Best Dog Food Containers

Dog Food Containers .

Pet parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of their furballs. They know that their pet has several needs and try to fulfill them. Having a food container for your canine is one such significant need. Pups try to grab on it whenever they see something to munch. They love fresh food but it is not possible all the time to cook for them. Buying every meal for your pooch is also not feasible, being quite expensive. Dog Food Containers allow you to store food, saving you from all these troubles.

Keeping food in a normal container can spoil it, which would annoy your canine. The chances are that your pooch will not eat the food stored in a normal container for days. Whether you have a small or a large-sized canine, a dog container is a must-have. There are several types of dog containers, designed for various purposes to choose from. You just need to pick the best storage container for your pup according to your preferences. Let us explore all about dog food containers.

Plastic Dog Food Containers

The size of the food container always matters as it will not be of great utility if it stores less food. This is crucial especially if you have a large-sized dog who consumes a hefty quantity in a single go. BPA-free plastic dog food containers are large and can keep the food fresh for days on end. As a loving pet parent, you would understand how important it is for your four-legged buddies to have fresh food. Plastic dog food containers come with lids that offer an airtight seal. It majorly protects the food from getting stale keeping the moisture out. Lids also keep the food secure from bugs and ants.

Some canines can make eating a difficult task for their parents. Either they want something different to munch on for each meal or they do not eat at all. In this case, you have to make a run to the market to buy something different for your pet or you can keep multiple plastic dog food containers to store different types of food. This saves a lot of your effort and at the same time, keep your furball happy. Plastic containers can be easily water-rinsed or dusted.

Stainless Steel

Dog food containers made from stainless steel are a durable option to provide fresh bites to your pet. The sleek look of steel has an exquisite finish. Steel dog food containers ban the exposure of dog food to moisture and air. There is a BPA-free plastic bucket liner on the inside for easy cleaning and storage. No foul smell can spoil your canine’s bite in sturdy steel containers. Both the back ends of the container are attached with wheels to transport the food easily without any required lifting. Generally, there is a lock-tight handle attached to the lid for the convenience of the pet owners. These four-legged cuties can smell the food within a snap of a moment and start licking the source of the food creating an absolute mess with the containers. Locking handle clamps of the food containers lock the smell ensuring that the canine eats only when someone serves the food. There are other unique features along with the food container offered by some brands such as a large scoop fitted with a magnet. Magnet scoop sticks to the steel and does not get lost in the heaps of food grains. You can choose a stainless steel dog food container from our recommended list of top 5.

Reusable Dog Food Container.

Stackable Dog Food Containers

Stackable dog food containers are best suited for multiple pets or large-sized dogs. Stackable containers generally have two or more compartments to store food. It can be quite a tough task for working pet owners to step out each time to buy food or cook something for their four-legged buddies. Getting dog food in bulk can save your costs in the long run but it is only effective when you have a secure space to store the food where no harmful elements can reach it. Stackable food containers can safely store a fairly large quantity of dog food so that pet parents do not have to constantly worry about the regular meals of their dogs. Multiple storage facilities can be used to store different kinds of food. Alternatively, dog parents can store food in one compartment and pet essentials and accessories in the other. The design is for multipurpose as you can even store something else, unrelated to your pooch.

Some brands offer unique features such as snap-lock lids which do not let the moisture or air enter the compartment. This ensures fresh serves of food to your four-legged friend. Pet owners can store the stock for months without it getting stale or soggy. Dog food often attracts ants and pests which can be completely avoided with stackable food containers. This container keeps issues such as bad odors and bacteria, at bay, keeping the food fresh and crunchy. Though the quantity of storage largely depends upon the size and a particular brand, usually stackable containers can hold up to eight pounds. Some food containers come with handy features such as a foot pedal which provides easy access to the bottom container. There is a scoop available with stackable containers for easy stuffing and extraction. You can look through, compare, and select the best stackable dog food container for your football here.


Keeping the food fresh for your four-legged friend is a major concern. As a loving pet parent, you would never want your pet to eat anything stale. Vault dog food containers completely ban the moisture ensuring that the food remains fresh for whenever your furry buddy wants to eat. Vault containers are made with BPA-free plastic, providing durability. These containers retain the same functionality whether you store the food in the container on its side or upright. The design is super efficient to provide maximum space for storage. These sealed dog food containers can usually store up to 60 pounds of dog food, depending upon the brand and the size of the container. The containers are equipped with airtight locking, making them pest-free and ant-proof. Vault food containers can be kept in cars so that your canine has something to munch on while traveling.

There is an angled opening on the side of the vault container to scoop the dog food easily, avoiding any instance of overflow or spilling. You can fill it from top to bottom but there would be no risk of brimming. You can check out the top 5 vault dog food containers here.

Dog Food Containers with Wheels

Dog owners have different tastes for the products they buy for their furry friends, depending upon various factors. When it comes to select a dog food container, some of the pet parents tend to go for simple yet durable containers. Dog food containers attached with wheels are exactly that. These containers are designed with the approach to provide maximum storage to the pet parents. Airtight lids of the containers keep the moisture and false smell out of your canine’s chow, serving it fresh food with every scoop. These food containers are manufactured using BPA-free plastic ensuring that the food stays chemical-free. The best feature is four rolling wheels attached to the container. The wheels make it easy to transport bulk quantities of dog food at once, without you having to lift anything. Some brands also offer small containers without the wheels, along with the large wheel-fitted containers. This makes an appealing set for dog food storage. You can utilize this storage by keeping other articles of your furballs such as their sweaters and toys.

These food containers are perfect if you have multiple pets or large-sized breeds such as hounds and German Shepherds among others. You can store food for weeks in them. A scoop comes along with the food containers for serving convenience. You can store up to 25 pounds of dog food in these containers, depending upon the brand and the size of the container. Some spaces have natural rodent problems, despite regularly cleaning them. Dog food is quite unsafe in such spaces. Even before that, you need to be concerned about your four-legged buddy catching any infections through rodents. Dog food containers are a feasible option to protect your dog’s munch.

Dog Food Container with Bowls.


Who does not like a stylish piece as a food container? Decorative containers feature exquisite designs and are available in multiple colors. These cool dog food containers have an urban vibe to them which makes them look like a part of your decor. At the same time, they fulfill the need for dog food storage, making it a perfect piece for young pet owners. Some containers have an exclusive space to write the pet’s name. Decorative food containers are manufactured using both metals and plastic. These containers usually have a small quantity, though it differs with every brand. They are best-suited to pet owners who have small-sized canines.

Decorative dog food containers look like small bins so that you can easily place it in one corner of the house. Since they are designed from various materials, it is crucial to pay attention to the material while buying decorative containers for your pooches. Food containers made from lead-free carbon steel are food-safe and they are usually paired with an airtight metallic lid. This top lid keeps the pasts, ants, and moisture-borne bacteria out of your dog’s food. BPA-free plastic food containers are also a secure choice as this plastic is devoid of all toxins, keeping the food safe for a longer period. Click here to check out our recommendations for the best Decorative dog food containers.

Elevated Dog Food Containers

Elevated Dog Food Feeders are airtight storage containers. They are fitted with two serving bowls on top of the plastic lid to provide ease of serving. Imagine you have the dog food but nothing to serve it. Watching your hungry pooch can be distressing then. Elevated dog feeders have in-built serving options so that you can feed your dog with fresh bites anywhere. These containers are available in both large and small sizes. Large elevated feeders can be kept inside the house while the smaller storage feeders can be kept in the cars. Elevated containers are an ideal fit for multiple pets.

The containers are usually made with BPA-free plastic while the bowls are manufactured using stainless steel. Both the materials are food-safe, ensuring that your pet eats free and remains healthy. These containers are available in both large and small sizes. The size of the food container matters a lot. Large elevated feeders can be kept inside the house while the smaller storage feeders can be kept in the cars. These large elevated containers are an ideal fit for multiple pets. Also, having a large-sized pooch means keeping a bulk quantity of dog food close all the time. In this case, large-sized elevated containers are perfect. The containers can be dismantled and cleaned easily.

Special for Traveling

Some dog parents consider traveling with their pets. You require things like food containers to travel to outstations with your furry buddy. Dog food containers for traveling are compact and can be fitted into backpacks. Whether it is a long hike or a visit to a friend’s home, travel dog food containers are ideal to carry up to five cups of dog food. Usually, there are plastic bowls fitted with the container for ease of serving.

Travel dog food containers have an airtight sealing system that keeps the moisture and air out, protecting the food from getting soggy. There is a handle on top attached for carrying. You can use it on the go without any fear of spilling or loosening ends. These containers can be easily disassembled and washed.

Reusable Dog Food Storage Bag

A reusable dog food storage bag is best-suited for traveling with your pooch. Storage bags are foldable and compact if they are to be used for on-the-go use. Hence, they can easily fit in your traveling backpack or be kept in the car trunk. A thick nylon strap with a plastic buckle is fitted on both ends of it, making it convenient to pack and carry. Usually, dog food storage bags can hold more than 10 cups of food. They are ideal for cabinet storage. Reusable storage bags are designed with plastic and good substitutes for fancy and expensive food containers. You can drop the food for your furry friend in the storage bag if it goes to a dog daycare.

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