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How To Stop a Dog from Barking?

How To Stop a Dog from Barking.

It is customary for almost all dogs to bark given their nature. It is rare to come across dogs that don't bark at all. However, when the barking is excessive, especially if your dog barks at people, it becomes an issue in your home. It scares people off to see a mean dog barking at them for doing nothing.

It can be a quite frustrating process to train your dog not to bark when you don't know how. You know how annoying it is trying to keep your dog from barking at night when it sees virtually everything. That is why In this article, we have compiled how to stop a dog from barking in 3 simple ways. Read through!

Why Do Dogs Bark?

There are some times when your dog should bark. Like when someone is trying to harm you or somebody just stepped into your fresh lawn. You expect your dog to raise an alarm when it sees such things especially when yours is a home security dog. Dogs bark when they see familiar and strange faces either as a way of greeting or warning people off. They may also want to keep another dog from coming close to their territory or protest when you confine them to a cage.

While some of the above reasons for barking are okay, others are unnecessary.

Barking dog.

How To Train a Dog Not to Bark Unnecessarily?

Getting your dog to stop barking at inappropriate times is not hard once you know what to do and do it consistently. While you are at it, remember that the goal is to control when the dog barks. The methods below will help you train your dog not to bark excessively:

  • Teach them simple commands: you can use signals or words to help your dog understand a command. Whenever your dog barks at the wrong time, put a finger to your lips to signal silence. Your dog may not pick up immediately but, as you do it over and over, it will understand. To speed up the process, anytime your dog stops barking after the signal, praise and pat its head as a reward. You can also give it a treat for doing a good job.
  • Do not should the command if you choose to use words instead of signals. Shouting will only urge the dog to bark. The dog will misinterpret the shout and continue barking happily because you just joined in. Instead, say "Quiet" calmly and firmly. When your dog quiets down, reward it for being obedient.
  • Keep Your dog busy: When a dog gets lonely or bored, it either sleeps or constitutes a nuisance to get noticed. If you plan to chain and lock your dog in all day, supply them toys to pass time. A busy dog will be focused on the task at hand and will not bark unnecessarily.
  • Ignore your barking dog: When your dog barks at the wrong times, turn your back on it and get busy. Wait till the barking stops before turning back to your dog and pat it. When you do that consistently, your dog learns that keeping quiet earns it a reward.


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How to stop a dog barking for no reason?

Dogs understand when they are being rewarded for doing things. You can start by patting your dog and treating it every time it stops barking. Increase the silence duration from time to time before rewarding your dog.

How to stop dog barking at night

When you leave your dog outside, it gets lonely, bored, or scared. Solve the problem by dropping toys for the dog to play with and ensure that there is adequate lighting around it. You can also bring the dog to sleep inside the house. That will prompt the dog to sleep faster or remain quiet.

What are dog breeds that don't bark a lot?

All dogs bark but some are calm most of the time. Some of those quiet dogs are cavalier king Charles spaniel, French bulldog, Basenji, Scottish deerhound, borzoi, Shiba Inu, Irish setter, and Shih Tzu.

How to stop dog barking at people

Train your dog to sit calmly on a spot when guests go out and come into your house. To do that, whenever the dog barks when you come in, ignore it. Take it to a spot and tell the dog to sit. Do that for a while then upgrade a bit. The next time you or a guest come in and the dog barks, point to that spot and say "Sit" calmly and firmly. When it understands that command, add "quiet" to it. Don't forget to reward your pet when it obeys.

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