Best Grain-Free Cat Food

Grain-Free Cat Food.

Finding out the right food for your cat can be a real task and can get you on your nerves too! But relax and do a bit more research to avoid sinking into the wrong direction when buying cat food. And yes, don’t be attracted by the artistic graphics or the cute pictures of cats on the food boxes or the health and nutrition claims, because what matters the most is the real value of nutrients that are actually going to help your cat to help improve the health properly. There are varied categories in which food is divided and the most popular being grain-free food.

What is Grain-Free Cat Food?

The term is self-explanatory and you might see the term “Grain-Free” on most of the cat food these days. Grain-Free Cat Food is basically food without any grain ingredients in it. Grains including wheat, rice, or oats are mostly considered “filler” ingredients that prove no benefit for the cats and only contribute to increasing the weight unnecessarily. These grains have excessive carbohydrates that only help to keep the kibble in shape but no health benefits. These grains are low in protein with an excessive amount of carbohydrates, thus offers no nutrition to cats. Grain-free cat food is considered a better and nutritious option when compared to other cat food available.

Is this Type of Food Good Option for Cats?

Grain-free food seems to be a healthy alternate owing to the fact that it is a great source of all nutrients that a cat requires. But don’t go by the vibrant packaging or the marketing strategies that many manufacturers ad brands apply to uplift their sales. There is different quality grain-free cat food available, while some of them are good but few of them fail to meet the specific needs of your feline. A well-balanced grain-free diet for a cat should always include high protein levels, minerals, vitamins, and many other important nutrients that help improve the cat’s bodily function and that too without any carbs and no replacements.

Is Grain-Free Cat Food Easier to Digest?

When food with grains is served to cats, it becomes extremely difficult to digest and even more difficult to break down by the cat’s digestive system and also due to the fact that carbohydrates are dry and starchy. The process of breaking down the carbohydrates with a high level of starch without the presence of salivary amylase enzyme. In contrary to this, the grain-free food, which is produced and formulated naturally and are not brimming up with carbohydrates, makes the best option for cats – it serves as a perfect option for a cat’s natural diet too. No grains are used for the binding process and thus, more of nutritional value.


There are numerous food benefits of grain-free cat food that helps to benefit your feline friend from varied allergies and diseases too. Not just this it is much convenient for pet owners too: Here are the listed benefits as:

  • Improved Skin and Digestive System: A visible change can be seen in the skin and fur of your pet, after feeding grain-free cat food. There will be a positive impact seen and not just this, the grain-free cat food also helps to improve the digestive system of your cat. There are many cats with a sensitive digestive system and also with some sort of grain allergy. The presence of rice, corn, barley, or wheat can be the main reason for allergies and simply results in problems associated with cat’s skin, and fur. The grain-free diet is extremely beneficial for your kittens facing skin or digestive symptoms like loose stools or excessive itchiness.
  • Source of Protein: Amidst many benefits of grain-free food, one of the main is a complete source of protein. This is one of the main benefits of serving grain-free cat food. A cat always requires a sufficient amount of protein along with a lesser amount of carbohydrates in the diet to keep their body healthy and fit. If the food includes an excess of carbohydrates then it becomes extremely harmful for the cats’ health, thus, it should always be avoided.
  • Reduced Allergies: It is seen that many cats get diagnosed with different types of food allergies and thus, the food should always be given only after a complete inspection and after checking the nutrients. When switching to grain-free cat food a significant difference might be felt with reduced allergies. The grain-free food proves to be a good source of all minerals and vitamins that help combat allergies and thus, helps the cats to attain a healthy body and maintained weight too.
  • Easy to Feed: The grain-free food is much easier to feed, many cats are fussy eaters but switching to feed them with the same makes mealtime happy. You do not have to spend time figuring out the nutrients, with grain-free food, you can be sure that it won’t cause any grain allergy and will offer a completely balanced diet too. This way caring for your cat becomes much easier too.
  • Active and Longer Lifespan: To make your cat’s lifestyle much active and healthy, feed them with something that is easily digestible and also offers loads of nutrients and minerals too. Do keep an eye on your cat’s food, if they are not eating their food properly, not able to digest the food, or are vomiting up frequently then they could become vitamin or mineral deficient. But with careful examination of the allergy or after serving grain-free cat food, you might be able to keep the allergy away from your cat.

Things to Look Out for When Buying

Apart from the many advantages of having a grain-free diet for your cat, there are numerous other things that need to be kept in mind when. If the grains are completely removed from their diet, then there must be something else that needs to be replaced that can help make the food delicious and also nutritious in terms of improving the cat’s health. The replacement products sometimes are fats which you need to ensure that the cat is getting in a sufficient amount. If the pet owners are not aware of the fat content rate, then there are chances that your cat can gain more weight and lack the nutrients that are needed to be there in the body for carrying out the daily activities.

Not only this, there are many other things that need you to focus on, one of them is that grain-free food is more expensive than the regular meals available. But on contrary to this, if the portion size of the meal is controlled then cats tend to meet their nutritional needs easily while being easy on the pocket too.

Raw Grain-Free Cat Food

When finding out the raw grain-free food for your cats, it becomes necessary to check for the kind of ingredients used. Raw grain-free food for cats only uses an extremely limited range of ingredients that only sticks to a single source of proteins, minerals and does not have any artificial colors, flavoring, fillers, or preservatives. Owing to its freshness the food expires more quickly and also costs you a bit higher. These kinds of raw food are freeze-dried that can easily be rehydrated at your home as and when required. Many manufacturers knowingly remove the natural carbohydrate and replace them same with syntenic supplements that can cause more harm than good.


Apart from the raw grain-free cat food, there are different categories into which the cat food falls. If you wish to feed your cat a maximum of dry food then nothing seems the best option than dry grain-free cat food. The manufacturers and experts of cat food ensure that the cat food is completely grain-free and is loaded with exemplary quality roasted meats including salmon or any other animal protein, this also makes it highly digestible, making your cat’s body highly nourished and completely healthy from inside out.

Apart from this, there are food items that are a perfect blend of premium quality deboned chicken, natural fibers along turkey that offers protein-rich nutrition. The nutrient-rich grain-free food is a balance of sufficient moisture complemented by natural fibers and other nutrients that aid digestion.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle with Maintained Weight

The grain-free foods for the cat are also available in numerous flavors and with the dedicated nutrient requirement. Every cat has different needs of nutrients and the food should always be selected according to that.

  • Mature indoor and outdoor acts need high-quality protein to keep up to their health quotient. Many of the food products are provided with cranberries that also helps to keep the unitary tract functioning owing to the fact that it has beneficial natural dietary fibers, which in turn help to push the hairballs and ease the process of digestion, and also contributes to reducing the litter box odor as well.
  • Since there are too many nutrients and vitamins, the proteins in the food are carefully balanced in contrary to the calories of fat, while keeping in mind to maintain a healthy weight throughout. There are flavors available that include catfish, turkey, and salmon.
  • Not just for the mature indoor cats, you can use the wet can grain-free food for your kitty that helps build healthy muscles. To meet different requirements the grain-free foods are packed with flaxseed, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, support healthy digestion for the kitty along with healthy skin and coat.
  • Apart from this, there is grain-free food formulated with cranberries that helps to support urinary health and preventing harmful bacteria from infecting the urinary tract; along with chicken as the main ingredients there are carrots infused that are extremely high in antioxidants, which ultimately helps to keep your cat healthy and active throughout the day, be it indoors or outdoors.

Wet Grain-Free Cat Food

Don’t always go for dry grain-free cat food, you can surely serve your cat wet food as well, in this way they too are not tired of having the same dry food over and over again. Though sometimes wet food can be a bit expensive but can be beneficial if you are aware of the content. While in some cases, you might see that the wet food has too much gravy, which is nothing but a filler and degrades the value of the food, and provides no good health benefits too. The wet food for cats is often available in easy-open, convenient, ready-to-serve containers or packs that contribute to making mealtime quick and easy, and enjoyable.

It is often seen that cats love the chunky and grainy texture but with the wet grain free food, all-natural ingredients and meat are used to prepare a gravy meal that has the perfect consistency and simultaneously has all the nutrients. Don’t miss out seeing the contents used in the wet grain free food, though there must be food cans that are made from premium animal proteins (without the presence of grains, fillers, and artificial additives), which are ethically sourced from trusted sources to offers the best for the cats. Not just this, when it comes to wet grain free food, there is food available that is specifically manufactured using fresh cranberries, ground flaxseed, and chicken that helps to pore the benefits and keeps the cat fit and healthy too.

Single Sourced Protein Rich Food

There are different varieties of food available for cats that are provided in gravy and are rich in proteins and all other nutrients. But some of them fall under the category of single-sourced protein-rich formula that is majorly made with fresh meat, bones, and organs that also includes chicken, venison, lamb, rabbit, beef, and mackerel. The wet grain free protein rich food is beneficial for cats and helps combat the deficiency of proteins in cats. These minimally processed food offers complete and balanced diet for adult cats that majorly contain proteins in high amount.

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