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Cat in safe cat cage.

While playing, eating, and lazing around is one thing when it comes to your house pets like cats and dogs, there are several other things that one needs to focus on when taking in pets. The biggest of these things is their houses and some kind of arrangements for when you decide to go out aka pet cages.

While dogs can be put on a leash when going out, cats do not really confine themselves to that particular activity and would rather sit comfortably in a cage than be put on a leash by their parents. This is why we say that the needs and requirements of a pet are no less than a newborn child which means that there are tens of kinds of cages that you need to be looking at, selecting from, and then bringing home. Not to mentions, there are several variants for each particular kind of cage that you will be needing for your furry little friend so, the workload is almost double.

10 Best Cat Cages in 2024

Products Information Price
MyPet Metal Pet Gate for Dogs & Cats.
Cat Gate
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 3 inches
Lifestage: Adult
Breed size: Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds
Material: Stainless steel
Gate type: Pressure mounted
Gate feature: Walk-through
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Frisco Two Door Plastic Dog & Cat Kennel.
Frisco Two Door
Dimensions: 24 x 16.5 x 14.5 inches
Weight: 6.43 pounds
Lifestage: Adult
Breed size: Small breeds
Features: Top load, Carry handle
Material: Plastic
Assembly required: No
Tools included: No
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Frisco Collapsible Wire Cat Cage Playpen.
Wire Cat Cage
Dimensions: 35.25 x 23.375 x 48 inches
Weight: 39.49 pounds
Features: Collapsible, removable pan, pet door
Material: Steel, Coated Metal, Polypropylene
Assembly required: Yes
Tools included: Yes
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Catit Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Kennel.
Catit Kennel
Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 13.8 inches
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Lifestage: Adult
Breed size: Small breeds
Features: Top Load, Shoulder Strap, Water-resistant
Material: Plastic
Assembly required: Yes
Tools included: No tools required
Recommended pet weight: Up to 25 pounds
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Ferplast Two Door TPlastic Dog & Cat Carrier.
Cat Carrier
Dimensions: 18.75 x 13 x 11.75 inches
Weight: 3.1 pounds
Breed size: Extra small & Toy breeds
Features: Top load
Material: Plastic, Steel
Assembly required: No
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Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cat Cage.
Cat Cage
Dimensions: 31.8 x 20 x 20 inches
Weight: 2.91 pounds
Features: Collapsible, Water-resistant
Material: Mesh, Nylon
Assembly required: No
Recommended pet weight: Up to 30 pounds
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Necoichi Portable Cat Cage and Litter Box Set.
Necoichi Portable
Dimensions: 31.8 x 20 x 20 inches
Features: Collapsible, Water-resistant
Litter box type: Accessory
Material: Polyester
Assembly required: No
Recommended pet weight: Up to 30 pounds
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IRIS 2-Tier Plastic Cat Cage.
Plastic Cat Cage
Dimensions: 32.48 x 22.24 x 46.81 inches
Weight: 35.3 pounds
Lifestage: Adult
Material: Plastic
Assembly required: Yes
Tools included: No tools required
Recommended pet weight: Up to 10 pounds
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Carlson Pet Products Gate with Pet Door.
Carlson Pet Products
Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 1 inches
Lifestage: Adult
Breed size: Extra small & toy breeds, small breeds
Material: Stainless steel
Gate type: Pressure mounted
Gate feature: Pet door
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Molly Mutt Rough Gem Dog & Cat Crate Cover.
Cat Crate
Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 2.5 inches
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Lifestage: Adult
Breed size: Large breeds
Material: Cotton
Assembly required: No
Tools included: N/A
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But to choose the very best for your cat, you need to dig a little deeper and search a little more intensely to find the best fit for your little kitty. Cat cages are quite commonly found on both offline and online marketplaces and that too in variated styles, design, material, and durability. Also known as cat enclosures popularly, cat cages can be helpful in many situations and may even act as your savior at times. Following are some listed benefits of cat cages:

Benefits of Cat Cages

Perfect Cage for Your Cat.
  • Safety at Hand: It is a given fact that your cat is not going to stay indoors all day long. There are going to be long hours when you will have to let them outside and the fear of them getting hurt when out is completely legitimate. A cage made for outdoors is going to keep your kitty safe from any factor that can potentially hurt it or make the environment unsafe. There are stray animals like dogs, cats, raccoons, and rats that can transfer potentially communicable diseases to the cats. Moreover, there is no shortage of fleas, ticks, and other pests, animal control officers that may take your cat as a stray, and last but not least, cars and other vehicles. Unless your cat is trained and smart enough to stay around the house and not cross fences when allowed to go outside, make sure that you have chosen a cage for her to be in so that enjoying outdoors is not that difficult.
  • A Fun Play Space: As mentioned before, cat cages are more than just a space to confine your cat. There are cage variants that come with a full-fledged playpen installed inside of them. So, if your cat wants to spend some time outside or if he needs to be kept in the cage even when indoors for some reason then you do not have to worry about him being hostile towards you because he got bored in the cage. The enclosed area will not only help them get a dose of the outside world being safe inside the cage but also improve health as they get to play in the fresh air.
  • Behavior Training: If your cat is acting up in the worst ways possible then cat cages are the best way to get some behavioral training started, especially if your cat has to live with some other pets of yours. Cats like to have their own personal space which is completely their territory and once they have that around the house where they have to share space with other pets, they will calm down and descend into a more docile creature. Cats are introverts and if they are able to spend some time in their own company without other outer elements and pets disturbing their space, then cats become the best of the companion that you hope them to be when you bring the kittens home.
  • Litter Box Training Help: Litter box training is no piece of cake. Sometimes it hard to train your kitty for the litter box and then there is another time when it is comparatively easier. Either way, it is going to be a lot easier to accomplish this task when a cat cage is put into the equation. Since modern cat cages are all about cat luxury, there is a pretty good chance that the litter box your cat has been ignoring for a while now will actually attract it to be used if it is surrounded by some of your catโ€™s favorite toys and such. Add a condo, a duvet, and some plaything in the cage, and viola โ€“ you will see that your cat will get accustomed to using the litter box very easily.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

  • The Age of Your Cat: The cage that you will choose will depend on the kinds of pet you will decide to keep and their age as well. While cages can be a very helpful accessory during the first ten months, they often deem useless as the kittens grow bigger and outgrow the cages in the process as well. So, if you are investing in a cage and want to keep using it for a long, long time then you need to find a cat cage that is suitable for both newborn kittens and adult cats as well. If you are thinking that you will be using the cage for only a few initial months then a smaller kitten cage will be a good choice.
  • Size and Weight of the Cat: Just like age, the size and weight of your cat are also significant. The size and weight of any cat would primarily depend on the breed of your cat since there are cats from breeds that look like kittens even fully grown into adults and then there are breeds that basically turn your cat into a smaller version of a tiger. Depending on what breed you have in your home, you can easily choose a cage that is suitable for your cat, her size, and her weight.
  • Available Area and Space in the House: So, you are thinking of getting a cage that is huge but not has as much space inside or outside of the house on the lawn โ€“ doesnโ€™t sound like a well-thought-out plan, right? Well, you need to wisely analyze the space that you have to spare in the house or whether you can move some things around. Depending on the answers to these questions, you will be deciding the cage that you need to buy.
  • How Much Time Will Cat Spend in the Cage: If the cage that you are buying is going to be used for only a short duration for example when you are making a grocery run or going to the gym then, it doesnโ€™t have to be as spacious. But if your cat will be spending a longer duration in the cage then it has to be big enough for it to comfortably move around, poop, play, and sleep โ€“ in other words, it needs to be its second home.
  • Levels in the Cage: The levels in a cage can be decided based on two factors โ€“ whether you have multiple cats and whether you would like them to spend time together. Levels of a multiple-tiered cat cage can be both interconnected and separated depending on the variant that you choose. If your cats get along well and like to spend time together then you can choose the interconnecting variant. This variant also works for you if you have only one cat and you would like it to have a multi-tiered home for playing and having fun. The other variant is effective when you want your cats to stay in separate spaces but do not have enough space in your house to place multiple cages in every other corner.
  • Ease of Access: The more gates your cage has, the better access it would provide. Easy access is not only an attractive thing to cats, it will also help you when you are getting the cage cleaned. So, make sure that you choose a cage with easy accessibility options.

More choices available

Cat Cages Types

Cage for Kitten.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and the actual important pointers you need to consider before buying or settling on a cat cage, you need to know about the different cages that are available in the market. Following are basic kinds of cat cages that you will find in any online or offline store:

Cat Window Cage

Window cages for cats are generally placed outside of the windows attached to the nearby frame of the window. These cages are perfect for cats who would love nothing more in the whole wide world than staying by the window and staring at the outside world. Not to mention, you must have noticed your cat trying to tap on the glass of the window โ€“ gently at times and not-so-gently the others โ€“ this is a clear-cut sign of the fact that she would love nothing more than getting to step just a bit more towards the outside. Window cat cages allow that possibility while keeping the cats safe inside the wired walls. These cages are quite spacious โ€“ as spacious as big your window is. Basically, you can get window cages custom-made as per the size of your windows. The main material used to make window cages is steel and other similar metals which are coated with the weather and waterproof coating for extra protection but some variants may also feature material like wood around the frame and edges.

Cage For Travel

As evident by the name, these cages are made to make traveling easy for you and your kitty. You are supposed to choose a variant that is lightweight enough for you to carry even after your cat steps into it. Travel cat cages are supposed to be very lightweight since the carrier will be carried by the owner themselves. This is why they are made with materials like reinforced plastic and similar material. The wires of the cages are made with materials like steel and other metals for extra safety. Another main feature of these cages is ventilation. Since the space in these cages is very limited, the ventilation is supposed to be on point. There is a handy handle on the top of the cages that are used to safely carry the cage around. These travel cages are made to be airplane-friendly as well since many pet parents travel with their pets. The other thing that you can have in travel cages is the fact that you will have is the color and designs as the plastic material that used in making the frame of the cages can be used after changing certain elements in colors.

Cat Bathing Cage

Not every cat is open to bathing and water in general. Actually, cats are kind of allergic to water and they would rather run away and lick themselves clean. These were cat cages that are made for bathing. Cat bathing cages come in several different designs and shapes and are made specially made to keep cats in the bathroom and have wide wires in them. These spaces are wide-set so that you have easy access to the cat in order to clean them during bathing time. While these cages are specifically designed to keep the cats contained in the cages and hence there is no way the cats can escape from the cage to hide away in corners. The main material that is used in making these cages is metal.

Outdoor Cage

As evident by the name, these cages are installed outdoors. The outdoor cages for cats are made with weather and water protection in mind. These cages are made with extra strong metals that are made to stand the test put forth by time and nature itself as well. The cages are often coated with a weatherproof coating that keeps the cage protected from rain and other weather. These cages are made in several forms and designs such as single levels as well as multiple levels and you can choose whichever one suits you the best.

Indoor Cat Cage

Indoor cat cages are made to fit ideally in your house without taking a lot of space. The indoor cages for cats have a wider scope of designs that you can try from the simplest of designs to the most complex ones, there is no limit to the variations that you can make when it comes to the indoor cat cages. The indoor cages for cats will generally be treated as the second home for your kitty. From beds to litter boxes, play towers, and duvets, the indoor cat cages can include anything that your cat may like or want in the cage.

Small and Large Cat Cages

These cat cages are made with the keeping large breed cats in mind. Since these cages have a lot of space in them, they can house larger cats easily in them and make them feel comfortable. Large cat cages are also made for cats that need more space for example overweight cats and just cats that are bigger in general. In the contrast, the small cat cages are made to highlight the needs of small cats. These cat cages can be easily fit into the house without having to make much space or move the furniture around. Just like large cat cages. These cages are also made with metallic wires and frames for sturdiness and strength and can be found in tired or single-level variants.

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