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Can Cats Eat French Fries?

Can cats eat french fries.

French Fries are everybody’s favorite. Its golden brown color, squishy bite, and slightly salty taste make it a classic. To make things even better, there’s hardly any city that doesn’t have french fries as part of their menu. It’s why we understand when your fuzzy little friend keeps staring at you when you are having french fries. Or when he tries to steal a piece from your dish. But is french fries safe for cats? In this guide, we’ll let you know whether or not your cat can eat and digest french fries.

Are French Fries Bad For Cats?

Cats cannot and should not eat french fries. So yeah, it is bad - no, toxic and poisonous for your cat. We don’t want to scare you but you should know that french fries contain properties that make them forbidden for your cat. Here is a list of things french fries can do to your cat;

  • The cat can develop heart disease and get obesity-related problems.
  • Your cat can begin to sleep excessively until the unspoken happens.
  • There would be more lack of coordination.
  • Your cat would get dehydrated excessively.
  • Vomiting, Diarrhea, and other digestive problems.
  • The cat can also have reduced or decreased appetite.

In serious cases, excessive intake of french fries can cause comas, seizures, or worse, death. So is french fries bad for cats? That would be a big YES!

French fries.

Why Your Cat Can’t Have French Fries

Can cats eat french fries? The simple answer is No! In case you still aren't convinced, below are the reasons you should stop feeding your cat french fries even if he loves to eat them.

  • The Onion: Now, we know that french fries don’t directly have onions, but some people love to fry onions with the fries for additional flavor. If this is you - keep your cat away from it. Onions contain certain compounds (like thiosulphates and disulfides) that can damage a cat’s red blood cell. The compounds also cause a cat to have anemia which is when the red blood cells cannot carry oxygen throughout the body. And if you are one of those that say ‘I don’t fry onions in my fries’ note that ketchup also has minimal amounts of onion.
  • The Salt: This is another part of french fries that makes us say cats cannot and should not eat french fries. It’s not that cats cannot eat salt at all, they just cannot digest too much of it. It would lead to salt poisoning. However, if your cat has already stolen a piece of french fries while you were busy reading this, feed him a lot of water so that he’ll rehydrate, then keep the fries away.
  • The Fat: Cats should eat fat. Heck there are healthy fats in meat (the major food for cats). But french fries have saturated fat and that is bad for your cat. Saturated fat is the reason a cat can be obese or have other weight gain conditions. It can also lead to the generation of various heart diseases.
  • The Carbohydrate: Finally, The carbohydrates in the fries are just not needed. It doesn’t necessarily do anything bad to your cat, it's just a waste in the end. But some studies have added that carbohydrates have a hand in contributing to cat diabetes and obesity.

Cats eat french fries.


So can cats eat french fries? No, cats cannot have french fries because they contain ingredients that are harmful to the health of your cat. So if your cat seems to like or want it, gently and slowly keep away. The best thing about it is that you can now have your fries all to yourself. We hope that you have been able to learn a thing or two today about how to better feed your cat. If you would like to know more about your pet care, don’t miss our best pet product reviews. There you will find something that will suit your pet’s needs and your budget.

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