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Best Cat Halloween Costumes

Cat Halloween Costumes.

Halloween is a well-loved holiday in the United States; it’s celebrated by around 70% of people and the favorite holiday of around 10% of people. For many, deciding on a Halloween costume is an important process that needs weeks or months of thought, but some even have more than one costume to pick. If you are planning costumes for your family, that may include your pets! Cat Halloween costumes are fairly easy to find these days, online as well as in pet stores. Whether you want to dress your cat up to match the family’s group costume or in a separate (but just as cute) outfit, there is something out there for you and your furry friend. For clever ideas and high-quality clothes, check out our list of the top ten cat Halloween costumes.

Why are cat Halloween costumes so popular?

Most pet owners consider their animals to be part of the family, so it makes sense that they would want their cats to join in on celebrating Halloween. Cat Halloween costumes also became more popular after the first Halloween of the pandemic, when people realized that they could enjoy the holiday without parties or social events by making their homes festive and dressing up with their pets.

What is this?

Cat Halloween costumes are costumes designed for pet cats to wear on Halloween or during the Halloween “season”. It has been a tradition for humans to wear costumes on Halloween for at least four hundred years, and it has recently become popular to include pets in the festivities. It’s thought that the costumes worn for the holidays that predated Halloween were intended to ward off hostile spirits, but today most people are motivated by cuteness or humor when planning Halloween costumes.

Just like other types of clothing for cats, Halloween costumes for cats are specifically designed to fit the size and proportions of a cat. Although dogs and cats both have tails and four limbs, cat and dog Halloween costumes are not designed the same way.

When buying a Halloween costume for your cat, especially in a pet store, make sure you are buying from the cat section. This is partly because cats tend to be lankier and generally have different proportions than dogs. Most cat Halloween costumes come in multiple sizes and offer sizing charts to help you pick the right one for your pet. You may need to measure your cat’s height, from the floor to the top of its back; length, from chest to tail; chest circumference, around the widest point; or other measurements, depending on the style of the costume and which parts of the cat’s body it is worn on.

Kitten Halloween Costumes.

Different Types of Cat Halloween Costumes

There are a ton of different types of Halloween costumes for cats, but we’ll talk about some of the most popular ones.

  • Animal costumes - One popular option is dressing your cat up as another animal. Like animal costumes for humans, these costumes can often be minimalist. For example, a bat costume can be as simple as putting bat wings on a black cat, and a lion costume could just be a lion’s mane that goes on the cat’s head.
  • Human costumes - This category of costume normally involves something that goes only on the front half of the cat and has fake arms, so that the cat’s front limbs look like a person’s legs. Cowboys, pirates, doctors, and other “human character” costumes are available in this category.
  • Food costumes - Silly food/cat combinations have been a favorite obsession of the internet from the beginning. These get the chance to come to life with Halloween costumes, which allow you to dress your cat up as a slice of pizza, a taco, a hot dog, a pumpkin, and more.
  • Meme costumes - Cat memes are pretty ubiquitous, and there are a few classic cat memes that have been seen by almost everyone. The more iconic ones can be turned into Halloween costumes. The phenomenon of “breading” your cat by cutting a hole in a slice of bread and putting it around the cat’s face can be made longer-lasting with a bread cat Halloween costume, which is essentially a face slice of bread that can be worn on the cat’s head. You might also consider dressing your cat up as Nyan Cat, who has a PopTart for a body and leaves a rainbow trail behind it.

How to Choose

Choosing a Halloween costume for your cat can be as complicated as choosing one for yourself. It may even be more complicated since cats don’t have standard clothing sizes and you may have to make alterations or additions depending on your cat’s measurements. And of course, you’ll need to take the relevant measurements from your cat to figure out what size costume is closest to fitting their specifications.

You should also choose a costume that your cat is ok with wearing. Some cats dislike having something on top of their head, some don’t like having anything on their paws, and some may feel restricted by clothing that covers their whole body. If your cat will be wearing this costume for all of Halloween or on multiple days, rather than just for a moment to take a picture in it, you want to make sure they are comfortable.

Depending on your other costume plans, you may want to choose a matching costume for your cat. A cat Halloween costume can be an adorable addition to a matching set of group or family costumes. Even though your cat can’t pick their favorite costume, you can also consider its personality and try to choose a costume that seems appropriate for them.

Halloween Costumes for Cats.

What to Consider When Buying a Cat Halloween Costume

Dressing your cat in a Halloween costume can be perfectly safe and enjoyable for your cat when done correctly, but it’s important to consider a few things before making a decision.

  • Body language visibility - Large costumes that cover most of your cat’s body can make their body language difficult to read. This may not be a problem for you, if you are very in tune with your cat’s behavior and body language, since you may be able to tell how they feel with relatively little information. However, if other people or animals will be interacting with them while they are in costume, you should probably avoid costumes that hide body language. This will make it easier for them to interact with those they are unfamiliar with.
  • Vision and hearing ability - Your cat might be frightened if they have trouble seeing or hearing properly while wearing the costume. If any of the costume pieces are worn on the head, make sure they aren’t blocking your cat’s ears or covering their eyes.
  • Chewing and choking hazards - Be careful about small pieces on Halloween costumes for your cat, especially if your cat is a big chewer. Buttons, snaps, and other types of metal or plastic fasteners can be choking hazards if your cat manages to chew them off. Wires, ornaments, and other small pieces that aren’t perfectly secure can also be hazards. Avoid these things when possible, and if you do buy a costume with small pieces, make sure it is well made and not likely to come apart when chewed.


Cat Halloween costumes can be a great way to brighten up the spooky season for you and your furry friend. If you buy them a high-quality, safe costume like the ones on our top ten list, they will have fun celebrating Halloween with you and be a cute addition to your own Halloween decorations and costumes.

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