Best Invisible Dog Fences

Invisible Dog Fences.

Have you ever got frustrated by some of your dog's behaviors? Yes, we've been there too. But, as a dog owner, you cannot avoid many of your dog's unique qualitiesโ€”especially those related to their innate animal instincts, similar to wolves' traits.

Certain traits dogs like to do are like finding prey by digging up holes in the grass trying to search or locate an animal. Similarly, they love to carry toys or treats and hide them by burying them in a hole too.

This can be frustrating as an owner as a lot of mess can be caused by your dog, with mud everywhere, taking you a lot of time to clean up your yard. Therefore you may wish to consider getting a fence to limit your dog's mess. But, this is not just a reason to think about getting a fence for your dog; there are several.

Why should you get a fence for your dog?

If you are limited for time and can't commit to taking your dog out for exercise as much as you like to, a fenced area in your yard can be a great alternative. Whether you're doing chores in the house or outside, this space allows ample room for your dog to roam around and exercise without causing any mess or distress.

Another reason is if your dog has particular aggressive tendencies, wary of strangers, or you have visitors at your house who are scared of dogs, a fence may be a great way to separate them and introduce them slowly.

Finally, a fence can be an excellent object to have if you're looking for an additional layer of security for your pet. For instance, if your neighborhood is next to a busy road, has lots of animals, or prone to thieves, a fence can protect your dog.

Do note, though; you should review your reasons first for getting a dog fence. After all, dogs are somewhat domesticated but have wild animal instincts that need to be nourished. Therefore you should review the reasons and still allow them to roam freely, not placing them inside a fence 24/7.

What is an invisible dog fence?

If you've reviewed your reasons as to why you may want to buy a dog fence, you will probably not want one that can make your yard ugly, hence, why there is such a thing as an invisible dog fence.

As the name suggests, an invisible dog fence, otherwise known as an electronic dog fence, relies on GPS signals to calculate the perimeter of your yard. From here, you can set boundaries or let the fence calculate them yourself. Usually, with an invisible fence, your dog will wear an electronic collar that will receive the digital signals to help you make sure your dog is not traveling past the boundary.

If it does, it will receive a mild electric shock to warn them it's traveled too far. There are also invisible dog fences that uses a buried wire into the ground and some that come with additional training kits to help your dog identify when they're out of range. An invisible fence is often seen as more ethical as you don't have to tie your dog up to a wall or anywhere else with a leash.

Electric Fence for Dog.


In comparison to a normal visible dog fence, there are many advantages to using invisible fencing for dogs:

  • Time and effort - Unlike a visible one, you don't have to spend much time setting it up. With an invisible dog fence, you don't spend time digging up boundaries in your yard and constructing the fence to fit it in place. There are no nail boards, installing fence posts, rolling wire, or anything else involved. At the very maximum, it only takes a couple of hours to install.
  • It's versatile - When using an invisible fence, you don't have to worry about the type of yard or land you have to install it. Unlike a standard wooden fence, you don't need a specific terrain type. Invisible fences can be used in water, on woodland, hills, and large areas. You're not restricted!
  • Reduced risk of human error - We can all get caught up sometimes attending to other errands and forget about the task at hand. With a visible fence, you can easily leave the door open, and your dog could escape. An invisible dog fence allows your dog to maintain in the secured area at all times, without you having to worry about closing the gate.
  • Reliable - Visible fences tend to be made out of wood or metal. Over time, they can rot or develop rust, making us question the sturdiness of it compared to when we first bought it. Similarly, dogs are prone to digging, chewing, and climbing over them. An electric dog fence not only stays steady but also prevents your dog from doing any of those.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - As mentioned earlier, an invisible dog fence can be appealing to our eyes. There are no colors, designs, or shapes to interfere with surrounding areas and disturb the beautiful scenery surrounding it.

The area it covers

When you get an invisible dog fence, you will need to know how far it can cover so it can fit your yard or any other setting you wish to use. To do this, you will need to use a transmitter that determines the electric fence's distance.

Once you've used a transmitter to determine the electric fence's strength and distance, you will need to know if it can work in your location. Invisible dog fences should not be installed near a sidewalk or road as this could disturb your dog and cause them to bark. Ideally, it needs to be installed 10 feet away from any outer boundary and have a buffer zone.

Similarly, if you have a big area you want to use for your dog, you will need to look at the electric fence's strength and how adjustable the perimeter is.

If you want to change your electric fence's location or use it in multiple places, some have options where you can connect different perimeters and connect yards together.

Dog with an Invisible Fence.

What else to look for when buying an electric dog fence?

Now you have an idea of why invisible fences for dogs are epic; you need to be aware of a few essential points when it comes to picking the right electric fence for your dog.

  • Cost of the invisible dog fence: When looking for an invisible dog fence, you need to look inwards at your budget. While a typical inground built-in fence can cost between $100-$400, an invisible fence is slightly more on the expensive side. Expect to pay for an invisible fence anything between $950-$1500! But, when you're paying for that, you need to review what's included in the price. For example, there are certain accessories like batteries, chargers, wiring, warrantee, voltage meter, and more. Remember, though, don't focus too much on the price though, but the purpose. When it comes to protecting and keeping your dog secure, you will want to get the best invisible dog fence that serves the properties you wish for it to have.
  • Size of your dog: We know, looking at this subheading, you probably think what's an electric fence got to do with the size of my dog? Well, the truth is you can't just get an electric fence without selecting a suitable one around your dog's size. We say this because your dog will wear a collar that has a receiver unit on. Not only does the collar have to fit your dog's neck, but it also has to be comfortable to sit on it too. Some collars range from 5lbs to 250 lbs but can differ based on the manufacturer. Not all manufacturers are accurate in their dimensions, though; therefore we recommend checking out invisible dog fence reviews also.
  • Collar features: In addition to the dog fence, you will want to know what types of features the dog collar offers.
  • Adjustability: If your dog is prone to gaining or losing weight, you will want to adjust the collar accordingly.
  • Training mode: Most collars offer different settings, which involve either a vibration or a beep. These settings allow your dog to become familiar and comfortable with the collar before the mild electric shock is introduced.
  • Levels of shock: We know the shock word can knock your confidence a little bit. After all, no one wants to execute their dog. But, an invisible dog fence produces more of a static connection than an electric shock. There's a lot of safety features that prevent your dog from getting hurt. But, depending on your dog's personality, you may want a range of different settings available where you can change the intensity of the static connection.
  • Reliability: When looking at the best invisible dog fences, reliability is not a point you should disregard lightly. There are some fences out there that may work well after a couple of occasions but then stop or have faults shortly afterward.

Therefore you will want to look at invisible dog fence reviews and specifically watch out for their durability from weather and how effective they are after a few uses.

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