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Do Cats Get Jealous?

Cats get jealous.

If you own a cat, you've probably seen that your cat can get violent when they don't get enough of your attention or when other pets get more of your attention than they do.

You may also have observed your cat behaving strangely (aggressively) around a new member of your household, such as a new infant or a spouse who has recently moved in. This is cute most of the time, but it can occasionally lead to more severe issues. This article discusses cat jealousy, why it occurs, the symptoms, and what you can do about it.

Do Cat Jealous of Other Cats

Yes! Cats are envious of other cats, but they are also jealous of other pets, newborn kids, spouses, and anything that requires your time and attention.

Why Do Cats Get Jealous?

The answer to the question, "Why do cats get jealous?" is simple: they are incredibly territorial and compete for the majority of what they require to thrive. Even though there is a distinct trigger at each time, the primary reason why cats get jealous is that they are territorial and competitive.

The following are some of the most typical causes of cat jealousy. It is critical to understand what is causing your cat's jealousy so that you can help your cat adjust to it as soon as possible.

A kitten is jealous of another kitten.

Reasons Why Your Cat May Get Jealous

  1. A New Family Member: Your cat is likely to be jealous of the addition of a new family member. It doesn't matter if it's a new baby, a spouse, another cat, or a new pet. Their presence in your cat's territory may make it feel threatened. It may also be envious that you are paying less attention to it due to this new family member. So, the next time you wonder if cats are jealous of other cats, keep in mind that they can be envious of babies, humans, and other pets in addition to other cats.
  2. Poor Socialization as A Kitten: Cats who were not socialized as kittens are more prone to be insecure and too reliant on their humans. As a result, kids may grow overly dependent on attention and pampered. This is especially true for kittens who were orphaned at birth and grew up without their mother and littermates. Because of the quantity of attention offered to them and their seclusion from other cats when they were younger, these cats become overly reliant on their owners or caregivers.
  3. Lack Of Personal Space: Cats, as previously noted, are territorial and do not cope well with sharing. This is especially true if they are required to share spaces that they previously used alone. Litter boxes, food bowls, and cat beds are examples of these. New members of the family, such as new newborns, spouses, and pals, may likewise crowd their overall area.
  4. Loss Of Attention: Even inanimate objects can make your cat jealous; anything you pay more attention to than your cat can make it jealous. It could be your phone, the TV, a new console, a job project, or a toy. If your cat notices that it is causing you to pay less attention to it, it is showing signs of jealousy.
  5. Change In Routine: Any changes in your cat's normal routine can make it feel uncomfortable and exhibit jealousy. Changes can be as simple as moving its litter box or as significant as moving into a new home.

Woman sitting on the sofa with two cats.

Signs Of a Jealous Cat

  • Clinginess or obsessiveness.
  • Hissing, growling, or swatting at you or others.
  • Biting, scratching, or other aggressive behaviors.
  • Urinating outside litter box.
  • Destruction of furniture, crockery, or any other household property.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Jealous

A jealous cat may cause a lot of damage and injury to you and other members of your family. So, it is best to resolve their jealousy as soon as you notice it.

You can follow these easy steps to stop your cat from being jealous:

  1. Figure out what is making it jealous.
  2. Give them more attention.
  3. Give them space.
  4. Encourage socialization.
  5. Consult a veterinarian for help.

The cat is licking the other cat.


Your cat getting jealous is a pointer to something they feel they lack. If your cat gets jealous, you should find out what is triggering it and resolve it accordingly.

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