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Best Dog Grooming Table

Best Dog Grooming Table.

It can be easy to assume that dogs, especially certain lower-maintenance breeds, don’t need “grooming”. We may be tempted to try getting away with a once-yearly professional grooming to take care of most of their hygiene needs, but the fact is, all pets need some sort of grooming more frequently than once per year. The grooming needs of a dog can vary a lot, depending on their breed, age, and activity level.

Many dog owners find that grooming their dog at home is an easier, cheaper, and less stressful alternative to regular professional grooming. A pet owner, however loving and careful, isn’t ever going to be as skilled as a professionally trained dog groomer, but a lot of things can make it easier to groom a dog at home. One of these things is a dog grooming table. Dog grooming tables are becoming more and more popular for home use because, even without the talent of a professional groomer, they can make the grooming process easier and more successful. When you choose the right type of grooming table for your dog, it can make a big difference in your grooming routine with them. Are you considering investing in a grooming table for your pup? Take a look at our top ten list below, which includes some of the best, most highly-rated dog grooming tables on the market today. Your home will double as a doggy salon before you know it.

What is a dog grooming table?

Dog grooming tables are tools that make grooming your dog easier by putting them in the right place for you to groom. A clean washed dog can stand on the grooming table and be adjusted to just the perfect height and, depending on the features of the table, be held in just the perfect position for you to groom them without missing any spots or getting into a struggle with them.

Long haired dog on table.

Grooming tables are usually made from metal or plastic, and all the different variations have the same main components. This includes a flat platform for the dog to stand on and legs to elevate the platform at the desired height. This ideal height will likely depend both on your height and the size of your dog. It can be intimidating to look for a dog grooming table, as we tend to think of them as professional tools for licensed groomers only, but there’s nothing overly complicated about using them. For many dog owners, they would be a worthwhile investment at any price, but there are certainly grooming tables available to suit all budgets, too.

Different Types

Aside from obvious variations like size and color, dog grooming tables come in three main types:

  • Folding dog grooming table - This is the least expensive, least fancy type of grooming table, but don’t worry; they work just fine for keeping your dog in an easy grooming spot! These include a simple platform and simple, collapsible legs that shorten and fold up under the table. They are easy to travel with, in addition to being budget-friendly.
  • Hydraulic dog grooming table - This type of table adjusts to the desired height using a hydraulic lift. They can be somewhat affordable or up to $1000, mostly because hydraulic lifts are not as cheap to produce as folding legs. However, the tradeoff is that you get a very sturdy, very dependable grooming table that is likely to last you a long time. They can be a bit trickier to travel with, but not impossible if you plan.
  • Electric dog grooming table - These are the highest-quality and, unsurprisingly, the most expensive. This is the type of grooming table most often used by professional groomers, and it shows. They have all the bells and whistles, last a long time, and are easy to use. Of course, for a premium table like this, you may have to spend upwards of $2000. This may not be for everyone, but if you have a dog with a high-maintenance coat that you’re determined to take care of yourself, you could easily get enough use out of it to be worth the investment.

How to Choose a Dog Grooming Table

Dog grooming tables come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so there’s a lot to think about when choosing one for your dog. Some of the biggest factors when choosing should be:

  • Price - We’ve outlined general price ranges above so that you can look for a type of grooming table that works with your budget. Just because professional grooming tables are available on the commercial market, this doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to get one; your dog won’t know the difference, and the “high-end” features of a professional table are mostly for you. If you don’t care, your pup won’t either.
  • Size - The size of the table should depend on your dog or dogs as well as the space you’ll have to put the table in. If you have more than one dog who will be groomed on the table, buy for the size of the largest dog. However, don’t exceed the maximum space you have allotted for the table; it won’t do you any good if you’re never able to set it up.
  • Amount of grooming - If your dog will only be groomed on this table occasionally, you probably don’t need to spring for a high-end one, even if you can afford it. The more grooming you’ll be doing on the table, the more reason you have to invest in a nice one, but you should always consider whether you’re getting enough use out of it to justify a certain price or style.

What to Consider When Buying a Grooming Table

There are a couple of things you should always consider when buying a grooming table for your dog:

  • Dog breed - Some breeds, especially high-maintenance breeds with very specialized grooming needs, require certain types of tables that wouldn’t work for other dogs. If your dog needs to be groomed often, that can be a great reason to invest in a grooming table, but you should be sure to research what kind of table is best for their breed.
  • Travel - Mobile or traveling groomers, as well as owners of show dogs, need to think about how often this grooming table will be moving around. A hydraulic table might seem nice, but if you’re constantly lugging it around with you, you’ll soon wish you’d picked a folding table. Most pet owners won’t have to worry about this factor too much, but if it does apply to you, you’ll be very glad you thought of it before making a purchase.


A grooming table isn’t just a tool for professionals anymore. With the rising popularity of in-home grooming table use, any dog owner can blow-dry and trim their furry friends with ease. Whether you opt for a folding table, a hydraulic table, or an electric table, you will find that it makes grooming orders of magnitude more convenient than grooming a dog without a table at all. Before making any decisions, be sure to consider important factors like your dog’s size, breed, and the amount of grooming they require, as well as your budget and the likelihood of travel. If you’ve decided to spring for your grooming table and have an idea of what kind would be best for you, check back with our list of the top ten dog grooming table options to get a high-quality, highly-rated dog grooming table.

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