Best Dog Playpens

Dog Playpens.

Everyone knows that how energetic dogs are and the fact that they tend to release their energy by playing all day around and sometimes by even destroying things around, no one understands this better than a dog owner. But sometimes, this excessive energy needs to be controlled and redirected towards developing new skills by training them properly. And here comes a playpen as the rescuer. Let’s get to know more about what exactly a dog playpen is and how beneficial it is.

What are Dogs Playpens?

A playpen can be considered as the safest and most confined space that is dedicatedly for your dog where they can play, sleep, or have food without any restrictions. It is a dedicated space that accommodates a dog’s sleeping bed, toys, a food bowl and also gives sufficient space to roam and play around easily. It is generally portable and is specifically made using sturdy and durable material that offers long-lasting performance. It withstands being handled by playful dogs and is designed to be used indoors and outdoors. A Dog Playpen is an ideal solution to keep the energy quotient under control.

Puppy Playpen

Unlike the elderly dogs, new puppies are bundles of mischievous energy and are always curious about getting everything that comes on their way. But this curiosity can get them into trouble as well, but a puppy playpen is what can assure you of keeping your new puppy safe and sound. Puppies need close and consistent monitoring and a playpen can be extremely beneficial in that case. A puppy playpen has considerably high enough to keep the puppy from escaping easily. It should be ideally with wire or slatted sides, so that you can keep a check on what’s going inside, unlike the covered playpens that restrict the view.

Playpens for Small Dog.

Special for Small Dog

A lightweight plastic dog playpen or the mesh designed playpen will be sufficient to keep your small dog inside while giving optimum space to roam easily. There is no need to go for high fenced playpens, as small dogs won’t jump that high to escape from the playpen. Rather an open-top playpen would be an ideal choice to keep an eye on them too. For a Yorkie puppy, Australian terrier, or even for Pomeranian, a small dog playpen is an ideal choice.

Playpens for Large Dog

When you own a large-sized dog, the requirements of a playpen would be different. The large dog playpen should be considerably much bigger than the usual size, the grids or the panels should be sturdy enough for being handled by the large dogs, it should be compact but should have sufficient space to let them roam freely without letting them feel being trapped in a cage. The idea is to provide enough playing space in the playpen and that too without disturbing them. Heavy-duty playpens that are specifically made using steel panels and coated to restrict rust and corrosion are ideal for large dogs. It should be considerably high and has a sturdy gate, this prevents escaping too. The large dog playpens are ideal for full-grown German Shepherd and other similar breeds.

Playpen for Your Dog with Floor

You would want the first few months of your puppy to be extremely soothing, comfortable, and of course safe too, and nothing better than considering using a dog playpen that has a uniquely designed floor grid too. A playpen with a floor adds to the comfort level while also making it much easier to clean. The floor is generally washable, leakage proof, and restricts the stains too. Thus, having a playpen with an in-built floor will also keep the floor of your home clean and away from the unwanted mess. There are playpens available with in-built floors while some are provided separately and can be assembled effortlessly.

Portable Dog Playpen with Removable Top

Apart from the traditionally designed playpen, there are portable dog playpens that are designed with a removable shade that can be removed as per your requirements. When using indoors, you can keep the top open and when going out on you have the option to cover the playpen with a mesh shade or simply zip-off to keep an eye on your dog. You can consider buying a cloth and mesh designed dog playpen that is waterproof, breathable, and also travel-friendly. Many of such playpens are provided with a travel tote that makes it ideal for someone who loves to travel with their pet.


A classic metal dog playpen is made using heavy-duty rust-resistant and coated metal that helps to keep the fence-jumpers stay inside while keeping their energy controlled too. The metal playpens are designed in a way that they attach to the floor securely (metal skates and non-skid feet). The durable metal construction with thick coating offers long-lasting durability. You have the leverage to add more panels to it and expand it too if you wish to create more running and roaming space for your dog. Many of the metal playpens are wide enough to keep two dogs at a time, by using a dividing panel in between. The step-through door along with the double latch gate make the metal playpens most favorable too.

Outdoor Playpen for Dog.

Plastic Dog Playpen

When you do not want to go for those heavy-duty metal playpens, the other option to consider is the plastic dog playpen. If you wish to add some vibrant shades to the playpen, then you have unlimited options when it comes to plastic playpens. The use of heavy-duty molded stain-resistant polypropylene plastic makes it durable and resistant to excessive everyday wear and tear. The tool-free assembly along with the versatile panel construction and interlocking makes plastic dog playpen perfect for most indoor or outdoor settings, while the addition of different colors makes it more attractive. You can also mix and match with the home décor theme. The plastic bottom provided in most of the playpens is easy to slide and allows easy cleaning as well.


The indoor dog playpen is ideal to be used for the small and young dogs of all breeds along with older, small breed puppies too. Indoor dog playpens are made with skid-resistant pads to prevent the floor of your house from unwanted scratches and stains. With durable attachments, removable doors, lightweight, and long-lasting material, you can consider buying a heavy-duty dog playpen for indoors that can be placed in its dedicated area in the house. It also induces a sense of responsibility and manners in the dogs to move back to their dedicated sleeping and resting area. You can also select from different shades available in a dog playpen that complements your puppy room too.

Outdoor Dog Playpen

An outdoor dog playpen is a smart pick, especially for the new dog owners. Puppies and other small dogs are more fragile and prone to factors that can be troublesome for them and as a dog parent owner, you would not want to leave them unsupervised in the outdoors. For this reason, outdoor dog playpens are the most ideal choice when you want them to enjoy the outdoors but within a certain perimeter. The outdoor portable playpens are generally expandable and hardly takes a few minutes to install in the yard. There are metal outdoor playpens, plastic outdoor playpens and many of the playpens are designed with zip-off top along with a waterproof bottom, perfect for grassy fields. Outdoor playpens are portable and lightweight, can easily be folded up to carry in a case easily.

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