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Best Calming Dog Bed

Calming Dog Bed.

When we are thinking about dogs, we imagine playful, happy-go-lucky animals with wagging tails, but dogs aren’t necessarily happy by default. Just like us, dogs can experience anxiety for a variety of reasons, and similar to humans, it’s normal for dogs to be anxious occasionally. However, when a dog experiences anxiety frequently or does not have their anxiety kept in check with comfort from the owner or behavioral training, it can become a chronic issue that hinders the dog’s quality of life. It can be distressing to see our pets unhappy. If your dog is experiencing anxiety, you are probably very eager to find something that will help them. Fortunately, many simple products like calming dog beds can help to reduce anxiety in dogs.

Why are calming dog beds so popular?

Anxiety in dogs, no matter how severe it is, can make it difficult or impossible for the dog to rest or get good sleep. By getting a bed that is itself a form of treatment for anxiety, you can treat one of the products of anxiety that is probably affecting your pet’s life the most. Quality sleep, in turn, also reduces the effects of anxiety, so a calming dog bed really can make a big difference in your pet’s life. Take a look at our list of the top ten calming dog beds to find a life-changing solution for your pup.

What is a calming dog bed?

Calming dog beds are pet beds designed to give your dog a physical sense of safety and security. It operates on the same principles as the comfort vests that some dogs wear during thunderstorms, fireworks, or other stressful situations. It’s also somewhat similar to weighted blankets for humans. All calming beds, regardless of style, have a structure that is meant to comfort the dog.

Dogs are pack animals, and they are comforted by the touch of their family members, whether they are family by birth or by adoption into the same human household. If you have ever seen a litter of young puppies with their mother, you will have noticed that they constantly climb over one another and often sleep in a pile, snuggled up together. Dogs raised in the same household may exhibit this behavior, too, even when they are not related. Most calming dog beds aim to replicate this feeling by allowing the dog to sink into the bed, be surrounded by it, and feel the same comfort they would get from real canine siblings. No matter how much love and physical affection you give your dog, the dog-like comfort of a calming dog bed can still be beneficial when they are experiencing anxiety.

Calming Dog Bed.

Different Types

A variety of different dog bed designs can offer the safety and comfort that anxious dogs need, including:

  • Donut-style beds - These beds are normally made for small- to medium-sized dogs. They are round, with a central cushion and a raised circle of cushioning around the outside of the bed. This allows the dog to have something to lean against no matter how they are lying in the bed, and the bed “leans back” against them as other dogs would.
  • Cave-style beds - Appealing to the denning instincts of dogs, this style of bed is defined by a pocket for the dog to crawl into. Some are more structured, like a tent, and others are soft, like a sleeping bag, but all variations of cave-style beds offer the opportunity to “burrow” into a safe place. They are made for dogs of all sizes.
  • Bolstered beds - This is a square style of bed that has sturdy raised sides for the dog to lean against. They are typically made for larger breeds, and they let the dog lie comfortably in a bed while still keeping their back against something secure.
  • Orthopedic beds - Dog beds made from memory foam or other orthopedic materials can be an ideal choice for older dogs or dogs suffering from joint problems. The carefully designed material of the bed will relieve some of the dog’s pain and give them a chance to be physically comfortable and relaxed. This can be especially important for anxious dogs with muscular or joint issues, as the pain and disruption to their sleep will worsen anxiety over time.

How to Choose

If you are the type of person to dote on your furry friends, then you have probably gone through some trial and error to find the right products for them before. We certainly hope to make the process of choosing a calming dog bed as easy as possible, but the most important thing is always going to be your dog’s reception of the bed. If they don’t like it or feel comfortable in it, then it isn’t the right bed for them, even if it seems like it should be.

As we briefly mentioned above, different styles of calming beds are designed for different types of dogs. Some are made mostly in smaller sizes and others are made mostly in larger sizes. Certain styles are warmer than others, making them more appropriate for a cold climate, and there are even styles intended for dogs with specific health issues. These are good guidelines to base your shopping around, but they are not absolutes.

You also know your dog better than anyone, so if you have noticed patterns in the kinds of beds or other sleeping surfaces, they like to get comfy on, keep those in mind while you look. If you have a particular style you’re interested in, you can use our top ten list to find a high-quality bed that uses that design.

Comfy Calming Dog Bed.

What to Consider When Choosing a Calming Dog Bed

Dog beds may be cheaper than beds made for humans, but the same amount of thought and consideration should go into the decision-making process. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a calming dog bed:

  • Style - Use the tips given above to find a style, structure, and size of bed that will be ideal for your pet’s breed, personality, and needs. Keep the intended audience for the bed in mind, and read manufacturer recommendations to find a good match.
  • Washability - With any product intended for pets, you should anticipate a mess and know how easy it is to clean the product. Calming beds are no different, which can be a bit inconvenient, as many of the best designs are not conducive to being easy to wash. Many dog beds have washable covers but not washable inserts, which means that any mess that is more than superficial could potentially ruin the bed entirely. Always check the washing instructions for a bed before you buy it, so that you know what you’re getting into.
  • Quality - Most calming dog beds use some kind of fake fur to mimic the feeling of another dog’s hair and make your dog feel more at home. Unfortunately, cheap fake fur can be pulled out and eaten, especially if your dog is a chewer. Make sure the bed you’re buying won’t fall apart, and if your dog has a tendency to tear up its possessions, look for the sturdiest calming bed possible.


Calming dog beds can give any dog relief from anxiety. Even if your dog has a strong emotional connection to you and is easily comforted by you, a calming bed can keep them feeling safe when you are not around or they cannot be close to you. Look for a high-quality bed in a style that seems like a good fit for your dog to start improving their anxiety symptoms as soon as possible. You can use our top ten list as a reliable guide to some of the best beds available.

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