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Pool Safety for Dogs

A Dog In A Life Jacket In The Pool.

Pool safety is essential for anyone who has a pool at their home or in their neighborhood, but it’s especially crucial for pet owners. Familiarize yourself with pool safety for dogs in order to keep your pup safe around the pool.

Key Things to Think

There are a few key things to think about when it comes to pool safety for dogs:

  • Pool equipment
  • Training
  • Supervision

Pool equipment can be a safety hazard or a safety feature, depending on the product and the way it’s used. For example, pool covers can be very dangerous, as dogs that fall or jump unknowingly into a covered pool often get stuck underneath and never find their way out. On the other hand, equipment like steps and ramps can save your dog’s life by giving them a clear way out of the pool in case they fall in.

Dogs that live on a property with a pool should be trained accordingly. If you have a pool, make sure that your dog knows how to swim, and teach them where the steps or ramps are so that they can safely enter and exit on their own. That way, if they end up in the pool when no one is around, they will know how to swim to the exit and get themselves to safety.

Finally, make an effort to supervise your dog around the pool whenever possible. It is good to have precautions in case the dog gets to dog pool alone, but you should never intentionally leave a dog alone near a pool.

Pool Equipment For Dog.

Is Pool Water Bad for Dogs?

Some dogs will drink water from anywhere. Their own water bowl, the toilet, and the pool are all the same thing to them! This may not be a big deal when the water source is fresh tap or filtered water, but many water sources are contaminated with things that your dog shouldn’t be consuming.

Pool water is not healthy drinking water, for dogs or humans. In order to keep the pool clean and safe for swimming, pool water is maintained with chlorine, salt, or other chemicals. This is what allows dogs and their owners to enjoy swimming in the pool safely, but it also makes pool water bad to drink. Your dog may consume some pool water accidentally while swimming, but you shouldn’t let them drink excessive pool water when it can be avoided.

Pool water also can get dirty from the use of the pool. The dirt and germs from the skin of the people and animals that use the pool end up in the pool water itself, which can make it even more harmful to drink. Unless everyone showers and every dog is bathed prior to using dog pool, they are probably making it dirtier every time they get in.

Can Dogs Go in Pools?

With proper supervision, dogs can enjoy pools for entertainment and exercise just like humans do. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Breed
  • Size
  • Training
A Dog Training To Swim In The Pool.

Some breeds are natural swimmers and love being in the water. Other breeds did not evolve to be around water, and although they might be able to learn to swim and enjoy the pool, it will take more getting used to for these dogs than for naturally water-loving breeds.

Medium-sized and large dogs often have an easier time navigating a pool than small dogs. This is because even the shallow section of a pool is too deep for a small dog to reach the bottom, and the steps to exit the pool may be too steep for them to use.

Any dog, regardless of breed or size, will have an easier and better time at the pool when they have been properly trained. This includes teaching them to swim as well as teaching them appropriate poolside behavior (no running, no barking at others enjoying the pool, etc.).


Although it’s important to learn about pool safety for dogs before allowing your dog near the pool, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. We hope that this information was useful to you, and for more dog- and pool-related information, you can check out our pet supplies reviews.

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