Best Kitten Food

Kitten Food.

Eating habits are a very important thing to take care of when a newborn kitten is concerned. Good eating habits will initiate a good lifestyle and proper growth for your kitten. This is why the food that you choose for your kitten is very important. Choosing a proper kitten food can be hard, especially if you have never kept a kitten before. The proper way of choosing food for your kitten is by hit trial and by taking advice from your vet. The food that you choose for your kitten may turn to decide its behavior, its metabolism, potential allergies that may develop as kittens are introduced to new foods, and many other things. The right kind of food from the very beginning is going to be very beneficial for your little kitty and there is only one thing to do in order to get that done.

Just like growing kids, the kitten needs a lot of nutrients in the early months of their lives. Not to mention, they grow faster and hence require special attention at all times. A diet high in protein and fats will help them grow big and strong with a healthy and shiny coat. A selection of carbs is also required for growing kittens given their high activity levels in the early few months of the development period. The diet can be changed as your pet starts to grow and enter adulthood into something which has higher protein content.

Types of Kitten Food

As evident, there are several types of kitten foods that you need to know all about before you go out and select a final one for your new kitten. Moreover, the choice of food will change within a few weeks so that the food can keep up with the development of the kitten. To effectively switch between food types, one must know all that there is to know about the viable options. Following is a detailed list of all the different kinds of foods that kittens can consume. We also have a small list of our own favorites that you can scroll through in order to get a head start on the race.

Wet Food

One of the most popular choices when it comes to cat food is wet food. Many cats, one may say most of them, have a weird aversion to water and would completely refuse to drink any. This makes them dangerously dehydrated and can turn out to invite severe health problems too. And cats being cats, are not going to listen to the owners or the vets about drinking more water and one can not force them into it either. For felines like this, wet food brings in a range of solutions that other types of cat foods do not. Wet food is about 70-75% water content along with solids. Wet kitten food has low-fat contents, ideal carbohydrate contents, an ideal amount of protein, and almost 40 different micronutrients that kittens need to grow properly. The high water and moisture content make it perfect for cats that refuse to drink enough water and the lesser calory content makes them ideal for kittens who are showing signs of obesity. They feel fuller after eating wet food and still consume lesser calories.

Wet food or canned food for kitty is also known for its palatability. Since little cats get bored of the same taste after only a short amount of time which means that a change in flavors is extremely important for the kitten food that you choose. Wet cat food comes in several flavors and styles including some of the top favorites of cats like salmon, mutton, several vegetables, and more. Wet food or canned foods also come in pre-prepared portion sizes which makes it easy for cat parents to decide on ideal portions for their young kitty. Although always ensure that you buy wet food that is meant for kittens only and not adult cats. Some wet foods are labeled as suited for cats from all age groups but try and get the ones that are prepared specially for kittens and not all cats in general. We have some suggestions of our own that can help you choose the right brand of wet food for your little kitten.

Dry Food for Your Kitten.

Kitten Dry Food

Very young cats with their teeth still developing will not be able to chew dry food but it is ideally suited for kittens who have full-grown strong teeth and can easily chow down on dry food. Dry food is high in protein and low in carbs which is the perfect combination for kittens who are about to enter adulthood and require more protein-driven energy. If convenience is the issue that you are facing when administering wet food for your little kitten then dry food can be your savior. Dry food has next to no amount of moisture content (almost 7-12%) so it will leave your kitten satisfied and full for a longer period and it will not stroll back to the feeding space only after a few hours. So, if your cat is all good when it comes to drinking water then dry food will work wonders for it.

As far as flavors are concerned, dry food is on par with wet food options for kittens. So, any picky eater in your arsenal will be more than happy to get on with dry food. For kittens who are capable of eating dry food, it is best to administer a diet that comprises both wet and dry cat food in appropriate portions. Both dry and wet kitten food stand equal ground when it comes to preservation and shelf life but dry food requires a lot less space for storage. Depending on all these elements, you can easily make a choice.

High Protein

Kittens require a protein diet in order to grow properly, it is no secret. Kittens require their diet to be about 30-40% of protein. Cats are naturally attracted to a diet that is rich in protein like meat. There is almost no incidence where cats are spotted reaching out to vegetables instead of a piece of meat which suggests that cats are prone to eat a protein-rich diet. This simply means that if you are feeding your cat a protein-rich diet then you will be feeding it a natural diet that is made for cats.

Cats inherently lack the enzyme that digests which means that protein is something that the cat’s body will appreciate. A protein-rich diet is also great for kittens that are prone to obesity and diabetes since a diet that is high in protein would mean that the number of carbs will be all that low. All in all, a high protein kitten food is a great way to help your kitten grow big and strong. Although, consult your vet before opting for a high protein diet so that your kitten does not face any complications.

Organic Kitten Food

In simple terms, organic kitten food is the food that is made using ingredients that are grown while following all the necessary rules and regulations laid out by health authorities for organic farming and produce. As evident, organic kitten food will be free of all kinds of fertilizers, weedicides, and other chemicals that are often used in farming the general product and will make up a very elite combination of nutrients for the growing kittens.

Just like humans, an organic diet can benefits kittens in many ways including keeping them away from harmful chemicals used in making the crop supporters which may lead to multiple health problems. Not only that, but many organic kitten food variants also used processing techniques that do not include the use of chemicals and preservatives that are often used in production processes. Rich in crude nutrients, organic kitten food is a great way to ensure that your kitten eats nothing but the purest edibles available out there.

For Sensitive Stomach

Kittens are small and their stomachs are already sensitive to almost every foreign element but there are kittens who would be more sensitive than other kittens to foods. Sensitive stomach kitten foods are the ideal options for these kittens who have a sensitive stomach.

Sensitive stomach food for kittens is made using whole novel proteins, that do not irritate the digestive tract of kittens and offer a very natural diet. The right balance of vitamins and minerals is also the main thing when it comes to a complete diet which is supported by the presence of vegetables and whole grains. Depending on the foods that your kitten reacts to in the worst way. The type of protein that your kitten is consuming may also be causing the allergies that you see so, examining the source of protein is also a great way to determine the best food for the sensitive stomach of your kitten. A limited ingredient food is also a great choice as sensitive stomach kitten food.

Wet Kitten Food.


Recently gaining a lot of popularity, grain-free food for kittens is the concept that came out due to the fact that cats are inherently carnivores. A diet filled with grain may often cause allergies in some cases which is why a grain-free diet is a great option to feed your cat right from the very start. However, it is best to get a suggestion from your vet before you get on with the grain-free diet.

The best thing is to test the diet schedule with normal food first and then switch to grain-free for a gradual change. If you like you can keep your kitten on a grain-free diet from the very start. This would mean that the food will be high in protein and will suit the lifestyle of any kitten to the fullest.

Holistic Cat Food

As evident by the name, holistic kitten food is the kind of food that can be seen as a completely balanced diet for the kitten without having to add any additional element. Holistic kitten food is a great choice for young kittens. The holistic kitten/cat food will include all important nutrients in the right amount.

Unlike grain-free foods or the high protein kitten food, the holistic cat foods will have all the nutrients including carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals in them so if your kitten is showing signs of allergies from a certain nutrient or foods, holistic foods should not be a part of its diet. It is best to check all the health conditions before you make a certain kind of diet permanent for your kitty. However, holistic foods are nothing but great for growing kittens which means that you can rest assured about your baby’s diet if you are administering holistic kitten food. We have a few recommendations of our own for you to check out and have a lead on the selection process.

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