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Best Tactical Dog Collar

Best Tactical Dog Collar.

Dogs can be a great four-legged friend to own and have in your home. However, one thing often overlooked when having a dog is that they can be challenging to raise. Yes, unlike babies, we can't communicate appropriately with them, and it takes a lot of time, effort, and training to teach them suitable lessons. One way to help speed up your training process is by getting them a tactical dog collar. These types of dog collars can help your dog by keeping them sturdy and grabbing onto them when needed. Such collars are beneficial for muscular and giant breeds that like to push and shove. Many organizations like the military and police use tactical dog collars to help in their training alongside domestic dog owners. It is also strong enough to stop your dog from detaching itself from the collar. To know more about the best tactical dog collars, check out our table of top picks here.

What is a tactical dog collar?

A tactical dog collar is a specific type of dog collar which means it's an extra-rigid dog collar that's stronger than the standard ones you buy from the pet store. They're specifically created for dogs that tend to be more rough playing or are aggressive. Many people see these dog collars as an excellent solution for domesticated and working dogs. Often these collars are made out of nylon and have a handle to pull your dog with a buckle fastening.

Different types

If you think your dog might benefit from a tactical dog collar, there are many to choose from on the market. To help you with your decision, here are some of the most common ones to choose from:

  1. Military tactical dog collar: This type of dog collar is made explicitly for medium to large breeds as the collar can range from 19.3-26.3 inches in size. It contains two layers consisting of nylon and a soft lining. Due to it being made from nylon, it's easy to clean and sturdy for your dog. These collars have room to attach your dog's ID or tag onto it.
  2. Handle tactical dog collar: This is a dog collar made out of 1000 D Nylon and has a handle on it. The handle is used to pull your dog by the neck when it gets too far away.
  3. Adjustable tactical dog collar: This type of tactical dog collar is adjustable up to 1.5 inches, and it's often best suited for medium to large breeds. Generally, this collar has medium-size, which lasts the neck dimension between 14-18.5 inches. The large size is between 18-21.5 inches, and the extra-large is between 21-24.5 inches. The adjustable tactical dog collar is also made from nylon and tends to have a buckle.
  4. D ring tactical dog collar: Again, this type of tactical dog collar is best for medium to large breeds. They contain double-layer nylon and a d ring in the middle to close. A d ring helps adjust the length of the collar to fit your dog's neck and have a stab lock fastener.

How to choose a tactical dog collar

There are a lot of tactical dog collars on the market; you should think about choosing the following before buying:


To know which is the best tactical collar for your dog, you must measure your dog's neck. To measure your dog's neck, use a tape measure where the collar would usually go and put two fingers in between. This will add 2 inches and allow more room for movement. When measuring your dog's neck, you must do the measurement twice to see if the measurements are the same. Suppose they're not; measure again. When your dog is wearing their tactical collar, you should easily fit two fingers in between.


Most tactical dog collars tend to be made from nylon, but they can now be made from other materials. It's essential the material you choose is comfortable for your dog and does not cause them any irritation.


Tactical dog collars are used for domestic dogs, military, army, and many other types of working dogs. Decide on the reason you want a tactical dog collar and look at reviews online before buying. By simply looking at both the positive and negative reviews, you should be able to get a better idea of what tactical dog collar suits your dog the best. Make sure when looking at the reviews to look at the information that might be breed-specific.

What to consider when purchasing a collar

When looking to buy a tactical dog collar, you should think about the following:

  • Strength of your dog: Tactical dog collars are designed so you can easily grab hold of your dog. However, depending on the material they're made out of, some have different strengths. Consider how playful, strong, and aggressive your dog might be; if it's a lot, then you might want to get a collar that you can easily hold onto and a sturdy one.
  • Closing mechanism: Many dog collars offer different closing mechanisms, from a buckle close or a clip close. The closing mechanism can vary based on how easy it is to place the tactical collar on your dog.
  • Add ons: When looking to buy a tactical dog collar for your dog, you might want to see if it has parts that can be clipped on. For example, you might want to clip on its leash, dog poop bags, or any other accessories.

Final thoughts

Tactical dog collars are a good sturdy option if your dog is strong and likes to play a lot. They're heavily used by the military, army, and many other dog owners. These dog collars are often designed for medium to large size dogs, but you can find some available for smaller breeds. Moreover, these dog collars tend to be made out of nylon and either have a buckle or clip closing. When looking to buy a tactical dog collar, you should always consider your dog's size before buying. To get the right size, always use a tape measure and place two fingers underneath to give your dog ample room to move about. Then once you've purchased the collar, put two fingers inside to help give you enough room to move about also. Finally, always read the reviews before buying a tactical dog collar, as they will give you a good insight into what works best for your dog.

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