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Best Heated Dog Bed

Heated Dog Bed.

Unlike us humans, dogs tend to live a shorter lifespan. However, to get the most out of owning a dog and spending time with them, you have to make sure they are in optimum health. When we think about health, though, we usually tend to think of diet and exercise. One of the most critical aspects for your dog to live a healthy life is sleep.

Having a good amount and comfortable night sleep can help your dog fight depression, stress, reduce loneliness, better their sense of security, and more. One way to contribute to your dog having a good night's sleep is by getting them a heated dog bed. This type of bed consists of specific materials which help reflect heat into your dog's body and keeps them warm in the winter months. If your dog does not have a thick coat and gets cold quickly, they could easily become lethargic, howl, limp, shiver, and tremble due to their coat. Therefore, if your dog is prone to getting cold quickly, you must get them a heated dog bed as their owner. To know more about heated dog beds, check out our table of top picks here.

What is a heated dog bed?

A heated dog bed is a dog bed that provides heat for your dog when they sleep. These beds come in various shapes and sizes, but generally, they tend to reflect heat into your dog's body. Some heated dog beds contain an inner layer of material where they keep your dog warm in the winter months.

Two dogs sleeping in heated bed.

Also, there are heated dog beds that are electric and have built-in thermometers and wires to plug into the wall, where they heat up via electricity. There are also ones that are battery operated and require you to charge them up before letting your dog sleep in their bed.

Different types

There are many types of heated dog beds on the market. To help give you an idea of which might be best for your canine, here are some common types of dog beds:

  • Tent style bed: When looking for a dog bed, you should always consider both indoors and outdoors. There are many types of easy to erect tent dog beds. It's a miniature tent that allows your dog to sleep inside comfortably. In the winter, it has a removable thermal floor where your dog can keep warm, whereas it can protect them from the sun in the summer. Similarly, this type of bed material tends to be made from fleece so that it can be washed easily.
  • Rounded heated dog bed: This type of heated dog bed is a rounded bed where your dog lies in the middle; it looks like a bean bag. This bed is often made out of sherpa fleece which helps keep your dog warm while they sleep. When they sleep, the bed has high walls to protect them and an area they can place their head-on.
  • Heated dog pad: This is a large pad that is plugged into the wall and provides heat for your dog when lying on there. Usually, these beds are made from orthopedic memory foam and have a cover made out of fleece, which can be machine washable. Usually, it has a long cord covered in fabric to protect your dog from chewing on it. A heated dog pad is often a multipurpose bed; it can be great to lay on the floor, add on top of your dog's bed, or even in their crate.
  • Thermo memory foam bed: This type of dog bed is made out of memory foam, which allows your dog to sink into a comfortable night's sleep. It also has a heating element inside, which heats up once your dog sits there. On the perimeter of the bed, there are thick foam walls that help keep heat in and allow your dog to feel safe when sleeping.
  • Faux fur dog bed: There are also dog beds that are made out of fake fur designed to help keep your dog warm. Usually, these beds tend to be rounded with walls and allow your dog to sink into the middle when sleeping. The faux fur lining helps your dog retain heat and also resists wetness. These beds, though, are not suitable if your dog likes to chew or burrow.
  • Self-warming pad: Just like an electric heated pad, there are also self-warming pads. These pads are made out of a material that reflects heat into your dog's body and keeps them warm. Such pads come in a range of sizes and colors designed to help your dog stay warm. They're non electric and can go on your floor, dog's bed, or inside their crate.

How to choose a bed?

To look for the best heated bed, you should think about the following:


Just like any dog bed, you have to consider the size of the bed before buying. You don't want a heated dog bed or pad that's too small for your dog, nor do you want one that's too big and causes the heat to disperse easily.


When looking for a heated dog bed, one of the most important factors to pick is its material. Many heated dog beds are made out of memory foam, microsuede, fleece, nylon, heavy duty vinyl, and more. You will want to see which material is the most durable for your dog, especially if they like to chew. Moreover, pick a heated dog bed with machine washable qualities. Most importantly, you will want to select a material that provides warmth for your dog.

What to consider when buying a heated dog bed?

Before buying a heated dog bed, always consider the following:


While the primary purpose of a heated dog bed is to help keep your dog warm while they sleep, you must know the location it will go in. Depending on if you need the bed for indoors or outdoors may influence what type of bed you purchase. Alongside the amount of space, you have in your home, it might influence the size of the bed you buy.


When buying a heated dog bed, you must read the reviews of other dog owners. Often, they will include important information like the breed of their dog and how comfortable they felt in it. Similarly, they may add important points about how durable it is and whether it can be easily washed. Try to take time reading several reviews before deciding on what to buy.


Heated dog beds are fantastic for any canine if they easily get cold during the winter months. There are many types of heated dog beds out there, from heated pads, electric based, battery heated dog beds, faux fur, memory foam, and many more. When looking to buy a heated dog bed, you should always review the size to make sure your dog can sleep in it, and the heat isn't dispersed easily. Alongside this, you should test and see which materials help keep your dog warm the best and also are the most durable. Finally, consider the location of the bed and read up on reviews before buying.

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