Best Cat Treats

Cat Treats.

Being a pet parent is no joke, as you have to take care of everything from their diet to the toys they might need. Cats are anyways sneaky and behave like a naughty child that needs all your attention and love. Further, to keep them healthy, you have to feed them for optimal digestive health. Besides the main meals, good cat treats are what should also be fed from time to time. It shall give them that special nutrition apart from the regular meals. So, apart from the home-cooked proper meals, you should also keep snacks and treats for your beloved cat at your home.

Cat treats are also a way of showing affection towards your pet. Although, there is a never-ending debate whether they are healthy or not. But, giving the treats in the right proportion is not a bad idea. In order to balance the calories, you can reduce their main meal by an equivalent calorific amount. You can also give treats to your furry friend as rewards.

Just like normal cat food, the treats are also available in different flavors. Moreover, you can also choose a treat that will suit your pet. If the pet is a bit overweight, then you can go for a diet cat treat. There are a variety of cat treats that are available keeping in mind the different needs and requirements of cats. Every pet parent should thus keep these treats to please the pet. What will you get in return? Well, the cat pet might rub its cheeks on you or practice bunting to show love and pleasure. With the wide variety of treats available for cats in the market, you may get a little confused. So, let’s find out what will be the best kind of treat for your pet, keeping in mind their health and taste.

Grass for Cat

Cat’s parents have this notion that only meat will please their furry friend. However, some vegetation in the diet is what she may enjoy. Cats are obligate carnivores, however, they do enjoy munching on plants. But you must be wondering what cat grass is? It’s not a kind of plant but a grass mixture.

It is grown from different seeds such as Barley, Wheat, Rye, or Oats. So, never confuse it with the normal grass as that contains toxic pesticides and is not recommendable. It is a kind of healthy cat treat that is specifically grown indoors for pets. Cat grass also provides roughage that aids digestion and elimination.

Also, the fact that it benefits the digestive system shall be the reason for you to include it in her diet. Cat’s who eat grass further have more gastrointestinal tracts, less constipation, and fewer hairballs. That is not all, the chlorophyll in the grass also keeps the breath of the cat fresh.


It is a safe cat treat in case your pet is dealing with some tooth issue or has lost her teeth and struggles to eat. We all need some extra love and care when we are ailing. A soft cat treat will thus keep the cat happy. Soft cat snacks are prepared in a manner that they are easy to chew. The formulation is such that it contains some amount of water as well that further ensures hydration. But the taste is never compromised. As the cats just like humans appreciate good variety now and then. Easy to chew treats come in many different flavors. You can either treat your pet with a single flavor or can even mix different flavors to keep her happy.

High Calorie Cat Treats

If you want your kitten to gain weight and boost general feline health, then a high-calorie treat would be a perfect choice. The calorie-rich treats are rich in protein - meat, fish, or poultry as the first ingredient. Moreover, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are included in the recipe. The animal-sourced fat, proteins, and added micronutrients are what make such treats perfect for underweight kitty. Cats can be a little fussy when it comes to having food.

To add needed calories to the diet a high-calorie healthy treat has to be included to meet the nutrient requirements. Apart from the regular meals, a treat is what the cat will get more excited to have. However, in case you are feeding calorie-rich treats because of specific conditions, then a discussion with the pet’s veterinarian about feeding is advisable.

Grain Free

Well, it can be simply described as a food that does not contain grains. It thus does not contain corn, wheat, oats, rice, and barley. Most veterinary nutritionists recommend cat treats with no grains in the treatment plan for cats with allergies, unusual sensitivities, or inflammatory conditions. The trend of gluten-free offerings began back in 2010 in North America, that is when pet parents also started looking for grain-free pet treats.

In this pet treats, the corn and rice are swapped with non-grain carbohydrate alternatives such as potato and legumes. Some of the pet owners also wonder whether the grain-free treats are safe or not? There is a link between grain-free dog food and canine heart disease. However, that does not imply in the case of cats.

Organic Cat Treats

The word “Organic” with any food item easily grabs the attention because of the preparation that is involved in it. It is also the case with cat treats. The fact that these treats are prepared with natural meat or fish and have no added preservatives makes them the first choice of every pet owner.

Cats also adore the taste of real meat more. These are thus just perfect for reward-based training and concealing medication. The word organic included also indicates that the cat treat does not contain added colors, flavors, and preservatives. Further, the organic livestock is fed organic feed, is not given antibiotics, and also has the access to the outdoors. These are thus counted as one of the best healthy cat treats.


Natural pet products are all about the use of natural ingredients, that eliminate artificial colors, additives, or fillers such as soy and corn. By these treats, the owner can ensure that the cat gets the health benefits that come from the natural ingredients. Natural pet treats are rich in proteins that give cats energy, which makes them feel good, healthy, and active. It is a perfect treat for the time when you are training your cat in agility exercises or tricks. You can even add them simply to their regular diet as a reward. The nation that natural ingredients food is boring does not imply here, as the natural pet treats come in delicious flavors. A cat just needs a healthy diet, love, attention, and a safe home.

Liquid Cat Treats

Liquid treats are for cats who don't enjoy chewing and crunching. If you have an old cat or a younger one who prefers extra creamy treats then your feline companion will adore you for rewarding them with liquid treats. Liquid cat food is also rich in macro and micronutrients that are essential for the steady growth of the pet. The smooth blend of ingredients shall make her meow for another treat. Showering cats with love further encourages good behavior. Pour the yummy treat in your cat’s dish and enjoy watching her eating it with pleasure. The liquid cat food also provides the much-needed moisture that helps the feline stay hydrated. To keep your cat excited for treat time, you can rotate through the variety of flavors.

For Sensitive Stomachs

This range of cat treats is specifically for cats dealing with long-term or short-term digestive sensitivities. Sensitive stomach cat food can be fed to pets dealing with allergies, as it contains just the essential ingredients. The treat will make the cat feel good with a nice treat as they are no less than an infant who wants all the attention and love all the time. Cat’s get a little fussy and hard to deal with when they are not feeling that great.

If you will give them a treat at that time then it will make them happy and feel loved. These are also rich in nutrition that must be included in the diet of your pet. The unusual proteins that are included in the preparation of sensitive stomachs treats are duck or venison. Some of the formulas are also without grain ingredients for the cats who can’t tolerate them very well.

Low Calorie Cat Treats

The common question that arises amongst pet parents is whether they can feed a treat to the overweight cat or not? Well, you can give them a low-calorie treat, which will make the cat happy and does not disturb the diet plan as well. However, you must consult the vet to confirm the treats that can be fed. Low-calorie cat food is prepared from ingredients such as green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower and thus provides all the nutrients that a cat needs for growth.

It is thus popular amongst owners who are trying to keep their cats at a healthy weight or want the fluffy friend to shed some weight. Although, these are low in calories that does not mean that the taste is compromised. The wide variety of flavors will make your cat love this low-calorie snack.


Some of the cats do not enjoy the crunchy treats and prefer the soft texture of wet snacks. The fact that they are formulated with 75% of water content guarantees hydration. Cats often act all fussy and refuse to eat, the feeders can then rely on wet cat food as it is easy to feed. A lot of pet owners also complain about how their cats do not drink the required amount of water. Wet food is rich in proteins and promotes lean body mass. It is also highly digestible and contains all the required nutrients.

The nutrients that are included in wet food are Iron, Zinc, and Biotin. All these nutrients support the development of the immune system, healthy skin, healthy blood, and tissue. A wet cat snack in that case can be a savior; The delicious taste also forces the cat to ask for another treat.

Dry Cat Treat

Dry treats are considered to be beneficial for cats both nutritionally and behaviorally. Cat’s naturally have a low thirst drive, but that does not mean that dry treats are bad for them. The high-protein and low-carbohydrate food offer amazing benefits. Dry food can be kept out for cats to graze upon for long hours, which is not possible with wet food as it gets spoiled. Moreover, chewing the hard kibble also promotes dental health.

As it contributes to the prevention of plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. It can also be easily fed either by meal feeding or free feeding. Pet parents also have to clean less as the dry treats create less mess than the wet ones. Some of the common ingredients used in dry cat foods include corn, chicken by-product, and poultry by-product.

How often should I feed my cat treats?

Apart from choosing the right snack for your cat, it is also important to know the quantity in which you must feed it to them.

The pet treats are just like cookies that can never be the bulk of the diet. However, these are very essential to keep the furry pet happy. Factors that you must consider for feeding treats are cat age, weight, and what the vet recommends. A two-hour gap should be there in between the last time they ate food and mealtime.

Cat treats and snacks can also be occasional and given as rewards after a day or two during training. Cats are highly motivated by food and can be trained better if you reward them. They are also very smart, so if you reward them often, then they might develop it as a habit and expect regular treats. Just give them the right snack or treat and in the right quantity to keep the feline companion happy and healthy.

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