Best Dog Toothpaste

Dog Toothpaste.

Have you ever wondered, what is the first thing people notice about you? Well, we're no statisticians here, but most of the time, it's your smile. Having a broad, glistening, and clean smile is something we all take care of and strive to make sure it looks the best. A good smile can better our confidence and allow us to get more attention. The same goes for dogs.

Do you want your pet to receive lots of attention and affection? Well, if so, you will want to review its smile and make sure it's an inviting one so other humans feel confident to approach them. One great way of nurturing its smile is by regularly brushing its pearly whites. Depending on the breed, you will want to brush your dog a few times a week or even daily. In regards to the frequency of brushing, we recommend consulting the advice of a veterinarian. However, regardless of your dog's size, breed or teeth, you will want to use the BEST dog toothpaste to clean their teeth.

Why can't you use human toothpaste on dogs?

If you live in a large family especially owning more than one dog, you might want to cut costs on the grocery shopping and use human toothpaste. But, even though it's tempting, we strongly advise against doing so.

Human toothpaste contains toxic ingredients like xylitol which is an artificial sweetener. If taken, a dog's blood sugar can significantly decrease and cause severe damage to its liver. On the contrary, a dog's toothpaste contains enzymes that will decrease the number of bacteria, help bad breath and health and reduce the build-up of tartar. Plus, dog toothpaste tends to be more appealing to their palette; they taste of meat, poultry, and flavourful foods.

What you should considering?

There are millions of types of brands and dog toothpaste out there on the market in today's world. While we can't review every single toothpaste, we can certainly give you some guidelines on what to look out for, which are the following:

  • Flavors: Have you ever noticed how focused your dog is on food? Dogs have around 1,700 taste buds with 50 taste receptor cells per each bud; that's a lot! To tease your dog's taste buds, you will want to buy a toothpaste full of flavor that excites your dog. Unlike us humans, most dogs do not like the overpowering minty mouth feeling. Therefore it's often recommended you buy toothpaste with a meat based flavor like bacon, chicken, or beef. Once your dog gets a whiff of the flavor, we're confident they will become excited about their upcoming brushing session.
  • Vet recommended dog toothpaste: When looking to buy a dog toothpaste, make sure it's been approved by a vet. At the very least, you will want to ask the advice and seek guidance from your local vet. However, many brands have been given seals and approval from veterinary bodies. One great one to look out for is a seal of approval from the Veterinary Oral Health Council. If you can't see the seal on the toothpaste bottle, you can always visit their website. They have a list of toothpaste that is accepted and approved for dogs.
  • Value: Well, this is a no brainer, really. You will want to look for a dog toothpaste that lasts for a while and gives you the best value for your money. It can become really easy to get caught up in the latest marketing, fancying packaging, and toothpaste pricing. Sometimes, you may think the more expensive is better, but it's not always the case.

You will want to look at dog toothpaste reviews to know how effective this is. Many dog owners will have tried the product you're looking at before and will be able to provide valuable insights about whether the dog has liked it or not.

Such factors to look for when considering the value of dog toothpaste are the tube's size, the ability to remove plaque, taste, and the smell. The best way to help you decide this is to see if other dog owners have posted photos of their dog enjoying the toothpaste.


Generally, there are dog toothpaste's out on the market which fall under the following categories:

Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

If you have multiple dogs in your home, this toothpaste may be something that interests you. Enzymatic dog toothpaste is specifically formulated to contain two or three enzymes to target your dog's plaque.

One of the main enzymes it has is glucose oxidase, a fungus coming from the penicillin family. Once the glucose oxidase reacts to oxygen in your dog's mouth, it develops antibacterial properties, and your dog can safely swallow it. This toothpaste helps fight gum disease, inflammation, bad breath, and yellowness. The average cost of enzymatic dog toothpaste is between $3-$4.

Gel dog toothpaste

Brushing teeth is never a pleasant experience; after all, we've all undergone this. Have you ever thought about times when you were a kid when you were made to brush your teeth?

Yep, it's not a nice experience. Now imagine how difficult and frustrating it could be when you try to put a toothbrush in your dog's mouth! We know some dogs love the experience, and some which hate it altogether. If your dog is in the latter, then you will want to use a gel toothpaste. With gel toothpaste, all you need to have is a few drops to put it into the side of your dog's mouth each day.

This technique and the right gel toothpaste will work well together to reduce plaque, tartar and help bad gums. Do note a gel toothpaste can tend to be on the expensive side of around $10 upwards.

Organic dog toothpaste

In today's world, there's so many manufacturers filling products with chemicals, ingredients, and fillers; you just can never guarantee what's in them. When it comes to your furry friend, we understand that sometimes the best way is natural.

There are toothpaste's full of natural foods and flavors like coconut oil, sweet potato, and cinnamon to allow your dog to feel the natural benefits. Don't be surprised to find dog toothpaste with neem oil, grapefruit seeds, and aloe vera properties. If your dog is prone to having sensitive gums, natural formulas often help prevent flare-ups.

Similarly, organic dog toothpaste will help reduce the risk of finding toothpaste for your dog with xylitol or any other poisonous substances. But, be careful when buying organic dog toothpaste. We recommend looking at the ingredients carefully. Nowadays, there's a lot of toothpaste with buzzwords claiming to be healthy, but they're full of artificial and dangerous ingredients.

Dog toothpaste without sorbitol

Depending on your dog's digestive system, you should look at the toothpaste ingredients. Finding a good dog toothpaste may involve a lot of trial and error. But, you may find your dog might not tolerate a toothpaste with sorbitol in it.

If you don't know what sorbitol is, you may be familiar with its other name, glucitol. This is a form of carbohydrate that is like asugary alcohol, which produces a very sweet taste. As it passes through your metabolism very slowly. This compound is typically found in fruits like carrots, apples, dates, berries, peaches, and plums. Likewise, you can find it in artificial products such as corn syrup too.

It can be dangerous for dogs because it may experience bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and flatulence depending on your dog's digestive system. If you've recently tried a new toothpaste and your dog has symptoms of this, it may be worthwhile getting them checked out by a veterinarian. Many brands out there now make dog toothpaste that is sorbitol-free and without any preservatives to accommodate your dogs' health. If you're unsure, just speak to your local vet.

Mint dog toothpaste

We know we said earlier that dogs don't like their mouths to be filled with a mint taste. It's just not natural for them to enjoy, it's pretty overwhelming, in fact. Speaking of overwhelming though, it can be horrible for us dog owners to experience horrendous dog breath.

Sometimes feeding your dog a lot of meat and using meat flavored toothpaste can make them develop quite a stench. Do note; there are some mint dog toothpaste's out there that your dog may be able to tolerate. Most likely, you will find a toothpaste that has a flavor infused with mint, such as vanilla which will prevent your dog from experiencing the powerful flavor. Allowing you both to benefit.

Dental products for dogs

Now you have an idea of different toothpaste types available, why not take your dog's mouth hygiene up a notch. There are other dental products for dogs, which will optimize your dogs health, which are:

Dog toothbrush

To make sure you get the best out of the brushing experience, you will want to buy a dog toothbrush with soft bristles. The soft bristles prevent your dog's gums from getting hurt when being brushed. Similarly, it may be better to get a dual-ended toothbrush for ergonomic reasons. Dogs grow in new teeth all the time, and the double end allows the brush to fit into their mouth exactly. Plus, it helps you get around complex parts of their teeth and underneath their tongue.

Another toothbrush that will help you maneuver around teeth and help clean your dog's teeth with ease is a finger brush. As the name suggests, the finger brush allows you to put a brush on your finger and effectively get it inside your dog's mouth. Finally, you will want to replace it at the same rate as your own, every three to four months when it comes to a toothbrush.

Tooth wipes

If you find it challenging to use a toothbrush on your dog, some wipes exist designed to remove plaque or tartar build-up. However, it would help if you used them regularly for these to be effective when it comes to the cleanliness of your dog's mouth.

Dental Chews

Nowadays, you can get healthy snacks for dogs, one of which is a pack of dental chews. This is not something that should replace you brushing your dog's teeth, but it should add to its healthcare. These are designed to work alongside your dog's chewing movements and releases healthy supplements to fight plaque while doing so.

Dry dog food

You can go along way to helping your dog's mouth just by switching its food. This means not giving it wet and soggy kibble all the time. If you feed your dog, hard, dry kibble, it will help its teeth as the tartar will break away. Similarly, this type of food keeps your dog's teeth strong.

Powdered seaweed supplement

If you add a supplement such as powdered seaweed to your dog's meals, it will go a long way to improving your dog's oral health. This is because seaweed contains a chemical known as Ascophyllum nodosum, which works to keep your dogs' teeth clean and get rid of its foul breath.

Water additives

Water additives include Oxygene, zinc acetate, vitamins, and more to help clean your dog's teeth. They work together to remove your dogs' bad breath, protect gums from inflammation, and reduce plaque build-up.

Final Thoughts

Just like us humans, it's essential that you brush your dog's teeth a few times a week. Depending on the breed you own, you may wish to brush them daily or less frequently. When it comes to brushing, you will want to make sure you get the best dog toothpaste.

Not all dogs are the same though, some breeds may need enzymatic dog toothpaste, whereas some could need organic dog toothpaste or a gel one. The truth is, it's going to take some time through trial and error to find out what toothpaste works well for your dog.

You must check the ingredients before buying and dog toothpaste to make sure it contains no Xylitol. Xylitol is toxic to dogs and can cause their blood sugar to drop quickly, putting their livers at risk. Similarly, make sure you check it has veterinary approval, whether it has a seal from a professional organization or your local vet has approved of you using it.

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