materials, such as a tree branch or a wooden stick, and they barely support the weight of the cat. Therefore, when putting up the racks, you should pay attention to the space between the holes. To make your shelf the most secure and balanced, the normal distance between holes is sixteen.

More Tips

When deciding on which shelf to go for, there are some key elements about your cat you should consider. This is done to ensure you get the best kitty shelf for your feline friend.

  • Habits of your cat: To achieve best in making your cat happier, study their habits to know the best type of cat shelf to purchase. Is it that active? Go for wall mounted cat perch. Without sacrificing its functionality, it has a chic appearance. At first glance, it appears to be modern art, but closer inspection reveals an exquisitely crafted cat wall shelf with felt padding and plenty of space for exploring kitties. Hammock lounger and cat shelf is a better choice for less active kitties. This cat shelf provides your kitty with a comfy place to rest. It's handcrafted and easy to install. You can buy the cat shelf in parts and make a series of hammock steps for your kitty. Furthermore, the shelf is pre-assembled, making securing it to the wall a simple job.
  • Age of your cat: Kittens are more playful than older cats. You should build low-lying cat wall shelves for older cats that can only be used for perching and resting, not for playing. You can create a more layered framework cat shelves for young kitties since they love jumping from one point to the nest.
  • Size of your room: Depending on the space in your room and how you want the cat shelf to appear, you’ll get different cat shelve sizes. For instance, you might need a shelf that starts from the floor to the roof or from the window. By this, you will acquire the appropriate timber if it a Do It Yourself cat shelf or even get purchase the correct size for your pet.
  • Comfy: Since kitties are usually proud, they need as much comfy as possible. Ensure that the shelves are filled with a soft material such as rug or a carpet. Besides, you can also add a scratching post to the shelf.
Shelves for Cat.

Cat Shelves Materials

Let’s see the different materials and designs to consider while getting a shelf for your kitty:

  • Carpeted Cat Shelves: Carpeted cat wall shelves have a sturdy wooden base and are coated with a non-circular carpet of different colors. They provide comfy to your kitty as well as decorating your home.
  • Wooden Shelves: These are among the best for you if you prefer that pure wood old-style appearance. Wood has the advantage of being painted matching your furniture plus wall color.
  • Window Shelves: As the name indicates, these cat shelves are connected to the walls. They're designed to fit to a variety of devices. These cat shelves allow your kitty to view the outside environment. Besides, they come in many styles and different sizes, giving you a great room to choose your best.
  • Outdoor Shelves: These shelves were built with outdoor cats in mind. The shelves are designed and installed on the building's exterior.
  • Canvas Shelves: This type of shelf has runways that are linked by bridges that look like hammocks. If you have many young kittens, this is a perfect option because they will enjoy the hammock. Cotton canvas and wood planks can be used to make these shelves because they are sturdier.

Wrap Up

Getting your cat a shelf is the best thing you can do for your kitty. It gives it some room for exercise, it safeguards your sofas as well as decorating your house. You will find the best choice in the market depending on your taste.

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